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Women debuting in UFC also brings first openly gay fighter to the Octagon

When Ronda Rousey invades the Octagon in the headlining bout of the UFC 157 pay-per-view (PPV) card on Feb. 23, 2013, it will be historic for the fact that it will represent the first women's fight inside the Octagon. But it's also going to make history for another reason.


Although the lion's share of the attention being paid to women finally coming to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is going to Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, there is another, perhaps even more historic milestone the promotion will reach.

Rousey's opponent, Liz Carmouche, will become the first openly gay fighter to compete inside the Octagon.

Because she's a woman and sex sells, she's already getting plenty of questions regarding how she balances her duties as a fighter and marketing herself with a certain appeal. Of course, it's different with her because she's a lesbian and everyone knows it, so theoretically, she could appeal to an even bigger base.

MMA Heat got her take on the matter:

"It's really hard to try and find that balance. I think it's even just something I'm trying to find within myself, my own sexuality and trying to find my comfort while still being sexual and being appealing. And whether that be for men or women it doesn't matter, it's still something I'm trying to be comfortable with. And that's the hardest thing. Whether it be men or women, I haven't found it in myself yet."

And about that whole being gay thing?

"A lot of the fans that are straight or bi-sexual or whatever it happens to be, they're just supportive of the fact that I'm open and honest with my sexuality. It's not something I'm trying to hide."

Considering fight night is still over two months away, the heavy press and promotion hasn't even begun. Once that happens, we'll likely get a better idea of how the general UFC fanbase will react to Carmouche.

How are you reacting to her, Maniacs?

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