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Roy Nelson: VADA is a 'gift,' some TUF 16 cast members thought it was 'Jersey Shore' audition

Roy Nelson wasn't too happy that his late replacement opponent at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 Finale this past weekend, Matt Mitrione, turned down his request for additional drug testing. In addition, "Big Country" wasn't too thrilled about the cast selection for TUF 16, saying he would have picked a whole different group because the majority of fighters selected probably walked into the wrong audition room.


Roy Nelson kept the wheels rolling this past weekend (Dec. 15, 2012), defeating Matt Mitrione in the very first round via knockout at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 Finale in Las Vegas, Nevada (watch it here).

The bout against "Meathead" was a last-minute replacement as Nelson's original opponent, Shane Carwin, had to bow out of the fight after coming down with an injury, postponing the bout for a second time and likely indefinitely.

Indeed, "Big Country" plans to move past "The Engineer;" however, he isn't ready to give up on his requests to have his future opponents drug tested by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) in an effort to clean up mixed martial arts (MMA) and assure everyone plays on a level field.

On his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour," Nelson talked about the simplicity of his drug-testing requests, as well as poked some fun at the group of fighters who were selected for TUF 16, saying some were not there to be "Ultimate Fighter guys."

His words:

"That's the thing I don't understand with this VADA stuff. It's not that hard. I ask you if you want to do it. If I can give you a gift, if someone gives you a gift, of course, you're going to go, 'Thank you, Roy.' With Matt, I called him personally up because we're supposed to be friends, and I said, 'Hey, man this is what I want do.' He said cool. And then next thing you know, he doesn't want to do it. Like, wow. But (I'm saying) on The MMA Hour, if you fight Roy Nelson, don't be surprised if I have a 'gift' for you. If I can get a non-profit to help me out and they're trying to make this sport better and as long as it' sponsored, it's an expensive test because they do the testing for all the good stuff. So it's an expensive test. Then they go, 'Oh, Vada this and Vada that.' They got excuses up the yin-yang. It's the most lamest thing. You pee in a cup and it goes to a lab. The lab either says it's good or yeah, he's got fishy stuff going on."

According to Mitrione, he declined Nelson's VADA requests to avoid distractions.

Turning to his attention to TUF 16, Nelson says he only keeps in touch with two of the fighters he coached on the show, eventual winner Colton Smith and Jon Manley.

That's because according to TUF 10 winner, the rest of the cast thought they were there to audition for the "Jersey Shore" and not win a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC):

"Me personally, I probably would've picked a whole different group. There were a couple guys who actually really wanted to be Ultimate Fighter guys. But then there were others who walked into the wrong audition. They thought it was for Jersey Shore, but it wasn't."

In fact, the cast, as well as the show was so dis-interesting for "Big Country," he didn't watch it at times.

That explains this season's dismal ratings and perhaps the reason nearly 75 percent of the cast was reportedly cut loose following the show's Finale event. Well that and the Friday timeslot, which Nelson cited as another reason he didn't watch.

Problem fixed.

Nevertheless, Nelson is once again back "in the mix" in the UFC's heavyweight division, winning his last two bouts via first round knockout and is looking to get back inside the Octagon sooner rather than later against whoever the UFC wants him to fight.

Got any bright ideas? We have a few.

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