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UFC on FX 6 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Smashes' finale on Dec. 14 in Australia

Lightweights George Sotiropoulos and Ross Pearson, the two coaches who spearheaded the first Australian version of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) will headline UFC on FX 6, which will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Australia, on Dec. 14, 2012. will deliver LIVE results and blow-by-blow of all the main card FX-televised action below, as well as detailed coverage of all the "Prelims" under card bouts on FUEL TV.

It's fight night!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is finally ready to kick-off its mixed martial arts (MMA) return "Down Under," which is scheduled to take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Australia, TONIGHT (Dec. 14, 2012). will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action this evening below, which is slated to air at 9 p.m. ET on FX. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that, however, around 6 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on FUEL TV.

UFC on FX 6 will be headlined by an international-inspired lightweight fight between the homegrown George Sotiropoulos and British import, Ross Pearson. Both 155-pound fighters are former contestants featured on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and most recently served as coaches for the Australian version, "Smashes," which will conclude on the night's main card.

In the 170-pound final, Brad Scott will collide with Robert Whittaker, while Colin Fletcher and Norman Parker will duke it out in the show's 155-pound counterpart. Of course, UFC on FX 6 also features the return of Brazilian bone crusher Rousimar Palhares, who will lock limbs with adopted Australian, Hector Lombard, in what could very well be the most unstable -- albeit intriguing -- Middleweight fight imaginable.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or six) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC on FX 6: "Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson" results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


155 lbs.: Ross Pearson def. George Sotiropoulos via knockout at 0:41 of round 3
170 lbs.: Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott via unanimous decision (TUF Welterweight final)
155 lbs.: Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision (TUF Lightweight final)

185 lbs.: Hector Lombard def. Rousimar Palhares via knockout at 3:38 of round 1
145 lbs.: Chad Mendes def. Yaotzen Meza via knockout at 1:55 of round 1
205 lbs.: Joey Beltran def. Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Mike Pierce def. Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Ben Alloway def. Manuel Rodriguez via knockout at 4:57 of round 1
155 lbs.: Mike Wilkinson def. Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Cody Donovan def. Nick Penner via TKO at 4:35 of round 1

Hemmi Back in!

George Sotiropoulos vs. Ross Pearson

Round one: Pearson steps foward, stalking Sotiropoulos and he fires off a combination before stepping safely to the side. Leg kick from Pearson . Pearson throws a combination and he rocks Sotiropoulos! Pearson tries to pour it on but Sotiropoulos clinches and saves himself. Pearson is turning it on now and Sotiropoulos responds with a knee to the body. Huge leg kick from Pearson buckles Sotiropoulos but he doesn't follow him to the ground. Jab from Sotiropoulos backs Pearson off but not for long. Pearson attempt a superman jab and Sotiropoulos shoots in for a takedown and briefly gets it but Pearson works to get back to his feet. Sotiropoulos takes Pearson's back in a scramble and he's got both hooks in with 40 seconds left. Pearson stands up but Sotiropoulos is still plastered to his back. Pearson rolls to get Sotiropoulos off him but time expires before anything significant can happen. 10-9 Pearson

Round two: Sotiropoulos is trying to work from the outside but Pearson is avoiding much danger for now. Pearson looks like he's trying to knock Sotiropoulos' head off with every blow and it's making his striking much less effective. Pearson settles down and starts to work his jab again, although Sotiropoulos is utilizing his as well. Good jab from Sotiropoulos after a brief clinch. Good exchange from both men and Sotiropoulos is trying to be more aggressive but Pearson drops him with a left hook. Sotiropoulos recovers and gets back to his feet, stepping forward and backing Pearson up briefly but Pearson fends him off. Takedown attempt from Sotiropoulos is stuffed. 10-9 Pearson

Round three: Left hook from Pearson rocks Sotiropoulos at the beginning of the round. Sotiropoulos is still wobbly after getting to his feet and Pearson drops him again with a right hand, this time Sotiropoulos isn't gonna recover. Pearson smashes him with a hammer fist and the ref jumps in to put a stop to it!

