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UFC Undisputed 3 release date arrives, now available for purchase on PS3 and Xbox 360

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UFC Undisputed 3, the latest entry into the popular mixed martial arts (MMA) video game series from THQ, hit store shelves today (Feb. 14, 2012) featuring a bevy of interesting fresh features, including the ability to travel back in time to fight in the now-defunct PRIDE organization, complete with stomps, Bas Rutten on commentary and even Lenne Hardt introductions.

This year's edition will also feature "mirror matches," which gives players the ability to challenge their buddies (or opponent AI) as the same fighter. That's a good way to level the playing field amongst friends and see who truly is the better player.

In addition, UFC Undisputed 3 will offer two new weight classes as well as an expanded roster for this year's release, which is available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. All the online features, and there are aplenty, can be found here.

And don't forget that all 150+ fighters also have walkout introductions.

Let's hear it Maniacs -- are you excited about UFC Undisputed 3? Is it worth buying for the PRIDE rules alone? What changes are you most looking forward to from the previous two entries? And how many of you have been lobbying for your girlfriend to hook you up with this on Valentine's Day?

For more on today's release click here.

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