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UFC 155's Joe Lauzon feels like he's fighting for finishes in increasingly decision-centric era

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon believes he's one of the last bastions of fighters with the old school mentality of doing everything they can to try and finish their opponents rather than point-fight their way to a decision. Read his entire thought process below.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

UFC 155 lightweight Joe Lauzon is one of the best finishers in MMA history. With 29 career fights, he's only gone the distance once and the ever-exciting Boston native even made sure to take home a "Fight of the Night" for his efforts that lone out-of-character showing.

In fact, Lauzon has brought home a ridiculous 11 post-fight bonuses in his 13-fight UFC career, which began back in 2006 with a 46 second knockout of former champion Jens Pulver.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports, Lauzon discussed why he feels the art of submission is almost sacred.

"I want to make them say, 'You're better. I give up.' ... When you get a submission and the guy says, 'OK, please stop. You're going to destroy my arm,' or they get choked unconscious, then there is no question about who was the better guy."

As the stakes increase for fighters, many have begun to take less risks and fans have decried the art of "point-fighting" in order to win a decision.

Not Lauzon.

"J-Lau" believes he's standing up for what it means to be a true fighter every time he steps into the Octagon, and his results speak for themselves. He's ready to go 100 miles per hour from the moment the fight begins until he's "hopefully" forcing his opponent to tap out.

"I kind of feel I'm a dinosaur a bit in that there aren't a whole lot of guys who hunt submissions nearly as aggressively as I do. There are definitely guys who have good submissions, but I feel like I go out there in every fight constantly looking for the submission. There are so many guys who seem content to win decisions and just win round after round after round. They do it, but they're not finishing guys. I feel like I'm one of those guys who is carrying the submission flag. There's not a whole lot of us."

Lauzon will be plying his trade this Saturday night (Dec. 29, 2012) when he takes on fellow submission specialist Jim Miller in the co-main event of UFC 155 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do you think he's got what it takes to make his New Jersey-based foe cry "uncle!" during their bout? Do you agree with him about the plague of fighters content to win decisions?

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