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DREAM 18 / GLORY 4 results and LIVE MMA / Kickboxing tournament coverage from Japan TONIGHT (Dec. 31)!

Sixteen kickboxing superstars will tonight (Dec. 31, 2012) take part in the highly-anticipated GLORY 4 Tokyo – Heavyweight Grand Slam, one-night, single-elimination kickboxing tournament at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Three Superfights take place between each stage of the tournament and, of course, the double-header mega-event will also feature the DREAM 18 mixed martial arts (MMA) fight card. The combat sports action is expected to kickoff at 2 a.m. ET and run for eight hours into Monday morning. And will provide bell-to-bell LIVE results of all the action below!

In keeping with the Japanese tradition of putting on insanely long, insanely stacked shows on New Year's Eve, newly-minted kickboxing giant has teamed up with the freshly-resurrected DREAM to give you DREAM 18/GLORY 4.

Featuring GLORY's long-awaited 16-man heavyweight kickboxing tournament and a bevy of mixed martial arts (MMA) match ups that include Japanese stars Shinya Aoki, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Michihiro Omigawa and Hiroyuki Takaya, the eight-hour event promises an incredibly memorable introduction to 2013.

You can watch GLORY 4 at 10 p.m. ET on Jan. 31, 2012, via tape-delay for free on CBS and DREAM 18 at the same time the following day; however, MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of both events, starting with the pay-per-view (PPV), which you can catch right here, at 2 a.m. ET TONIGHT below!

The event will be split up, with DREAM 18 kicking off at 2 a.m. ET and GLORY 4 starting four hours later at around 6 a.m. ET. The former, headlined by an intriguing scrap between Shinya Aoki and Antonio McKee, includes both the stars outlined above and fan-favorites Melvin Manhoef, Bibiano Fernandes and Phil Baroni. In addition to the great Semmy Schilt and arguably the number-one heavyweight Daniel Ghita, GLORY's tournament will also feature legends Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky, among others.

DREAM 18 and GLORY 4 quick results and play-by-play below:


155 lbs.: Shinya Aoki def. Antonio McKee by submission (punch) in Round Two

145 lbs.: Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Michihiro Omigawa by Unanimous Decision

135 lbs.: Bibiano Fernandes def. Yoshiro Maeda by Submission (Triangle) in Round One

145 lbs.: Georgi Karakhanyan def. Hiroyuki Takaya by Split Decision

185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef def. Denis Kang by TKO (Knee to the Body) in Round One

170 lbs.: Hayato Sakurai def. Phil Baroni by Unanimous Decision

155 lbs.: Will Brooks def. Satoru Kitaoka by TKO (Punches) in Round Two

Women's 135 lbs.: Marloes Coenen def. Fiona Muxlow by Submission (Armbar) in Round One

DREAM 18 Play-by-Play

Ladies and gents, we are live. Unfortunately, it seems we will be subjected to Mauro and the gang instead of The Voice, Shame.

155 lbs.: Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio McKee

Round one: Aoki with his customary outside kicks to start things off. I miss a few seconds again, but they're pressed up against the corner. Aoki currently in the advantageous position. Aoki with a bodylock; he doesn't get the trip and they scramble. Aoki winds up on top in half guard. This may not last much longer. Aoki moves to the front headlock position and lands a couple knees. McKee stands and slams Aoki down. McKee doing nothing in Aoki's guard in true McKee fashion. Aoki misses on an armbar attempt. McKee stands, Aoki lands an upkick, and they rest. Side kick from McKee. Aoki comes in with a knee and sprawls on a McKee double leg. Antonio has him pressed into the corner. Big knee to the body from Antonio, but Aoki uses it to reverse position and get the bodylock. McKee has a loose guillotine, but gets taken down for his trouble. McKee just holding onto the neck without doing anything to end the round. Aoki ahead so far.

Round two: McKee with a side kick, but Aoki smashes him with a big right hook and McKee submits to the punch. Huh.

Final result: Aoki def. McKee by submission (punch)


145 lbs.: Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Round one: Omigawa in his peekaboo stance. Kawajiri shoots for a takedown early and gets it. Omigawa turns and is looking for a kneebar, but Crusher escapes into half guard. Crusher with short punches. Omigawa regains full guard, but eats some hammerfists for his trouble. Omigawa has good enough control to avoid too much damage, but Kawajiri is staying busy with punches. Omigawa kicks him away but is unable to regain his footing before Crusher dives back into his guard. Michi is looking for his signature inverted armbar on Kawajiri's left arm and it looks like it may be trouble. Kawajiri pulls it free. Good series of left hammerfists from Crusher. More punches and hammerfists from Kawajiri at a fairly regular pace until the bell. Dominant round for the Crusher.

