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Georges St. Pierre: $50 million payday demand to fight Anderson Silva 'not true'

Georges St. Pierre responded to the latest "super fight" update, saying that the report he is looking for a $50 million check to fight middleweight champion Anderson Silva is false.

Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I have not been informed about this!"

If Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has a $50 million number in his head to step inside the Octagon with Anderson Silva in the near future, he's certainly not going to confirm it at this time.

That is, of course, if the Straka's source(s) are even legit in the first place.

Shortly after news broke that St. Pierre was looking to land a fortune to meet the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion's Middleweight champion in a "super fight" that would most likely be held at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, sometime in mid-2013, "Rush" informed that the speculation was erroneous.

In fact, he knows nothing about it.

His words:

"I have not been informed of this, it is not true. Nobody told me about it and I am in France now, I have not seen the article and I will not comment."

There you have it -- short and sweet.

The good news is that St. Pierre -- who is just weeks removed from returning from an 18-month layoff because of major knee surgery to defeat Carlos Condit at UFC 154 via unanimous decision on Nov. 17, 2012 -- is already back in the gym despite saying that he was "going on vacation."

Then again, perhaps he's mixing business with pleasure in the "City of Love."

If he does agree to fight Silva, which at this point -- based on his comments and overall sense of disinterest at the moment -- fight fans can rest assured that St. Pierre will be rewarded handsomely for his decision. And it will more than likely add to his reputation as the promotion's pay-per-view (PPV) king in a major way.

After all, this may all be one big public negotiation, knowing that UFC President Dana White is determined to make it happen sooner rather than later.

Quite possibly even if it takes a blank check.

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