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Miesha Tate on Ronda Rousey: Nine times out of 10, wrestling trumps judo

Photo of Miesha Tate working an armbar via
Photo of Miesha Tate working an armbar via

If this feels like a familiar dance, that's because it is.

You should know the story by now. Miesha Tate is the Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion and will defend her title at Strikeforce in Columbus on March 3 against Ronda Rousey, an Olympian judo player with just a few fights under her belt. They were all impressive one minute armbar finishes but how much can one glean from so little action?

It's rather simple for Tate -- wrestling beats judo almost every time. Problem solved.

"I think nine times out of 10, wrestling trumps judo. There's a lot of things I can do as a wrestler to just shut her judo down, nullify it. And my grappling is world class. So far she's shown she has an armbar and she lasts about a minute. She seems real desperate to get the armbar right off the bat, so that leads me to believe maybe she's not well-rounded or doesn't feel confident in her other skills, which I know I am. I've been in the championship rounds, had 20 fights, had six years of experience. I'm really confident going into this fight and I'm excited."

Easier said than done, of course, as Rousey's previous opponents can attest to. World class grappling is all well and good but everyone makes mistakes and against a shark like "Rowdy," it could cost Tate her arm.


The bigger story here is that this is likely the biggest women's fight since Gina Carano was soundly defeated by Cristiane Santos all the way back in 2009. So it's kind of a big deal.

Hear Tate talk about all that and more after the jump.

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