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Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 results: LIVE round-by-round fight coverage of HBO PPV boxing match on Dec. 8

After 36 rounds in a boxing ring together, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will once again step between the ropes tonight (Sat., Dec. 8, 2012) LIVE on HBO pay-per-view (PPV) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Full "Pacquiao vs Marquez 4" results and live fight coverage right here!

Jeff Bottari

Eight years, three weight classes and three razor-close battles later, it's time to finally close the book on one of boxing's most evenly-matched rivalries.

Later tonight (Sat., Dec. 8, 2012), pound-for-pound badasses Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will go to war once again at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlining a solid four-fight HBO pay-per-view (PPV) card that also includes the return of vaunted Cuban "Cyclone" Yuriorkis Gamboa against Michael Farenas. In addition, Javier Fortuna and Patrick Hyland will battle it out at featherweight, while Miguel Vazquez faces Mercito Gesta at lightweight.

MMAmania will have LIVE results, coverage and updates of "Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4" all night, starting with the HBO broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

After controversially edging Marquez in November of 2011, Pacquiao looked to build his legacy by taking out number-one 140-pounder Timothy Bradley, only to suffer a hotly-debated loss of his own. Marquez has also fought just once since the third match with Pacquiao, outclassing Serhiy Fedchenko for a 12-round decision win.

With all three fights between the two sparking intense debate, one can only hope we get something definitive this time.


Welterweight: Juan Manuel Marquez def. Manny Pacquiao by KO at 2:59 of Round Six

Super Featherweight: Yuriorkis Gamboa def. Michael Farenas by unanimous decision (117-109 118-108, 117-108)

Lightweight: Miguel Vazquez def. Mercito Gesta by unanimous decision (117-111, 119-109, 118-110)

Featherweight: Javier Fortuna def. Patrick Hyland by unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112, 115-113)


147 lbs.: Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Round one: Both men land straights early. One-one-two from Manny falls short. JMM to the body. Marquez flurries as Manny steps in. Good left straight from Pacquiao. Marquez jabs to the body. Marquez lands a good counter left as Manny comes in. Both swing hard but hit air. Marquez hits the body, Pacquiao goes upstairs with his left. That was a damn, damn close round; 10-9 Pacquiao in my book.

Round two: Pacquiao's left misses, as do Marquez's counters. Lots of feinting. Pacquiao with a right hook. Left straight to the body. Lead left from Manny connects, Marquez gets an uppercut counter out of it. Big left hand from Manny, Marquez eats it like a boss. Marquez with a right to the body. Good jab from Manny. Marquez thumps the body with a counter, then gets a left hook. Manny touches the body with his left. One-one-two lands for Marquez, right to the body. Manny did better work early, Marquez had a good last thirty seconds. One for Pac-man, 20-18.

Round three: Marquez's traps are insane.

Left hook from Marquez. Manny with a solid jab. Good one-two from Manny and a lead left. Stiff jab. Marquez to the body. Once again. HUGE OVERHAND RIGHT FROM MARQUEZ CRUSHES MANNY! Manny's up but that was a HARD knockdown. Marquez lands it again. JMM to the body. Once again. Manny's lead left hand connects. Marquez rips to the body and they trade hard to end the round. 10-8 Marquez, all tied up at 28-28.

Round four: Both fighters are tentative to start the fourth. Jab from Manny. Both land their rights. Good left hand from Manny. Marquez with a solid right downstairs. Nice counter jab from JMM. Manny with a lead left off a Marquez jab. Manny with a solid combination. Lead left. Marquez to the body. JMM stings Manny to end a round that Manny was stealing; 38-37 Marquez.

Round five: Manny with a tight right hook. Stiff jab from JMM. Manny's straight left connects. Short body shot from JMM and another stiff jab. Counter left by Marquez. Manny's straight left connects and down goes Marquez! Not a hard knockdown, but glove hit canvas. Marquez stings Manny after he gets up! They're trading bombs! Both men land their power hands .Lead left for Pacquiao and both guys sting each other at once with power shots. Pacquiao in pursuit! They're throwing like crazy! Manny's lead left connects again. Manny ends the round bombing Marquez in the corner. Holy shit. 10-8, 47-46 Pacquiao.

