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UFC Quick Quote: Roy Nelson thinks 'two more rounds' with Junior dos Santos would have made 'a different fight'

Is Roy Nelson punch drunk or simply trolling for a rematch with UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos in the future? Read his recent assessment of their lopsided fight at UFC 117 more than two years ago and decided for yourself.

Photo by Esther Lin

"I think even back then, if I'd had two extra rounds, it could have been a different fight. I always care about the title shot, but that's the end game. For the most part, as long as you're fighting in the UFC, you're fighting the best in the world. Of course you want that belt, but it's not what defines you as a fighter."

-- Remember way back when at UFC 117 in Aug. 2010 when Junior dos Santos beat Roy Nelson from pillar-to-post en route to a punishing three-round unanimous decision victory? Well, "Big Country" was apparently playing possum, waiting for his opportunity to turn the tide and topple the future Heavyweight champion, according to a recent interview with Steph Daniels at All he needed, of course, was two more rounds -- 10 more minutes! -- to make it a "different" fight. Nelson, who is perhaps suffering from memory loss caused by numerous blows to the brain, did little (if anything) to prove that he could make even a small dent in the Brazilian. The lopsided beatdown only proved that Nelson could take a lickin' and keep on tickin.' In fact, he was the only fighter (at the time) to last an entire fight with "Cigano" (excluding his only career loss to Joaquim Ferreira in 2007, of course). Perhaps Nelson is feeling a little confident after his most recent back-to-back finishes of Dave Herman and Matt Mitrione, thinking a rematch is potentially in his future if he can say some outlandish things that stretch truth and known facts. Who knows, if he keeps winning and yapping, it could work out in the end. It wouldn't be the first time.

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