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Mario Yamasaki comments on controversial disqualification of Erick Silva at UFC 142

"To err is human."

When the fight was stopped between Erick Silva and Carlo Prater, who battled on the main card of the UFC 142: "Aldo vs. Mendes" pay-per-view event back on Jan. 14 in Rio, most of the fans both at home and in attendance thought it was another first round win for the fast-rising "Indio."

Not quite.

Following the stoppage, referee Mario Yamasaki awarded Prater the win by disqualification, citing repeated blows to the back of "Neo's" head, despite warning Silva to keep 'em clean.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who was amidst the post-fight confusion waiting for his opportunity to interview Silva, confronted Yamasaki on live television and asked him to explain his decision against the big screen replay, which appeared to exonerate the Brazilian from excessive fouls.

The longtime referee explained that in the heat of the moment, he made the best decision he could; however, he recently spoke to Radio PVT in Brazil about the kind of impact instant replay could have in support of combat sports.

Check it out.

"To err is human and it is no shame to admit that you made a mistake and change your opinion. I think it is great for the referees (the new rule) and give us an opportunity the take a better look in what happened and finally make our decision. The athletes work so hard to fight at the UFC that they deserve it. [Silva] showed class and maturity. He could have made it a circus with the interview after the fight, but understood the situation and behaved like a real gentleman. He is a great kid. [Joe Rogan] was doing his job and it was my mistake of staying there in the middle. I should had left before that."

Yamasaki is also hoping to become an instrumental part in establishing an athletic commission in Brazil.

The Silva camp had mounted a campaign to get the call reversed. Unfortunately for them, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner said the decision was not reversible and the DQ finish would stand.

Would having a commission already in place made a difference on fight night?

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