Round two: Thudding leg kicks from Omigawa, who just avoids a big overhand right. Omigawa's boxing looks much tighter than it did in the UFC and he slips a head kick. Omigawa uses good footwork to avoid a takedown. Leg kick and right hand from the Crusher. Right hand from Omigawa, but Kawajiri shoots in for a double and drags the Judo specialist to the mat once more. He's nearly passed to side control, but Omigawa gets half guard. Kawajiri is looking to pass, but Michi is doing a good job of keeping Kawajiri's leg locked down. Short punches from the top connect. Omigawa unsuccessfully tries to hip out and the Crusher is right back in half guard. He finally gets the pass and gets the mount. Kawajiri has a lethal arm triangle and he's got Michio's left arm in the proper position. He's got it locked in and goes to side control; Omigawa survives to the bell by the skin of his teeth. Ground domination from the Crusher.

Round three: Good left from Omigawa starts things off and he sprawls on a double-leg. Kawajiri stays on him and drags him down once again. Omigawa looks for the inverted armbar but can't get it. It is not easy to take Omigawa down and it says a lot about the Crusher that he's done so easily. Half guard now. Kawajiri with the occasional punch, but focused on trying to pass. Omigawa's defense sound so far. There's the pass with over two minutes to work. Kawajiri in mount again and he's got much more time. Omigawa's left arm is in position again and Kawajiri tries to lock it in. Omigawa avoids the choke but is stuck underneath him. Now he's in half guard but the Crusher is going to try to finish the choke anyway. He's incredibly strong, but this may be beyond him. Michi is out of danger, but can't do anything before the bell. Clear win for the Crusher.

Final result: Kawajiri def. Omigawa by decision


135 lbs.: Bibiano Fernandes vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Round one: Maeda throws the first strike, a high kick that's blocked. Fernandes returns in double with no success. Bibi gets a takedown, Maeda tries to rise and Bibi gets his back in milliseconds. Bibi has one hook in; Maeda scrambles out but Bibi shows his brilliant BJJ in getting his back again. Maeda escapes into top position, but Bibi locks up a triangle and Maeda can't fight his way out in time. Yoshiro goes limp and Bibiano Fernandes once again demonstrates his insane grappling chops.

Final result: Fernandes def. Maeda by submission


145 lbs.: Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Round one: Takaya lands a leg kick, but Georgi counters with a right straight that drops the "Streetfight Bancho," Takaya back to his senses and playing a defensive guard. Georgi lands a series of right hands. George standing over Takaya before diving in with a right hand. Takaya is back to his feet and clinching against the ropes. Good knees to the body from Karakhanyan. Good flurry from the Bellator vet once they separate. Front kick. Counter flurry from Georgi connects. Good low kick. Good combination from Takaya, ending with a big right straight. George moves in behind a flurry to tie up with Takaya. Georgi kneeing the legs and body against the corner. The referee separates them. Low kick by Georgi, then a lovely left hook-low kick combo. Left hook from Takaya answered by an overhand right. Clinch, Karakhanyan working the body with his knees. He's doing damage with those and Takaya backs off. Leg kick and right hand from Georgi. BIG right uppercut and left hook from Georgi and a brief scramble to end the round. Georgi completely in control.

Round two: They exchange right off the bat. Takaya lands a left hook, but Karakhanyan connects on a left hook of his own and they clinch once again. Karakhanyan focusing fire on the body as he presses Takaya against the ropes. Ref breaks them up too early for my taste. They swing, but Georgi closes the gap and ties up. Shimada again breaks them up. Takaya lands a combination before they clinch, with Takaya initiating this time. Georgi reverses, but eats a knee upstairs. Takaya denies a single-leg, but Georgi has a bodylock. Nice knee from Takaya as they separate. Georgi tries a flying knee, but eats a right and falls to his back. Takaya in his guard now. Georgi hunting for an armbar, but Takaya is feeding him a steady diet of ground-and-pound. Georgi looks for a kimura, but Takaya uses the opportunity to pass to half guard. Karakhanyan lands some good shots from his back at the bell, but the momentum has definitely swung in Takaya's favor.

