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Alessio Sakara pulls out of Patrick Cote rematch scheduled for UFC 158 in Montreal

Less than 48 hours after a rematch between Alessio Sakara and Patrick Cote was announced, "Legionarius" pulled out of his UFC 158 obligations after his physician informed him of renal stress.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you know that rematch between Alessio Sakara and Patrick Cote that was just announced for UFC 158 on March 16, 2013 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada?

Not happening.

That's because "Legionarius" was forced to withdraw and "stop everything" for three months, due to a problem the former Italian boxer has been having with his kidneys, presumably from a history of hard weight cuts.

Fighters Only has it straight from the horse's mouth:

"I've seen spreading news about the rematch with Cote. I wanted this fight so badly, even if Montreal isn't the right city for the rematch to happen. However, that does not matter now. The fact is, I cannot fight because of my kidneys. Three days ago I got some test results and the doctor (Nephrologist; kidney specialist) has ordered that I stop everything for three months because of the renal (kidney) stress. Right now my manager is getting the date moved [for the rematch]. I'll be more motivated with the nutritionist to never again risk my health any more."

Sakara was disqualified for illegal blows in a controversial finish at UFC 154 last month in Montreal, socking and rocking Cote but landing one too many shots to the dome while referee Dan Miragliotta sat idly by. See how the entire thing unfolded -- including the subsequent appeal -- by clicking here.

Now "The Predator" is left without an opponent. Does he wait for Sakara and sit this one out, or move on and worry about vengeance at a later date?

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