Final result: Ross Pearson defeats George Sotiropoulos via knockout at 0:41 of round three


Brad Scott vs. Robert Whittaker (TUF: "Smashes" Welterweight final)

Round one: Both men trying to get their games going and Scott is smartly staying on the outside away from Whittaker's power. Scott closes the distance with a clinch, throwin gsome knees and short punches from inside position. Whittaker forces a separation and backs Scott off with a huge overhand left. Body kick from Scott but Whittaker lands a counter left. Whittaker explodes forward with a 1-2 and then throws a head kick. Scott fires back with an overhand right of his own. Scott clinches but Whittaker attacks with a blitz of punches, overwhelming Scott on the feet and knocking him on his back. Whittaker attempts some big punches but Scott survives and works his way back to his feet. Scott clinches but can't get anything going and Whittaker nails him with a combination. Body kick from Scott and then a flying knee and both men trade until the horn. 10-9 Whittaker

Round two: Scott presses forward with strikes early and puts Whittaker into the cage, but Whittaker creates space and rocks him with another right hand. A low blow pauses the action but they reset and Whittaker backs Scott off with a head kick. Side kick from Whittaker and then a head kick and some nice punches on the inside. Scott responds with a takedown and Whittaker is turtled. Scott has control from behind, dropping a few punches and now he's got both hooks in with 90 seconds to work. Whittaker tries to escape out the back door and he does! Whittaker fires off some knees on the inside but Scott takes inside position before backing off. Left hand lands for Whittaker and Scott scores with a knee. Whittaker lands a combination capped off with a head kick right before the bell. 10-9 Scott

Round three: Scott presses forward early but he eats some counters from Whittaker. Just as he's got Whittaker nearly backed into the fence, Whittaker blitzes with a flurry of strikes. Scott attempts to push Whittaker into teh fence but Whittaker fends him off. Right hand connects for Whittaker and then an elbow. Scott responds with a left hook counter. Left hand lands for Whittaker and then an uppercut. Whittaker must have hurt his right hand because he's only throwing an elbow now when he uses that limb. Whittaker backs Scott off with a combination and nails a huge left hand counter as Scott throws a body kick. Whittaker again attacks with a combination, avoiding Scott's offense and he comes forward with a big flurry of blows, breaking through Scott's defense. Scott is bleeding now and Whittaker pours it on with a combination. Looping left hook from Whittaker and Scott attacks with a right hand but Whittaker unloads with a huge flurry and a head kick. They trade all the way to the final bell. 10-9 Whittaker

Final Result: Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)



Colin Fletcher vs. Norman Parke (TUF: "Smashes" Lightweight final)

Round one: It took roughly eight seconds for the two to clinch. It's like I'm watching TUF 16 again. Parke presses Fletcher up against the cage and gets him down for a second before Colin uses the cage to get back up. Parke turned the corner on him, though, and got him to the mat in full guard. Fletcher grabbed an arm to work a kimura but Parke defended well. Parke tried to take Fletcher's back but Colin used it to jump to side control to end the round. Not bad.

Round two: Parke once again went to the floor early in the second, dragging Fletcher down and wearing him out with his top game. Fletcher proved game to battle back-and-forth with him but it was getting ugly in a hurry. Parke passed to mount with 2:30 left in the round and went to work from there. Then he got the back and looked to lock the rear-naked choke in but when Fletcher started turning, Parke tried to flip back to mount and Fletcher used the small space to stand up. Even if it was just an evasive maneuver, that was impressive. Parke landed more once they were standing and trading anyway and he brought an emphatic end to the round when he grabbed yet another takedown.

Round three: Parke continued to get the better of the exchanges early in the final frame. Fletcher got cute with a spinning back fist but it missed and color commentator Kenny Florian was sure to point out how effective Parke was with his counter striking. Fletcher looked hopeless, though he never stopped attacking. Fletcher finally found some success but once he got comfortable, Parke landed yet another takedown just as the round was coming to a close. He should take this and make history as the first Ultimate Fighter winner in Australia.

Final result: Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision


Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares

Round one: Big kicks from Lombard early and he's stalking Palhares with bad intentions. Overhand right misses for Palhares but a leg kick connects. Lombard is in serious stalk and kill mode here and he just misses with a lunging right hook. Body kick from Palhares is countered with a left hook from Lombard. Right hand scores for Lombard and Palhares drops to his back but Lombard is having none of it. Body kick from Lombard and he's trying to set up his right hand. Palhares is circling away from the right and Lombard blasts him with a left hand. Palhares is hurt and Lombard follows him to the ground with punches but he can't finish the fight and Palhares ties him up. Palhares is bleeding out of his left eye and Lombard backs out, allowing him back to his feet. Leg kick from Palhares and Lombard hits him with a right hand. Huge flurry from Lombard and Palhares drops to the ground. Lombard swarms him this time with ferocious ground and pound and Palhares is out cold!

Final result: Hector Lombard def. Rousimar Palhares via knockout at 3:38 of round one


Hemmi here!

Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzen Meza

Round one: Leg kick from Mandes and then another. Mendes is trying to set up his overhand right and blasts Meza with a leg kick. Mendes is really trying to knock Meza's head off and he lands the overhand right, which drops Meza. Meza is hurt badly and a couple more shots on the ground put Meza out cold!

Final result: Chad Mendes defeats Yaotzen Meza via knockout at 1:55 of round one


Joey Beltran vs. Igor Pokrajac

Round one: Both men take to the center of the cage and start swinging. Pokrajac lands a flurry and Beltran responds by pressing him into the fence. Beltran fires away with some short shots to the body and some foot stomps and then some uppercuts on the inside. Another flurry from Beltran to the body and Pokrajac is having trouble responding to the pressure. Beltran steps back and unloads a flurry to the body and head and then again goes back to the clinch. Beltran steps back and both men trade shots but Beltran goes right back to the clinch. Huge right hands to the body from Beltran and Pokrajac is getting hurt. Beltran steps back and Pokrajac rocks him with a huge right hand of his own. Pokrajac attempts to take Beltran's back standing but can't get it and he takes inside position along the fence. Both men swing until the horn. 10-9 Beltran

Round two: Both men open in the cage center and Pokrajac is getting the better of the strikes. Huge flurry from both men and Beltran eats some heavy blows with his back against the fence. Elbow from Pokrajac and then another but Beltran reverses him. Beltran goes to work with dirty boxing, grinding against Pokrajac along the fence and accidentally punches Pokrajac in the cup. They reset in teh cage center and Pokrajac lands a good counter strike but Beltran throws some good uppercuts on the inside and just starts unloading with punches and knees, pressing Pokrajac into the cage again. Big elbow from Beltran and he stays on the inside until the round concludes. 10-9 Beltran

Round three: Head kick from Pokrajac and they lock up. I have no idea why Pokrajac did this because Beltran pushes him into the fence. Pokrajac reverses the position and throws a knee but Beltran again takes control on the inside. They separate and Pokrajac drops his hands, avoiding Beltran's punches and firing back. Big right hand lands for Pokrajac but Beltran blasts him with a combination and earns some respect. Body kick from Pokrajac and a big right hand but Beltran presses him into the fence again. Beltran throws several short uppercuts on the inside and he grabs a front headlock, throwing multiple knees to the head and legs. Pokrajac and Beltran throw heavy shots all the way to the final horn. 10-9 Beltran

Final result: Joey Beltran defeats Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Seth Baczynski vs. Mike Pierce

Round one: Pierce shoots in and quickly scores a takedown. Pierce is getting shut down offensively thus far as Baczynski boxes his ears. Pierce passes to half guard and Baczynski uses the cage to wall-walk back to his feet. Pierce is in control along the fence and briefly puts Baczynski down again but can't keep him there. They reset and neither man get get much going. Baczynski throws a big kick and Pierce closes the distance with a left hand. Head kick from Baczynski is caught and Pierce drives forward to take him down. Baczynski tries to work back to his feet, dropping a few elbows and Pierce slams him to the ground. Elbow from Pierce and he remains in complete control until the end of the round. 10-9 Pierce

Round two: Pierce shoots in and slams Baczynski to the ground easily. He drops a few good shots but Baczynski works his way back to his feet although Pierce keeps the pressure on him against the fence but they reset in the cage center. Knee lands for Baczynski and a body kick but Pierce catches it. Baczynski gets some striking going on the outside but Pierce fires back with a right hand and takes him down briefly although Baczynski pops back to his feet. They exchange and both fighters score with punches. Right hand from Baczynski and a push kick but Pierce gets inside and crushes Baczynski with some uppercuts on the inside that wobble him. They clinch and Baczynski slips throwing a knee which allows Pierce to get top position. Pierce advances to half guard and drops a right hand at the end of the round. 10-9 Pierce

Round three: Pierce pressures forward with a takedown attempt but can't get it. Baczynski showing a sense of urgency and throws some heavy strikes on the outside and knees. Baczynski looking good here and Pierce is bleeding. Pierce looks tired. Knee to the body from Baczynski and he uses a whizzer to fend off a takedown attempt. Another takedown attempt from Pierce and he gets it. Baczynski is trying to throw some strikes and stay active off his back but Pierce is in control with some soft ground and pound. The ref stands them up with one minute left and Baczynski throws punches but Pierce presses him into the fence with a takedown attempt. Another takedown is successful for Pierce and Baczynski throws up some desperation submission attempts but can't secure anything. Pierce drops a flurry of punches as time expires. 10-9 Pierce

Final result: Mike Pierce defeats Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez

Round one: Rodriguez quickly scores a takedown in the opening seconds and passes to half guard to avoid a triangle attempt. Alloway works back to his feet but Rodriguez is stubborn and puts him back on the ground. Rodriguez passes to side control and Alloway gives up his back in a scramble but Rodriguez has a hook in and is in control. Alloway is in serious trouble here. Alloway scrambles again and Rodriguez stays with him but he works his way back to his feet. They clinch and Alloway throws some knees. Alloway lands some decent punches and leg kicks but lands a low blow. The referee thought it was a TKO and actually stops the fight but thankfully cooler heads prevail and they are restarted after a short break. Good kicks from Alloway and he front kicks Rodriguez in the face as he changes levels for a takedown! Rodriguez is stunned and Alloway finishes him with punches on the ground, putting him out cold!

Final result: Ben Alloway defeats Manuel Rodriguez via knockout at 4:57 of round one


Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson

Round one: Loughnane has control of the cage center early, throwing some leg kicks and Wilkinson backs him off with a superman punch. Very nice leg kick from Loughnane and he's really throwing them with consistency. Body kick from Loughnane and he's keeping Wilkinson at bay with his range. Wilkinson shoots in for a takedown and gets it along the fence. Wilkinson drops some elbows from top position but Wilkinson is defending pretty well for now. Loughnane wall walks back to his feet and they clinch. Both men trade knees and they separate. Big right hand from Loughnane as Wilkinson throws wildly. Heavy leg kick from Loughnane and Wilkinson dives at his legs but can't get a hold of anything. Loughnane goes high with a kick and it lands. Body kick from Loughnane and he throws a flying knee as time expires. 10-9 Loughnane

Round two: Big leg kick from Loughnane and he follows up with a right hand. Side kick from Loughnane and he avoids a takedown attempt from Wilkinson. Wilkinson is really going after Loughnane here and throws some huge overhand rights and a couple of them connect. Wilkinson changes levels working for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Loughnane forces a separation and lands a left hook. Wilkinson is cut now, bleeding over his right eye. More inside leg kicks from Loughnane and Wilkinson is having trouble getting inside his range. Right hand connects for Wilkinson and Loughnane returns to the leg kicks and is now working his jab. Wilkinson backs Loughnane into the fence but can't score a takedown and they reset. Solid jab from Loughnane and he follows with a right uppercut then a big knee. Wilkinson weathers the storm and fires back. Loughnane scores another huge right hand but Wilkinson presses him into the fence, throwing a knee to the body. Loughnane reverses the position and throws a flurry at the end of the round. 10-9 Loughnane

Round three: Loughnane comes out aggressive with a pair of combinations and Wilkinson fires back. Body kick from Loughnane and he accidentally pokes Wilkinson in the eye. Good right hand lands for Loughnane and then another body kick. Loughnane is finding some serious success with his strikes on the outside and Wilkinson responds with a takedown attempt but is thwarted again. Good right hand from Wilkinson but he can't score with follow-up shots. Another right hand from Wilkinson and they clinch. Wilkinson has a body lock and attempts a trip but can't get it and now Loughnane reverses him and throws a knee. Huge right hand from Loughnane rocks Wilkinson and he goes down! Wilkinson survives some hammer fists and pops back to his feet. Wilkinson attempts a takedown but can't get it and Loughnane attacks with a flying knee. They clinch and Loughnane blasts Wilkinson with a knee. Both men swing until the final horn. 10-9 Loughnane

Final result: Mike Wilkinson defeats Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


Cody Donovan vs. Nick Penner

Round one: Both men circle early and Penner comes up short with a straight left. Donovan initiates a clinch along the fence and Penner reverses him, throwing a right hand to the body. They separate and Donovan charges in but gets clocked with a counter shot from Penner and drops to the canvas. Penner follows him to the canvas with ground and pound but Donovan attempts an armbar. Penner slips free but Donovan now attacks with a triangle. He nearly has it and Pener backs away as both men return to the feet. Donovan again rushes in and eats a HUGE right uppercut from Penner which drops him. Donovan attempts a heel hook but Penner escapes easily and they return standing. Donovan steps forward with an outside kick. After a low blow, they reset and Donovan presses forward, pushing Penner into the fence and scoring a takedown after dragging Penner's legs out from under him. Donovan is on top in half guard but Penner fends him off. Penner escapes to his feet and Donovan blasts him with some nice shots on the way up which huts him. Short left hook from Donovan drops Penner! Donovan swarms Penner and finishes him off with ground and pound. Great comeback from Donovan!

Final result: Cody Donovan defeats Nick Penner via TKO at 4:35 of round one


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