Round six: Right hook connects for Manny. Snapping jab from Marquez. Big left hands from Pacquiao, Marquez flurries in response. Two-one for Manny. Again. One-two this time, Marquez to the body in response. Manny with a lead left. Marquez with a right to the body, left downstairs and a glancing right upstairs. Marquez jab. Pacquiao with a great flurry at the ten-second marl. OH MY FUCKING GOD MARQUEZ HAS KNOCKED MANNY PACQUIAO OUT FUCKING COLD AT THE BELL. OH MY FUCKING GOD.

Final Result: Marquez def. Pacquiao by KO


130 lbs.: Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Michael Farenas

Round one: Clinch early. Left hook from Gamboa. Lead right hand from Gamboa. Good body shot by Gamboa. Another flurry, punctuated with a body shot. Farenas with a straight left to the body. Gamboa avoids a flurry like it's nothing. Body straight once again by Farenas. There's the bell, clear 10-9 Gamboa.

Round two: Left hook from Gamboa, right to the body. Gamboa's head movement is phenomenal. Right to the body. Farenas lands his left and wobbles Gamboa, but Gamboa roars back with punches of his own. Left hook Gamboa, then a series to the body. Gamboa in pursuit with big punches, Farenas lands a left. One-two from Gamboa. Gesta lands a left to the body. Gamboa flurries inside, Farenas circles out and gets blasted with a right for a knockdown at the bell. 10-8 Gamboa, 20-17.

Round three: Farenas lands a left early. Gamboa flurries, ending with a left downstairs. Jab to the body. Left hooks from Gamboa hurt Farenas. Gamboa on the attack, eats a right hook. Clinch and clash of heads. Farenas cut over his right eye from those left hooks and over the left eye from the headbutt. Left hand by Farenas and another. Gamboa clowning around now. Right-left-right for Gamboa, the rights connect. Another right hand. Good body shot from Yuriorkis. Gamboa is simply on another level; 30-26 same.

Round four: Farenas connects with a left to the body, Gamboa answers with one of his own. Point-blank firefight erupts and Farenas stuns Gamboa. Yuriorkis ties up and survives. Lead left from Farenas. Another good left. Another. Gamboa is getting tagged now. Two more. Gamboa lands to the body. Counter right from the Cuban. Yuriorkis is clowning again despite getting hit. Good left hook after an uppercut by Gamboa. Clear Farenas round, 39-36 Gamboa.

Round five: Both men trading and landing some solid blows. Farenas with a left to the body and right upstairs. Gamboa with a straight and uppercut with the same hand. Body shot from Gamboa, good right hand. Farenas body shot strays low. Clinch. Gamboa switches to southpaw for the hell of it. He switches back and lands a one-two. Gamboa avoids a big shot easily. Gamboa not taking this fight seriously at all, but he won this round. 49-45 same.

Round six: Clinch after Gamboa avoids some big shots. Farenas slams a left into the body. Gamboa left hook. Now to the body. Uppercut. Farenas lands to the body. Now upstairs after a Gamboa left hook. If Gamboa just gave a toss, he'd have gotten Farenas out of here by now. Ugh. 59-54 Gamboa.

Round seven: Gamboa throwing hard right off the bat. He's landing big shots and a right straight gets Farenas' glove to touch the mat. Gamboa is throwing like mad, but Farenas is firing back. Fight slows back down. Farenas with a left and Gamboa slips. Gamboa once again content to just sit on the outside and take potshots. Farenas tries to flurry, but Gamboa slips everything. Gamboa gets tagged hard after switching to southpaw, but his legs look alright. Arguably 10-9 Gamboa, but more likely 10-8. 69-62 Gamboa.

Round eight: Farenas lands a one-two. Body shot Farenas, right upstairs. Same combo lands again. Gamboa with a right to the body. Gamboa could get Farenas out of there whenever he wanted but is just sitting back. Farenas with another straight to the body. Another. Another; they're not hard, but they're landing. Gamboa with a solid right at the ten-second mark. 10-9 Farenas by virtue of actually punching, 78-72 Gamboa.

Round nine: Farenas is trying, but he's not consistently landing big shots. Left hand Farenas. Body shot from Gamboa. Gamboa teeing off to the body and head. BIG shot from Farenas drops Gamboa hard during the flurry! Gamboa back up and ties up. Clinch. Farenas lands a left before getting tied up. Gamboa with a straight before another clinch. Farenas body shot. 10-8 Farenas. 86-82 Gamboa.

