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Pic: UFC buys Anderson Silva a Bentley

I hope UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva buys a very tall Christmas tree. He'll need one if he plans to park his latest gift underneath it.

Image courtesy of Jorge "Joinha" Guimarães Facebook

I'm going to try my damnedest to get through this without a Jon Jones joke.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has rewarded its middleweight Champion Anderson Silva with a Bentley Continental GT, courtesy of promotion president Dana White and ZUFFA CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. That's a $174,000 Christmas gift, which "Spider" manager, Jorge "Joinha" Guimarães, posted a picture of on his Facebook page (via Bloody Elbow) earlier this week.

What did he do to earn it?

Isn't being 16-0 inside the Octagon with 14 finishes enough? Silva has been the 185-pound champion for so long that fans don't even care if he defends the title anymore. Instead, the talk of the town surrounds a potential "super fight" against reigning welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre or the aforementioned "Bones," who rules the roost at 205 pounds.

A division where Andy is 2-0.

Anyway, Silva will be jetting around town in his new car while the rest of us stand in line at the mall to buy the same dumb crap we get every year. Unless, of course, you have something big planned for this holiday season? Perhaps a one year membership to the Jelly-of-the-month club?


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