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UFC Quick Quote: Hulk Hogan taught BJ Penn how to read, brother

Penn is a real American, fights for the rights of every man. Penn is a real American, fights for what's right, fights for his life at UFC on FOX 5 against Rory MacDonald in Seattle!

"Hulk Hogan is everything. Say your prayers! Wrestling, like my mom said, that's how I learned how to read, reading wrestling magazines, that's why they'd always buy them for me. Everybody, I'm a big fan of wrestling. I don't watch it as much now that I'm older, I realize the fights are fake, around the same time I realized Santa Claus wasn't around."

Watcha gonna do when the largest public library in Hilo, Hawaii runs wild on you? Read! UFC on FOX 5 main card attraction B.J. Penn shares his love of pro wrestling during a media scrum (see the video here) to promote his upcoming fight against Rory MacDonald, which goes down this Saturday night (Dec. 8, 2012) from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. "The Prodigy" is a lifelong fan of former WWE/WCW headliner Hulk Hogan, who undoubtedly graced more than a few covers of wrestling magazines during his heyday -- which just so happened to be the same magazines that taught Penn how to read. Sorry, haters, but Hulk (still) rules.

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