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Tim Boetsch will eventually get a UFC title shot after he runs out of people to ‘beat up’

Not known for being much of a trash talker, Tim Boetsch shy's away from the self promoting methods that have earned others title shots, saying he prefers to 'beat people up' because eventually, the UFC will take notice an give him a shot the the middleweight title.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Michael Bisping, Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort and Hector Lombard.

When talking about potential challengers for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva's throne, those are among the notable names mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have top-of-mind.

However, Tim Boetsch is another man who has quietly been making a case for his shot at the promotion's 185-pound title by racking up four straight wins, including back-to-back victories over top ranked opponents in Yushin Okami and the aforementioned Lombard.

Boetsch is sometimes the forgotten man in the middleweight class for the simple fact that he doesn't do a whole lot of talking to promote himself. Unlike some of his peers, it's just not his style. The hardworking "Barbarian" prefers to let his actions inside the Octagon do the promoting for him and says the UFC will eventually have no other choice but to give him a shot because he will eventually run out of people to beat up.

His words (via MMA Weekly):

"For me that gets frustrating. Just because I'm one of those guys who isn't very vocal about calling people out and saying I deserve such and such an opponent. Michael (Bisping)‘s very good at that and he's made a career out of it, there are talks of him getting a title shot maybe before even I do, so he's done a good job of promoting himself and that's one way of doing it. I think the better way to do it, or the way I prefer to do it, is to step in the cage and beat people up, and eventually they're going to have to give me a title shot because I'm going to run out of people to beat up. That's how I plan on doing it."

Boetsch is determined to let his fighting do the talking for him, even if it means other might get a title shot before him based on their outstanding self-promoting skills.

Originally slated to take on undefeated (9-0) Chris Weidman a UFC 155 on Dec. 29, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Boetsch will now face Constantinos Philippou in "Sin City" as he looks to make it five straight inside the Octagon.

As Belfort and Bisping prepare to swing leather on Jan. 19, 2013, at UFC on FX 7 in a potential number one contender eliminator match (for Bisping at least), "The Barbarian" will continue to "beat up' as many people as needed in order to make his case for a title shot.

Eventually, the UFC has to take notice ... right?

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