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UFC Quick Quote: Todd Duffee finally ready to realize unfulfilled potential

Todd Duffee returns to the UFC this Saturday night after a two year stint outside the promotion and the once highly-regarded heavyweight prospect discusses his unfulfilled potential. See what he had to say below.

Jon Kopaloff

"I have not lived up to my own potential, there's no question. And everybody that's trained with me, everybody that's seen me, they know that. I have a lot of potential and I owe it to my coaches and I owe it to my family and friends to see it through. I've had to make some crazy sacrifices from friends, family, all that stuff, but if I go out there and I perform, it's gonna be worth it. I've gotten life experience that most small town kids from Raleigh, Illinois don't get. That alone is pretty special to me."

-- Todd Duffee was once one of the most hyped heavyweight prospects in the entire UFC. Granted, when your debut fight in the promotion ties the record for fastest knockout in history, fans are rightfully going to get excited. While personal issues and a stunning third round upset knockout to Mike Russow derailed his rise to the top, Duffee has remained grounded, winning a bout in the Super Fight League against British bomber Neil Grove in less than a minute to earn the surprising call back to the promotion. Duffee will return to fight Philip De Fries on the UFC 155 preliminary card this Saturday (Dec. 29, 2012) and the American Kickboxing Academy spoke with about not living up to his potential. Do you think he'll return to form this weekend, Maniacs? Or did Russow and the resulting loss to Overeem do too much damage? Speak up!

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