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UFC Quick Quote: Tim Sylvia will not be returning to the Octagon


"I have no beef with Tim Sylvia whatsoever, I have nothing against the guy, but I say it all the time, that was when the division was the weakest, when he was champion. And for him to make a statement like he could come back and beat 80-percent of the fighters in the UFC? I don't know what Tim Sylvia's been doing. The last time I saw him, he got knocked out by a 50-year-old boxer in like 10 seconds. Who'd he beat? They guy's just out there trying to get back into the UFC, trying to make a living, I get it, but he fought in the UFC when the UFC heavyweight division was its weakest. Him and Arlovski were knocking each other out every weekend."

Sorry, "Maine-iac" fans, but former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia won't be making his return to the Octagon, despite his recent video asking fans to support his campaign to get back into the world's largest fight promotion. That's according to UFC President Dana White, who insisted in the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show that Sylvia is not only past his prime, but wasn't very good to begin with, having been champion when the 265-pound division was at its weakest. Any fight fans out there jumping for joy? Or crying themselves to sleep? Sound off!

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