Round three: They're swinging hard early. Karakhanyan lands a front kick and an uppercut. Takaya presses him into the ropes, Georgi gets out. Another front kick from Georgi, Takaya presses forward with a right but gets taken down. Karakhanyan passes to half guard. Full mount now, Takaya regains half guard. Solid knees to the body from top position. Nice pass to side control from Karakhanyan. Takaya once again back to half guard and then full guard. Takaya's attempt to hip out fails. Takaya rises to his knees with the corner and manages to stand with just under a minute left. Karakhanyan stays on him and drags him back down. Takaya stands but can't capitalize before getting tied up. This repeats twice more at the bell. Win for Karakhanyan in my book.

Final result: Karakhanyan def. Takaya by decision


185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Denis Kang

Round one: I miss the first forty seconds due to Internet trouble, but they're firing away. Kang presses forward, only to get his stomach turned inside-out by a thermonuclear knee. Kang drops immediately and the ref stops it just 50 seconds in. Wow.

Final result: Manhoef def. Kang by TKO


170 lbs.: Phil Baroni vs. Hayato Sakurai

Round one: Leg kick from Mach early, Baroni clinches and forces him into the ropes. Mach reverses. Mach pressing Phil against the ropes, but not doing much. Hard knee to the body, Baroni pushes him into the corner. They trade knees to the legs. Mach reverses once again. The ref breaks them up and they reset. Leg kick and left hook from Sakurai as Phil approaches and ties him up. Again, Sakurai reverses and lands a knee to the guts. Phil gets the takedown into half butterfly guard. Full butterfly guard now. Phil punching the body, Sakurai punching off his back. Phil misses with three big punches. Mach doing a great job of avoiding Phil's punches. Phil with a right hand, Mach still hitting off his back. They keep this up for about thirty seconds before the ref stands them up. Good knee from Sakurai from the plum. Sakurai lands some big punches and backs Phil up to end the round. Momentum's definitely in the Japanese veteran's favor.

Round two: Baroni presses forward with punches but is denied in his takedown attempt. Mach presses him against the ropes. Knee to the body from Mach. Knees to the thigh from Phil, but Sakurai throws him down into side control. Mach pops into full mount briefly and lands a right before Phil worms his way back into half guard. Mach back in side control. Phil gives up his back, but manages to stand before Sakurai can capitalize. Mach gets him to the ropes and lands a knee to the body before Phil connects with an uppercut and separates. Body shot from Phil, leg kick from Sakurai. Clinch. Phil gets the double-leg in the ropes and they briefly pause to reset near the center. Both men active with punches. Sakurai with his feet on Phil's hips. Phil to the body and head, but without much muster. Phil stands, eats a couple upkicks, and returns to guard. He passes to half guard. Not much happening from this position. Mach spins for a leglock, but loses it. Phil manages to land some solid GnP from the guard. Mach bonks him a couple times before the end of the round; close fight so far, slightly in Phil's favor.

Round three: Mach with a leg kick and they tie up once again. Knees to the body from both. They separate quickly. Quick pause to adjust Phil's gloves. Mach stings him with a left hook and right uppercut, Phil fires back and lands a right. Mach with a leg kick after a pair of punches from Phil. Baroni lands a big left hook and stuffs a double-leg. Good jabs from Mach. Both men land, but they're gassed. Mach clinches and avoids a double-leg. Slow scramble and Phil's in turtle position. Knees to the body from Mach, Phil scrambles and eventually manages to land in top position. Slow punches from Phil, who passes to half guard. Mach briefly teases a leglock, but instead regains guard. Ref stands them up relatively quickly. Phil with an uppercut to left hook, Mach hurts him with a one-two and a left hook. BIG right from Mach. Phil with a slow double-leg that's sprawled on. Mach with the plum, can't do damage and separates. One-two from Mach lands flush and another. Clinch. Phil with two good punches in the clinch. Another one-two from the Japanese vet and a left. Sakurai blasts him with a right at the bell and I believe he won this fight.

Final result: Sakurai def. Baroni by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Satoru Kitaoka vs. Will Brooks

Round one: Kitaoka southpaw, Brooks orthodox. Kitaoka has a hard high kick blocked. Brooks with on outside leg kick, lands an overhand right. Brooks goes for a high kick, prompting Kitaoka to shoot. Brooks shrugs it off, but Kitaoka drops to his back. Brooks follows him down and has to fight off a leglock series before getting reversed. Brooks manages to scramble to his feet. Stiff jab from Brooks and he avoids another takedown. Big shots from Brooks and a fantastic suplex rattle Kitaoka, who returns to standing. Kitaoka goes for a single-leg, then falls back for a leg. Brooks avoids it and gets up, but Kitaoka still has his leg. Brooks with a jumping knee while tied up. The Catch Koala pushes him into the corner; Brooks attempts a switch and winds up on top of Kitaoka in full guard. Satoru has on overhook and may be fishing for a guillotine. Brooks avoids it and moves to half guard. Big gorund-and-pound from Brooks, who then disengages and stands up. Brooks lands a right and trips Kitaoka, who uses the opportunity to dig for a heel hook. Brooks once again escapes and the round ends with him on top in side control. Clearly Brooks' round.