Round ten: One-two from Farenas connects. Clinch. Check left hook by Gamboa as Farenas comes in. Farenas body shot strays low. Gamboa still has his hands down and eats a left upstairs for his trouble. Good one-two from Farenas. Farenas thumps the body again. Gamboa with a right hand downstairs. Another one for Farenas, 95-92 Gamboa.

Round eleven: Body shot from Gamboa is the first real punch about fifty seconds in. Farenas body shot. Gamboa one-two. Right-left from the Cuban and a right upstairs. Hard left hook, right straight. Right hand from Farenas. Solid jab. Both men land their lefts before the bell. 10-9, 105-101 Gamboa.

Round twelve: Farenas lands his left early. Another one wobbles Gamboa. Body shot from Farenas. Clinch. Left hook from Yuriorkis after a right hand is blocked. Right straight from Gamboa, left straight from Farenas. Body shot inside. Another. Gamboa connects with a right uppercut. Straight to the body now. Gamboa slips a series of shots. Now he tags Farenas with a left and finally a right hook. 10-9, 115-110 Gamboa. Turned into a decent fight halfway through.

Final Result: Gamboa def. Farenas by unanimous decision


135 lbs.: Miguel Vazquez vs. Mercito Gesta

Round one: I have been informed that Vazquez is not fun to watch. You can imagine my anticipation.

Gesta flatfooted, Vazquez light on his feet. Jab from Vazquez. Vazquez lands a one-one-two, Gesta slips. Both men land good right hands. Good jab by Vazquez. One-two from Vazquez. Gest prods the body. Vazquez right hand is blocked. Jab to the body. Vazquez clearly 10-9.

Round two: Quick inside exchange. Gesta lands low-high. Clinch, Gesta with some short blows to the body. Dull fight so far. Jab from Vazquez, right downstairs. Vazquez with some solid blows as Gesta comes in. There’s the bell; Vazquez by actually throwing punches. 20-18.

Round three: Good right-left by Vazquez. Gesta left hand falls short. Jab exchange. Big one-two from Vazquez wobbles Gesta. Gesta punches his way off the ropes after getting backed up. Right from Vazquez leads to a clinch. Vazquez lands to the body and gets out before Gesta can throw. Again. Again. Left hook by Vazquez. Gesta finally lands a good right hand before the bell and a left to the body, but Vazquez owned the round. 30-27 for the Mexican.

Round four: Fast exchange, Vazquez ties up before it can get hairy. Counter right from Vazquez. Gesta’s right hand connects as Vazquez stays inside just a little too long. Jab from Vazquez. Body shots, Gesta tries to showboat. Both men rip to the body in close. Vazquez lands a right. Jab to the body. Gesta tries to force his way in and gets tied up. Gesta right to the body. Vazquez right to the body. Vazquez lands a sneaky left, then a double jab. Another one in the books for Vazquez, though Gesta did better than before. 40-36 Vazquez.

Round five: Vazquez with a right. Jab connects. Gesta with a glancing left, Vazquez avoids rouble. They tie up. Right hand from Vazquez. One-two by Miguel. Another left-right. They tie up, Gesta chips away at the midsection. Gesta nearly lands a big uppercut. Lead right hand from Vazquez and another. Good one-two from "Titere." Clinch as Gesta rushes in. Gesta flurries and connects, but nothing serious. Shutout, 50-45 Vazquez.

Round six: Vazquez has his rhythm now. Gesta lands a left, though. Clinch. Good jab from Miguel. Gesta tries to close and gets tied up. Good right-left from Vazquez. Gesta finally connects as Vazquez closes, but nothing significant. Good jab from Vazquez, who’s having a field day on the outside. Gesta hitting air; as I say that he lands a left to the body. Still a one-sided fight in favor of Vazquez. 60-54

Round seven: Gesta flurries, Vazquez lands a left hook instead. Jabs from both. Gesta comes in again and eats a right hook to the body. Good shots inside form Vazquez. Gesta with a right hook, Vazquez answers with a right. Gesta’s left reaches Vazquez’s body. Vazquez getting in-and-out unscathed, constantly landing punches. Clubbing shots from both inside. Gesta chases and eats a series of jabs. Gesta with a right downstairs to end the round, but this is a clinic. 70-63 Vazquez.

