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UFC Quick Quote: Jake Ellenberger is praying for a fight against Carlos Condit

Jake Ellenberger (right) really wants a rematch against Carlos Condit (left).
Jake Ellenberger (right) really wants a rematch against Carlos Condit (left).

"I think I should've been clearer on what I want and who I want to fight. I think I can beat Carlos Condit, and that's really the fight I want. That's the fight I'm hoping and praying for - but it's not my decision. It's absolutely what I want, though. I've fought him before, and now I'm a completely different fighter. I know I can beat him and it's definitely the fight I want. Carlos has said he wants to wait, and while I can understand his position, it doesn't stop me from wanting that fight."

-- UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger laments his decision (via Heavy MMA) not to specifically call out UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit following his unanimous decision win over Diego Sanchez at UFC on FUEL TV 1 this past Wed., Feb. 15, 2012, in Omaha, Nebraska. The victory gave "The Juggernaut" six in a row, including consecutive fight night bonus awards. He's got a good a resume as any other welterweight in the division at present time, so if there was ever a moment to lobby for a rematch against Condit, it was this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, he missed his window but now he's playing catch up in the media while hoping and praying the UFC sets up the fight before "The Natural Born Killer" moves on to unify the titles against Georges St. Pierre. Except he's already said that's what he's going to do, a decision UFC President Dana White has said he agrees with. So Ellenberger can keep praying but it looks like he's fresh out of luck. Anyone think it would have made a difference had he called out Condit inside the Octagon after beating Sanchez?

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