Round two: Brooks in pursuit and connects with a head kick before flinging Kitaoka to the ground. Full guard. Just noticed that Kitaoka's legs are pretty much mummified; might be partly to blame for his poor performance. Kitaoka looks for an armbar or triangle., Brooks postures up, eats an upkick, and backs off. Brooks smacks him hard with a right after Kitaoka whiffs a left. Kitaoka grabs a leg and once again looks for a lock. Brooks spins out and lands some ground-and pound. Kitaoka stays on him and he has a deep-looking heel hook. Brooks temporarily out of danger and stomping on Kitaoka with his free leg. Kitaoka relentless in pursuit of that heel hook despite getting battered. Brooks avoids it, bends forward, and starts brutalizing Kitaoka with punches. Kitaoka is not defending himself and this one is over. Impressive upset by the American.

Final result: Brooks def. Kitaoka by TKO


Women's 135 lbs.: Marloes Coenen vs. Fiona Muxlow

Round one: Leg kicks from both to start. Coenen coutners a leg kick with a straight. Coenen lands a leg kick, Fiona mixes two consecutive leg kick-spinning back fist combos. More leg kick from both. Marloes misses her own spinning back fist. Muxlow eats a hard right and a pair of knees. Marloes with a big uppercut in the clinch and she continues blasting her with knees. Fiona drops to her knees and starts eating classic PRIDE knees. Muxlow tries to take her down, but winds up on the bottom. Marloes with a series of hard hammerfists, but Fiona manages to reverse it and end up on top in half guard. Marloes controlling her effectively and she latches onto an armbar. Fiona defending, but Marloes locks her up in a triangle. She switches back to the armbar and there's the tap. Beautiful work from Coenen.

Final result: Coenen def. Muxlow by submission


Heavyweight Kickboxing: Jerome Le Banner vs. Koichi Pettas

Round one: Looks like this one is on the DREAM portion rather than the GLORY portion.

Obvious size advantage for "Geronimo." Koichi with a body kick, Le Banner answers in kind. Leg kick Pettas, leg kick Le Banner. Body kick by the Frenchman. Leg kick exchange. Pettas is very mobile, as he should be. Pettas lands a right hand as they trade body kicks. Le Banner lands some big kicks to the body. Le Banner stalking him with big shots to end the round, winning it for him in my book. 10-9 JLB.

Round two: Body kick from JLB. Another one; there's a huge difference between the kicks Pettas is landing and the ones JLB is. Right hand and leg kick from JLB, leg kick Pettas. Body kick and two-one from the big man, Pettas alternating between body and head kicks. Koichi getting the better of things with his leg kicks in the later part of the round. Nice right hand by Koichi is answered by leg and body kicks form JLB. 10-9 Pettas.

Round three: Pettas lands a left, eats another big body kick. Counter right hook from Le Banner and body kick. Pettas connects with his straight right in a combo. Le Banner to the body once more. Leg kick exchange. Pettas to the body, Le Banner to the leg. Both men swing big, Pettas landing the better punches. Leg kick from JLB. Koichi presses forward, but a big left hand stops him in his tracks. Kochi gets swept by e leg kick. Pettas tries to move forward immediately, but walks right into a monstrous right hook. He goes limp on impact and this one is over. Beautiful knockout for JLB.

Final Result: Le Banner def. Pettas by knockout (right hook)


GLORY Glory_4_bracket_medium

GLORY 4 Play-by-Play

Opening Round

Semmy Schilt (1) vs. Brice Guidon

Round one: Mauro, his name is "Semmy." Not "Sammy."

Both men active right off the bat. Semmy in hot pursuit, hurting Brice with his jab. Brice lands some big overhands of his own. Good knee from the clinch by Semmy. Semmy doing a good job now of avoiding those big haymakers. Semmy's killer jab lands twice. Another one. Guidon lands a left of his own. Semmy catches a kick and lets Guidon fall. Semmy with a big one-two. Schilt hurts him with a body kick and another big jab. Right-left from Semmy wobbles Brice, who comes back with a flying right hand. 10-9 Semmy in a hell of a round.

