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UFC Quick Quote: ‘If anyone’s going to knock off the young buck,' Rory MacDonald, it’s B.J. Penn

Having spent quality time training with B.J. Penn in Hawaii, Tyron Woodley is confident "The Prodigy" will "knock off" the "young buck" Rory MacDonald in their 170-pound attraction that will be featured on the UFC on Fox 5 televised main card in Seattle, Wash., this weekend (Sat., Dec. 8, 2012).

Mark Nolan

"It's a blessing and an honor that they would consider me for this camp. Rory MacDonald's no joke, man. That's not a guy a lot of guys are calling out to fight. I think B.J. Penn, if anyone's going to knock this young buck off, he's the guy to do it. So, they wanted someone who can strike who can wrestle who can grapple, that was a bigger guy who could compete with him. So I went in there and I gave him everything he could handle, I tried to give him a good look."

-- For this weekend's (Dec. 8, 2012) UFC on Fox 5 welterweight showdown against Rory MacDonald, B.J. Penn brought in a bevy of talented training partners to help him prepare for his return to the Octagon. Knowing he will be the smaller man inside the cage, "The Prodigy" enlisted the services of former Strikeforce number one contender, Tyron Woodley, to emulate the size difference Penn will face in Seattle. Having spent some quality time sparring and rolling with Penn, Woodley stated on "The MMA Hour" that he is confident the Hawaiian is the one to "knock off" the next Canadian 170-pound mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar. What Penn will lack in size against "Ares," he will definitely make up for in experience, as the 11-year veteran looks to show the "young buck" he still has plenty to fight for. Anyone agree with Woodley?

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