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Georges St. Pierre knee injury update: 'I'm ahead of schedule'

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre gives Jon Anik of Ultimate Insider an update on his knee injury and recovery. As expected with a freak athlete like "Rush," he's ahead of schedule:

"I feel very good. I'm ahead of schedule. I feel sometimes I want to do a little bit more but even though I feel good my graft is not fused properly, 100-percent. I need to remain calm. The danger with a lot of athletes is to push through the pain and try to go to fast. If I do so, it might loosen up the graft and I might have to start the old process again and I don't want to do that."

The timetable for his return is still roughly the same -- somewhere around November -- but, no different than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, St. Pierre assures he'll be back better than ever.

When he does return, he'll have a match-up against Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit awaiting him, a bout he says will be -- you guessed it -- the most difficult of his career. Only in this case, that may be closer to the truth than it's not.

Oh, and don't think he forgot to mention Nick Diaz. He's still pleading with the Stockton slugger not to retire so they can settle up inside the Octagon later on down the road.

Sounds good to us, right Maniacs?

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