Round two: Semmy with a glancing head kick. Counter jab. Big right hand. Guidon swinging like mad but constantly falling short. Body kick from Guidon, who eats a body kick and jab. Big knee from Schilt, then a missile of a jab that puts Guidon on his back. Brice is back up, but there's another jab and Guidon faceplants. This fight is over. Semmy Schilt is an absolute beast.

Final Result: Schilt def. Guidon by TKO (Two knockdowns)


Sergei Kharitonov (8) vs. Rico Verhoeven

Round one: Head kick from Rico is blocked. Right to the body by Sergei, Rico clinches and lands a knee to the midsection. Right straight from Rico, leg kick from Sergei. Clinch. Good leg kick by Rico. Another. Sergei's overhand is blocked. Solid clinch knee by Verhoeven, clinch and body knee. Body kick. Counter right hook. Good right hook and a big uppercut before a clinch. Big one-two by Sergei stuns Verhoeven, who ties up; Sergei lands a big left hook that causes Rico to slip. Sergei came alive late, but Verhoeven won the first 90 seconds. 10-9 Rico.

Round two: Verhoeven opens with a blocked head kick. Clinch. Right hook by Rico. Clinch and knee to the body. Sergei counters a head kick with a solid right. Sergei with a rabbit punch in the clinch. Sergei lands a solid combination off a Verhoeven leg kick. Body knee by Verhoeven in the clinch. Knees to the thigh next time. Huge right hand by Rivo, but Sergei eats it. Clinch knee from Rico stuns Sergei, who eats a right and responds with one of his own. Sergei lands in the clinch, but eats a big head kick. Rico ends the round with a Brazilian kick that just misses. 10-9 Rico.

Final Result: Verhoeven def. Kharitonov by unanimous decision


Gokhan Saki (3) vs. Raoumaru

Round one: Good jab exchange, Saki's better. Saki to the body. Beautiful combo from Saki. Saki is savaging him right now. Saki's hands are a blur as he drops Raoumaru just thirty seconds in. Saki is going in for the kill and gets a second knockdown in about a minute. Wow.

Final Result: Saki def. Raoumaru by TKO (Two knockdowns)


Anderson Silva (7) vs. Igor Jurkovic

Round one: Leg kick exchanges early. Right straight from Silva connects. Solva with a solid combo. Hard leg kicks from both. Igor to the body, answered with a Silva right. Silva leg kick. Big left hook from Braddock and a leg kick. Another leg kick exchange ends abruptly when Silva blasts him with a left hook and drops him. Igor is back up, but Silva is relentless and he gets the second knockdown. Another rapid-fire TKO.

Final Result: Silva def. Jurkovic by TKO (Two knockdowns)


Remy Bonjasky (4) vs. Filip Verlinden

Round one: Leg kick from Bonjasky as Verlinden comes forward with punches. Leg kick exchange. Both men battering the body and legs. Verlinden getting the better of is so far. Goot right hand from Filip. Left hook to the gut from Verlinden is answered by a Remy leg kick. Verlinen's flying knee falls short. Bonjasky with a leg kick and knee to the body. Nice leg kicks from Remy. Clinch. Nice right and body knee from Remy. Kick exchange ends it. Very, very close round; 10-9 Verlinden for his early work.

Round two: Leg kick from Remy, Verlinden responds and prompts a leg kick exchange. Knee to the body from Remy, left hook downstairs. Verlinden with a leg kick and a body knee. Leg kick trade. Flying knee from Filip falls just short. Leg kicks. Right hand from Remy. High-octane exchange. Body kick from Verlinden answered by a leg kick. Remy to the leg and body. 10-9 Bonjasky; should be a third round.

Round three: Verlinden lands a couple nice leg kicks. Another. Bonjasky connects to the body. Verlinden to the legs, Remy knees the body inside and exits with a leg kick. Verlinden body kick. Body knee. Leg kick trade. Body kicks. Good left from Remy. Thudding body kick from Verlinden, leg kick Remy. Uppercut by Verlinden. Both men landing knees and leg kicks. Body knee from Verlinden, leg kicks from Remy. Verlinden slips after a kick and there's the bell. Insanely close; 10-9 Verlinden.

Final Result: Bonjasky def. Verlinden by decision


Errol Zimmerman (6) vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Round one: Leg kick from Zimmerman connects. Another good kick. Ben Saddik lands one of his own. Kick exchange. Straight to the body from the Moroccan, Errol slips on a kick. Ben Saddik comes in aggressively and eats three big shots from Zimmerman. Hard low kick from Ben Saddik. Slick leg kick as Ben Saddik pursues trips the big man to the ground. Huge right straight from Ben Saddik wobbles Zimmerman and he stumbles to the mat. He's back up and the bell goes off. Zimmerman was winning that round, but now it's 10-8 Ben Saddik.

