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UFC on Fox 5 results: Rory MacDonald calls for Carlos Condit rematch; Dana White agrees

Following his dominant victory over B.J. Penn on the main card of the UFC on Fox 5: "Henderson vs. Diaz" event last night (Dec. 8, 2012) in Seattle, Rory MacDonald called for a rematch with Carlos Condit. Luckily for him, UFC President Dana White is on board with it.


After Rory MacDonald was done dismantling B.J. Penn on live, free television last night (Sat., Dec. 8, 2012) in front of millions of people at UFC on Fox 5: "Henderson vs. Diaz" in Seattle, Washington, he was given a microphone and an opportunity to call out anyone he wanted.

He chose Carlos Condit.

That's the same Carlos Condit who was just soundly beaten by MacDonald's teammate, Georges St. Pierre, at UFC 154. It's also the same Carlos Condit who came back from the brink of defeat to score a technical knockout victory over "Ares" all the way back in June 2010 at UFC 115. That loss remains the lone blemish on his record.

So why does he want a rematch now? Ariel Helwani got the answer on FUEL TV:

"I was humilated and embarrassed after that fight. I think about that fight all the time. It haunts me and I really need to get past that chapter in my life. Well, my challenge is out there, it's up to Carlos to accept my challenge. And I know he's a warrior, I don't think he would decline. I mean, he's coming off a loss, he's gotta fight somebody. Might as well be me."

Sound logic. What does UFC President Dana White think about it?

"I am interested in that. And I like when guys call other guys out. If that's the fight he wants then we'll try to make it."

There you have it. MacDonald vs. Condit part deux, book it, Joe Silva.

I assume you Maniacs would all love to see if the outcome would be different a second time around. Right?

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