Round eight: Great movement by Vazquez; it's not high-octane, but he's winning easily. Gesta with a couple blows inside. Good left-right as Gesta attacks. Uppercut from Gesta. Clinch. Vazquez with a right as he avoids another Gesta flurry. Good jabs from Vazquez and a clinch. Gesta with a left-right. Vazquez touches him with a couple jabs. Another good jab. Gesta with a jab to the body, left upstairs. Good body shots, then a right on the exit from Vazquez. Gesta had a handful of decent shots, but he's getting owned. 80-72 Vazquez.

Round nine: Both men club inside. Gesta with a left to the body, Vazquez with a one-two downstairs and one to the dome. Left by Vazquez as he circles away from Gesta. Clinch, nice right on the exit. Vazquez circling with jabs. Left hand Gesta, he gets bonked in the clinch with a couple nice shots. Left hook Vazquez. Vazquez closes, lands an uppercut, gets out before Gesta's flurry can reach him. Gesta's throwing, but it's ineffectual. 90-81 Vazquez.

Round ten: Clinch. Gesta comes in with a right-left. Clinch. Vazquez lands a couple, then gets swatted with a solid right hand that busts up his nose. Clinch, right from Vazquez on the exit. Jab by Vazquez, they trade in the clinch. Gesta jabs to the body. Vazquez to the body, Gesta flurries but nothing lands clean. Technical issues keep me from seeing the end of the round, but assuming nothing dramatic happened, I'll be generous towards Mercito. 99-91 Vazquez.

Round eleven: Right hand from Vazquez, left downstairs and glancing right from Gesta. Another solid right after a clinch from the Mexican champion. Vazquez circling as per usual and landing straight shots. Clinch. One-two from Vazquez, clinch. Another good one-two. Gesta with a left to the body. There's the bell; things went back to normal this round, 109-100 Vazquez.

Round twelve: Gesta chasing Vazquez to start, Vazquez stinging him with left hands. Right upstairs from the Filipino. Slick left uppercut from "Titere." Gesta whiffs a left hook and they tie up. Clubbing right by Vazquez, you guessed it, after a clinch. Check left hook by Vazquez. Right downstairs. Once again, I miss the end of the round due to technical issues, but extrapolating from what was happening, 119-109 Vazquez. This was an outfighting clinic.

Final Result: Vazquez def. Fortuna by unanimous decision


126 lbs.: Javier Fortuna vs. Patrick Hyland

Round one: Dammit, I just can’t get away from Russell Mora…

There’s a priest in Hyland’s corner next to Snooki. I’m surprised the latter hasn’t burst into flames.

All kidding aside, punching time. Fortuna southpaw with a low right hand. Hyland flicking out the jab. Right hook connects for Fortuna. Fortuna with a snapping jab. Fortuna’s lead left doesn’t connect and they tie up. Hyland with a right hand downstairs. Fortuna thumps the body with his left and lands another stinging jab. Clinch. Good left by Fortuna leads to a clinch. Hyland chips away inside. They end the round swinging; 10-9 Fortuna.

Round two: Fortuna lands some big shots early, starting with a winging left. Hyland tries to lead with his right, doesn’t connect. Fortuna with a left downstairs. Fortuna uppercut. One-two lands for Fortuna. Hyland lead right is blocked once again. Hyland lands a right to the body as Fortuna comes in. Couple body shots from the Dominican, jab from Hyland. Both men land clubbing rights, Hyland high and Fortuna low. Stiff jab by Fortuna, overhand left glances off. Fortuna clowning with his hands down and comes in with bombs, only landing a couple. Still, 10-9, 20-18 Fortuna.

Round three: Right-left combo connects for the Dominican, then a left strays low. Hyland back out in about twenty seconds. One-two by Hyland connects. Body shot by Fortuna, a left straight. Fortuna ripping away to the body and mixing in some high punches. Hyland lands a right to the jaw. Fortuna’s hands down again. Fortuna still goading Hyland on. Hyland lands a jab, eats a couple straights to the body. Good left upstairs by Fortuna; one of those body shots temporarily stunned Hyland. Hyland lands a right upstairs, the only punch he’s throwing successfully. One more. Good body-head combo from Fortuna and a snapping right. Fortuna’s taking over; 30-27 same.