Round two: Zimmerman connects with a right, then a solid one-two. Left hook from Ben Saddik. Jamal gets Zimmerman in the corner and bombs away. Zimmerman apparently turns Jamal's lights out with a huge left, but the big man stays standing and continues punching. Another big right from Ben Saddik wobbles Zimmerman such that he falls after missing one of his own punches and takes a count. Zimmerman back up, Ben Saddik firing away, but Zimmerman rampages after him with bombs and puts him down. He's up and they unload everything they have to end the round; 10-9 Zimmerman. Whoever wins this fight has nothing left, unfortunately.

Final Result: Ben Saddik def. Zimmerman by decision


Peter Aerts (5) vs. Mourad Bouzidi

Round one: HOOST. His name is Ernesto HOOST, dumbass! Not "Hoast."

Aerts looking for the high kick early. Bouzidi lands to the body. Aerts backs Bouzidi up with hard shots. Leg kick Bouzidi, head kicks from Aerts. Bouzidi foxusing on the legs while Peter looks to take his head off. Bouzidi throwing to the head now. They trade head kicks. Counter left hand from Bouzidi hits home. They continue exchanging head kicks; Aerts wins the round 10-9, but he's fading and he might have broken his hand.

Aerts does not wish to continue. Bouzidi advances.

Final Result: Bouzidi def. Aerts by TKO (hand injury)


Daniel Ghita (2) vs. Jhonata Diniz

Round one: Poor Diniz. Ghita's not someone you take on in your tenth fight.

Diniz bouncing punches off of Ghita's guard. Ghita throwing big punches and his signature leg kicks. Diniz very aggressive. Ghita firing off stiff jabs. Diniz slips on a body kick. Ghita lands a combo. Diniz with a big right hand. Ghita leg kick and double jab. Diniz fires off a combo of his own that gets through. Ghita lands a liver kick, then slips. Solid showing from Diniz, but 10-9 Ghita.

Round two: Diniz wobbles Ghita with a right, but Ghita fires back with a vengeance. Body kick from the Savage Samurai. Uppercut from Diniz, left hook Ghita, Diniz right hand. One-two-one lands for Ghita. Diniz right hand gets through. Another. Ghita connects with a right head kick, but slips. Diniz continues to fire away. Both men throwing everything they've got. Ghita ends the round strong, but a surprising 10-9 Diniz.

Round three: Diniz aggressive as usual. Ghita lands a right upstairs, then stings the body and head in quick sequence. Diniz pushing Ghita across the ring. Body kick Ghita, low kick Diniz. Ghita lands a one-two and a leg kick. More leg kicks, but Diniz responds with punches. Ghita gets Diniz in the corner and fires away to the body. Big body kick drops Diniz, but it's called a slip. Ghita lands a right to end things. 10-9 Ghita for a tougher-than-expected victory.

Final Result: Ghita def. Diniz by decision



Semmy Schilt (1) vs. Rico Verhoeven

Round one: Verhoeven on the attack immediately. Semmy with a body knee and jab. Clinch. Internet issues screw me out of the majority of the round. Back in action with thirty seconds left. Big punches from Semmy. Semmy lands a jab. Don't know how to score this one; the judges are split.

Round two: Semmy staggers Rico temporarily with a jab. Semmy catches a kick and lands two more. Clinch. Verhoeven lands a left, but eats another big jab. Another and a hook. Knee upstairs from the Hightower. Leg kicks from both. Another good jab and a glancing head kick. Rico lands a right, but he's slowing down badly. Another jab and a liver kick. Another jab and another. Knee upstairs. There's the bell after a complete stomping by Schilt. 10-9.

Final Result: Schilt def. Verhoeven by decision


Gokhan Saki (3) vs. Anderson Silva (7)

Round one: Saki leg kick starts things off. Silva with a one-two-leg kick. Saki again attacks the leg. Saki looking for his left hook. Chopping leg kick. Another. High kick from "The Rebel" is blocked. Silva lands a left hook and a leg kick. Body kick from Gokhan and another leg kick. There's the left hook and it rattles Silva, who responds with a right. Gokhan fires a right to the body immediately followed by a left hook that puts Silva down. He's back up, but his legs aren't there and the ref calls it off. Damn.

