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Anderson Silva: My opinion of Chael Sonnen is that he doesn't respect nothing

Anderson Silva is expected to meet Chael Sonnen in Brazil in the summer of 2012.
Anderson Silva is expected to meet Chael Sonnen in Brazil in the summer of 2012.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, while still rehabbing from a shoulder injury that he suffered weeks before his title fight with Yushin Okami at UFC 134 on Aug. 27, 2011, talked to ESPN radio (710 LA) about many hot topics that have been surrounding him lately.

Chief among them, of course, being his highly anticipated rematch with the man who came within seconds of defeating him at UFC 117 almost two years ago, his arch rival Chael Sonnen, which is scheduled to take place in June of this year in Brazil.

Speaking frankly, "The Spider" explains why he has such a problem with his avowed enemy, namely the fact that he doesn't respect the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

But he also explains why he performed the way he did in the first fight. You've heard it before, I'm sure, but it's worth hearing again. And it provides an interesting insight into how different the rematch is likely to be.

Check it out:

"Chael has good wrestling. The first fight, I broke my ribs, I fought with broken ribs. But that's okay, I finished the fight and I win. But this time I am ready. I am training hard, this is a different fight. My opinion for Chael is that this guy does not respect nothing. This time in this sport is very important. The people watching the UFC, the people that watch Chael Sonnen talking, they are like 'What? What is this sport? I don't like this sport. This guy doesn't respect nothing.' I understand sometimes you need to promote the fight but, I don't know. Chael talks about my people in Brazil, about my wife, about the older fighters. It's his problem, it's no good, it's no good promotion, this is a sport. I love my sport. I love it and I respect the older people and the older fighters of the sport. This is a great time for the sport. But Chael maybe does not understand this, his problem is he talks too much. It is no good."

With his sights set firmly on Sonnen, Silva has little time to worry about much else, though he also told ESPN he thinks a fight against Georges St. Pierre is something that needs to occur at some point.

Never mind that for now, though.

What's important is taking care of Sonnen and doing so in his home country of Brazil. And if he's healthy this time out, it could change the entire complexion of the fight.

Anyone think this one makes it into the championship rounds like last time? Or will the Brazilian be motivated to finish the fight quick and finally be rid of the bothersome flying buzzing around his belt?

Opinions, please.

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