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UFC Quick Quote: Georges St. Pierre thanks Ben Henderson for the gameplan to defeat Nick Diaz

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre had a public discussion with Lightweight champ Benson Henderson about his upcoming fight against Nick Diaz. Find out why GSP thanked the "Smooth" champ below.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

"That funny you asked that question because I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. I'm going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz, as well. I'm going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint."

-- When UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson steamrolled Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC on Fox 5 earlier this month, he had some very interested observers, none moreso than current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, who will be battling Nate Diaz's older brother, Nick Diaz, at UFC 158 in March of 2013. Henderson utilized excellent distance at times with leg kicks from the outside but also got inside Diaz's range with crisp short punches while also taking him down to completely stifle all of the Stockton slugger's offense. During a brief interview on Fuel TV this past weekend, in which Henderson was serving as guest analyst, he spoke with St. Pierre about his upcoming bout against Diaz and received the above public gratitude. St. Pierre has a similar overall style to Henderson, except he's already more refined after considerable experience against the best in the world for years. Do you fear that the recent lightweight title fight will be a carbon copy of 2013's showdown between Diaz and GSP? Why or why not?

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