Final Result: Saki def. Silva by TKO (left hook)


Remy Bonjasky (4) vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Round one: Leg kick from Ben Saddik, then a body kick. Remy slips after a right from Ben Saddik. Another big low kick. Jamal catches a body kick. Low kick. They trade leg kicks. Ben Saddik catches another kick. Another leg kick, answered by Remy. Not that active a round, but one in Ben Saddik's favor, 10-9.

Round two: Body kick Ben Saddik, leg kick Remy. Leg kick Jamal. They trade low kicks, then Remy lands a right hand. Ben Saddik lands a three-two that backs his foe up. Leg kick, body kick. Ben Saddik catches another kick and forces a slip with a right hand. Another leg kick. Remy attempts to answer upstairs and gets backed off with a body kick. 10-9 Ben Saddik.

Final Result: Ben Saddik def. Bonjasky by decision


Mourad Bouzidi vs. Daniel Ghita (2)

Round one: Bouzidi lands a leg kick. Ghita to the body. Teep from Bouzidi after some more leg kicks. More leg kicks. Ghita with a one-two. Good counter right from the big man. Bouzidi low kick hits the groin. Ghita lands a straight right. Ghita straight to eh breadbasket. Ghita wobbles him at the bell with a hard right hand. Very close, but 10-9 Bouzidi for his early work.

Round two: Big right by Bouzidi in an early flurry. Both men land big shots. Body kick Bouzidi, Body punch Ghita. Ghita smashes him with a massive body kick and somehow damages Bouzidi's arm for the win. Ghita's going to the semis.

Final Result: Ghita def. Bouzidi by TKO (arm injury)


Superfight: Jason Wilnis vs. Toshio Matsumoto

Round one: Technical issues mean I don't see the first thirty seconds.

Low kicks from both. They kick to the body. Matsumoto slips on the logo. Left hand Wilnis, body kick Matsumoto. Wilnis overhand connects. Body kick Matsumoto, low kick Wilnis after a slick combo. Great combo from Wilnis, Matsumoto answers with a leg kick. Low kicks by Wilnis. Jumping knee lands for the older man. Wilnis with a straight. Both men whiff on home run shots. Wilnis hits the body in a combo. Right hook upstairs. Uppercut, leg kick. 10-9 Wilnis.

Round two: Wilnis catches a kick and rips to the body. Low kicks exchanged, Matsumoto doubles up. Low kicks once again. Cracking leg kick by Wilnis, who doubles up the left hook. Matsumoto with one to the body. Wilnis lands an overhand right and both men connnects with solid blows. Wilnis backs his man up and lands to the body. Body knee. Matsumoto goes low-low-high with punches. Low kick Wilnis and a slick punching combination. Wilnis connects with an uppercut. Matumoto targeting the leg and includes a left hook to the body. Good punching combinations from the younger Wilnis. They trade leg kicks. There's the bell, 10-9 Wilnis.

Round three: Leg kick exchange. Matsumoto connects with a right upstairs but eats a left hook. Matsumoto aggressive early on with punches Leg kick from Wilnis. Matsumoto flurries with his man against the ropes. Glancing head kick from WIlnis, powerful body kick from Matsumoto. Leg kick same. Left uppercuts connect for Wilnis. Matsumoto to the body. Thudding right hook from Wilnis and a solid right hook. Overhand right from Wilnis hits flush and puts his foe on his seat. Matsumoto is back up, but Wilnis is battering the body. Big cross upstairs. Another pair of body shots, followed by a right upstairs. Matsumoto lands an uppercut late, but too late. 10-9 Wilnis.

Final Result: Wilnis def. Matsumoto by decision


Semi Finals

Semmy Schilt (1) vs. Gokhan Saki (3)

Round one: Left hook from Gokhan early. Saki with a leg kick. Schilt trying to catch Saki to the body coming in. Saki wheel kick doesn't connect. Saki doing well off his back foot so far. Nice knee to the body inside from the Hightower. Saki lands a left. Saki can't' get his combinations working against someone of Semmy's size. Saki clinches. Semmy with a front kick to the body. Body kick Schilt, body punch Saki. Another left hook downstairs from the Turk. Schilt leg kick goes low. Semmy with a front kick to the body again. Close, but Saki's by a hair. 10-9.

Round two: Saki's punches just have such a hard time reaching Semmy. Schilt leg kick. Front kick to the body. Clinch. Good knee to the body meets Saki coming in. Body kick from Saki. The left hook finally lands, but it doesn't faze Semmy. Semmy low kick trips Saki to the ground. Body kick and leg kick from Schilt. Saki misses by a mile with the left. That one connects. Schilt with a low kick. Semmy lands a jab before the bell. 10-9 Schilt.