Round four: Fortuna aggressive early, slugging high and low. Hyland has his back to the ropes, they reset. Body shot lands for Fortuna. Hyland jabs to the body. Fortuna clowning, but eats a left-right. Fortuna thumps the body again with his left. They tie up, Hyland hits him a couple times in the body. Fortuna lands a right hook, eats a left. Hyland to the body. Good straight at the end by the Dominican, but 10-9 Hyland for activity. 39-36 Hyland.

Round five: The ref had a stern talk with Fortuna about not stopping at the bell.

Fortuna with a blistering series of punches to start off. Hyland avoids the worst of it but still gets tagged. Hyland lands a right, Fortuna beats him up on the ropes. Good lead left hand by the Dominican and another. Hyland to the body. Good right hand by Hyland as Fortuna comes in. Nice left, Hyland lands a couple to the body. Again, with a little more muster this time. Another clear Fortuna round, 49-45 Fortuna.

Round six: Both men landing hard to start things off, Fortuna slightly better. Right hook by Fortuna, left straight downstairs. High-low jab combo from the Irishman. Good left hand for Fortuna. Clinch. Hyland rips to the body, Fortuna answers upstairs. Hyland with hooks to the head, Fortuna to the body once again. Fortuna just isn’t doing much; 58-56 Fortuna.

Round seven: Hyland with a straight off the bat. Fortuna flurries, most of them are deflected. Right hook. Hyland backs Fortuna to the ropes, but eats a right hook as the latter circles away. Straight from Hyland. Good one-one-two by Fortuna. Good jab. Thudding right hook. Hyland with a right downstairs as Fortuna comes in. Fortuna’s left overhand lands flush, Hyland shrugs it off. Hyland with some hard body blows. Hyland’s right is blocked. Clinch. Fortuna could probably take a sizeable lead if he just threw, but he still takes the round. 68-65 Fortuna.

Round eight: .Fortuna with some solid right hooks. Two jabs connect for the Irishman. One-two by Fortuna, who is still content to just avoid punches. Fortuna with a series of solid shots low and high. Hyland with a pair of right hooks upstairs. Bombing away by both inside. Both men land big punches, Javier with more and better. Left body blow. Hyland with a right, then eats a one-two. Frustrating, but still Fortuna’s. 78-74 Fortuna.

Round nine: Fortuna lands a sneaky right. Hyland connects with a jab of his own. Good left hand by Fortuna. Fortuna lands a right, throws some dirty-ish shots inside, then gets tossed to the ground by a pissed-off Hyland. Back up, they continue. Fortuna lands another good combination low and high and eats one to the junk for his trouble. Both swing like mad as soon as they restart, Fortuna again comes out on top. One-one-two by Fortuna. Lead left connects. Right straight connects for Hyland as Fortuna circles away. Both men land right hands. They clinch before the bell; another round for the Dominican. 88-83 Fortuna.

Round ten: Fortuna advances with punches, focusing fire on the body. He’s cut, doesn’t look significant. Right hand exchange. Fortuna is just dicking around at this point. Couple more solid combos inside. Hyland with a right. Clinch. Right body shot by Hyland, they clinch and Fortuna flops. Ref doesn’t buy it. Hyland with a right downstairs. Big left hook up close by Hyland, who unloads some major shots inside. Fortuna shrugs them off and lands a left of his own. Fortuna did better early, Hyland late, but still Fortuna’s. 98-92 same.

Round eleven: Clubbing blows in close from Hyland. Clinch. Fortuna just content to cruise, annoyingly. Good counter overhand left, then a lead straight by the Dominican. Hyland to the body with authority. Nice jab by Fortuna. Both men dig to the body in close. Body blow Hyland. Good right hand. One more to the body. Big straight by Fortuna, Hyland closes and clubs inside. Fortuna just isn’t doing jack; 10-9 Hyland, 107-102 Fortuna.

Round twelve: Hyland triples the left hook with some success. Good trade. Clinch. Hyland with a glancing right and left. Both men wing hooks, only hit air. Left hand Fortuna. A good right by Hyland, who eats a series of jabs in return. Clinch, Hyland again chipping away downstairs. Bigger body shot after they separate. Hyland with a right, Fortuna with a left. Left hook Hyland, right hook Fortuna. Short body shots by Fortuna. Fortuna maintaining a steady output of punches now; Hyland lands some here and there, but Fortuna has the advantage at the bell. Frustrating fight. 117-111 Fortuna.

Final Result: Fortuna def. Hyland by unanimous decision


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