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UFC 155 results: Yushin Okami grinds out dull decision win over Alan Belcher

More than six years ago, Yushin Okami bested Alan Belcher via unanimous decision in what marked the UFC debuts for both 185-pound men. Tonight (Dec. 29, 2012) at UFC 155, Okami repeated somehow repeated his boring performance, riding and blanketing his way to another dull decision.

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't really the fight that Alan Belcher wanted and/or deserved, but when a showdown with Vitor Belfort fell through a few months ago, Yushin Okami bubbled to the surface ... again.

Belcher and Okami are familiar foes, dueling to a decision in favor of "Thunder" at UFC 62 way back in 2006. Tonight (Dec. 29, 2012) on the UFC 155 pay-per-view (PPV) main card, the pair ran back a rematch.

And with the same, hard-to-watch result.

Okami was certainly more aggressive this go-round, pushing the pace and punching his way in close to smother "The Talent" and close the distance. It worked in the first round, which Okami spent most of in the top position, even though Belcher and his new-and-always-improving did skillful Brazilian jiu-jitsu work from off his back. Then, in the second stanza, the Japanese import did more of the same, forcing a referee stand up only to return to the mat moments later.

A pattern began to emerge.

Frustrated, Belcher came out swinging in round three, literally, and when Okami went for a body-lock takedown, Belcher reversed and landed in full mount. Okami got back to his feet, but with his head trapped in a standing guillotine choke, which Belcher attempted to finish by sitting down.

Big mistake.

Okami popped his head out, transitioned to full mount and continued to grapple hump. Belcher did a nice job of covering up, but Okami did little to land anything significant or connect with anything even remotely fight-ending. Belcher rolled to his belly with 30 seconds remaining, but he simply could not escape or do anything ... at all.

Styles make fights.

And in this case, Okami -- who went on to win a unanimous decision -- and his human blanket gameplan is Kryptonite to Belcher's exciting, well-rounded style.

Oh well.

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