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Jon Jones gets attacked by a police dog and more during police academy training (Video)

The Network of Champions (NOC) has released a series of videos featuring UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones as he goes through police academy training at the Binghamton Sheriff's Department in New York.

Jones, as you may remember, allegedly made a citizen's arrest prior to winning the 205-pound title from Mauricio Rua back at UFC 128 when he was walking the streets of Paterson, NJ, and happened to come across a double-dealing do-badder.

Now, he's putting his crime-fighting experience (and criminal justice degree) to the ultimate test.

Aside from getting mauled by a police dog, "Bones" gets a chance to make an arrest, wrestle a few cops and put his hand on the Glock, after the jump.

Check it out.

Jones wrestles a cop in a dog suit:

Jones learns how to shoot:

Jones is dressed for success:


We'll see if his police academy training will help him against Rashad Evans at UFC 145 on April 21 in Atlanta. More on that fight right here.

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