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Video: History of MMA presents Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett looks at the fight game and talks about his career and philosophies within it. It's a fascinating look at a man who is facing a great deal of uncertainty in his future.

Current Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett looks back on his career in mixed martial arts (MMA) and his philosophies on the fight game. "The Warmaster," a pro wrestler along with a fighter, calls himself a "professional destroyer of people's lives."

"I was born to be in combat."

This is actually a fascinating look at Barnett heading into his next bout, which is marked with uncertainty. He'll take on Nandor Guelmino at Strikeforce's final event on Jan. 12, 2013, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After that, it's unclear what lies ahead for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

It's possible he could sign a deal to return to the Octagon but there are enough past issues between the two sides that it's entirely possible that doesn't happen, too.

If you could have your way, would he be in or out?

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