Final result: Schilt def. Saki by decision


Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Daniel Ghita (2)

Round one: Leg kick from Ben Saddik starts things off. Ghita throws one kick to the liver and the fight is over. Huh.

Final result: Ghita def. Ben Saddik by KO (liver kick)


Superfight: Sang-Jae Kim vs. Mutsuki Ebata

Round one: Leg kicks from both men. Good straight downstairs by Ebata and a big left hook. He slips before he can capitalize. More leg kicks. Kim lands a jab. Body kicks form both men. Good straight by Ebata and a body kick. Lefts upstairs by Kim answered by a body left hook. Another good body kick form Ebata and an uppercut. Ebata with a cross and body kick. Kim kicks the leg, Ebata the body. Counter left hook from Ebata staggers Kim, but the South Korean fighter eats the resultant flurry and asks for more. Leg kicks. Ass kick by Ebata. Body kick from Ebata, body punch and one upstairs by Kim. Great cut kick from Ebata. Clear 10-9 for the Japanese fighter.

Round two: Low kick exchange. Kim connects with a right hand. Another series of low kicks from both. Right by Ebata. Body kick Ebata, powerful jab from Kim. Ebata backs him off with a hard right. Kim flying knee met by a left hook. Kim with a stiff jab. Ebata lands the cut kick again. Leg kick Ebata and a stiff jab. Body kick and leg kick from Ebata, body punches from Kim. Another body kick from Ebata. Good rights from both and a hard left from Kim. Counter left hook from the Japanese fighter, who slips on a head kick. Solid left by Kim in response to a series of body kicks from Ebata. 10-9 same.

Round three: Kim with a one-two. Hard right by Ebata. Leg kick from Ebata, who slips on another kick. Good right by Kim, who eats a big leg kick. Again, my Internet conks out, so I don't see the second minute. Brutal combination from Ebata, Kim answers with a body kick. Knees to the body from both men. Ebata countering well with kicks. Check left hook from Ebata to end things. 10-9 same.

Final Result: Ebata def. Kim by decision

Superfight: Yuichiro Nagashima vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round one: van Roosmalen stalking, Jienotsu light on his feet. Leg kick from Roosmalen after a slick punching combo. Good left hook by Jienotsu and another. Robin wobbles Nagashima and flurries, prompting a standing eight-count. Robin pursuing as soon as they restart with big leg kicks and hard hooks. Good knee to the body from Jienotsu, but he eats a one-two for his trouble. Right-left by van Roosmalen and a powerful overhand. Leg kick van Roosmalen. Jienotsu jabbing, but can't keep him away. Power shots continue to land for van Roosmalen. Two big right hands and a big leg kick. Clear 10-8 for van Roosmalen; he's on another level compared to Nagashima.

Round two: Flying knee for Jienotsu fails. Leg kick from van Roosmalen. Nagashima attempts a rolling thunder, but can't connect. He just can't keep Robin off of him; Robin smashes him with a left hook to the body followed by a right hook upstairs. Robin is pouring it on now and hurting him with pretty much everything he throws. They need to stop this. Surprisingly, van Roosmalen backs off. Jienotsu is firing back to no effect. More damaging kicks from van Roosmalen. 10-9 same, almost a 10-8.

Round three: The stream itself doesn't let me see the first thirty seconds. Jienotsu is still doing his best and lands a solid uppercut. van Roosmalen roughs him up in close. Good right from Jienotsu, who eats a leg kick. Robin with more solid punches and leg kicks. van Roosmalen continues the thrashing until the bell. 10-9 van Roosmalen.

Final Result: van Roosmalen def. Nagashima by decision


Final Match

Semmy Schilt (1) vs. Daniel Ghita (2)

Round one: Semmy with a front kick to the body. Leg kicks from both. Good right from Ghita. Solid one-two-head kick combo from the Hightower. Ghita's right connects once again. Once again. Left hook, but he eats a series of jabs and right from Semmy. Right again from Daniel. Both men land good lefts. Ghita lands a pair of left hooks and a right. HEAD KICK FROM SEMMY AND GHITA IS DOWN! HE GETS UP BUT HE'S OUT OF IT AND THIS FIGHT IS OVER! SEMMY SCHILT IS THE GLORY GRAND SLAM CHAMPION!

Final Result: Schilt def. Ghita by TKO (head kick)


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