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Video: Filipino Prospect Roldan Sangcha'an Knocks Out Unbeaten Aslan Toktarbaev With a Head Kick in Kazakhstan

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Beautiful head kick knockouts never get old. So enjoy this one from Filipino prospect Roldan Sangcha'an, who planted the previously unbeaten Aslan Toktarbaev.

Roldan Sangcha'an
Roldan Sangcha'an

Filipino fighter Roldan Sangcha-an traveled to Kazakhstan in the middle of the Russian winter to take on unbeaten local bantamweight Aslan Toktarbaev in the main event of Alash Pride FC and scored a spectacular stoppage set up with a head kick.

You can see the kick which drops Toktarbaevin on 4:51 of the above video. It was only Sangcha-an's second fight after making a successful pro debut earlier this year. The Kazakh fighter was officially listed as 4-0 before this defeat but has allegedly had closer to 40 fights,

Sangcha-an normally competes at flyweight but moved up to 60 kgs to take on Toktarbaevin. He is a member of Team Lakay in Baguio which boasts an amazing wealth of fighters in the flyweight and bantamweight divisions including Rey Docyogen, Geje Euastaquio, Kevin Belingon, Cris Pitpunge, Troy Bantiag and Jerome Wanawan.

There were also a couple of Koreans on the card which was billed as 'Alash Pride FC versus The World' and Jung Hwan Cha, who holds notable recent wins over Ryo Chonan and Igor Gracie, won by second round submission with an armbar.

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