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Vitor Belfort: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre meaningless, 'The Spider' will beat Jon Jones on the feet

Vitor Belfort gives UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva the advantage over light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the striking department should they ever meet inside the Octagon, while branding the over hyped "super fight" between Georges St. Pierre and "The Spider" absolutely "meaningless."

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Not many professional cage fighters can say they've faced both Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva and light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones during their mixed martial arts (MMA) careers.

In fact, only Vitor Belfort and Stephan Bonnar can lay claim to such distinction, having faced both "Bones" and "The Spider" inside the Octagon. "The Phenom" was knocked out by Silva at UFC 126 in the very first round and tapped out to Jones at UFC 152 earlier this year.

Having spent time with both men inside the cage, perhaps there is no one better more equipped than Belfort to give an assessment of how a fight between the two pound-for-pound greats would go.

According to the Brazilian striker, should the "super fight" between Jones and Silva ever see the light of day, his countrymen would have the advantage over "Bones" and would win the fight in a stand up battle.

His words to Por Dentro de Arena (via Fighters Only):

"Anderson vs. GSP is meaningless. It would make sense if Anderson fought Jon Jones. Anderson is a fighter at another level. I'm not underestimating Jones but appraising Anderson. He's one of the best that has existed, I always thought it. It is very nice to see his success. I know what he has gone through. Anderson is in a very high level and should defend his belt or fight for the light heavyweight title. I think he has a greater possibility to beat Jones. He would win on the feet."

Add yet another to the number of people who feel a fight between welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and Silva doesn't make sense.

Belfort, an accomplished striker in his own right, probably isn't the only one who would share the sentiment, given the fact Silva has proven his arsenal is loaded with a bevy of diverse striking attacks.

And even though Jones' striking game is getting better and better each time out, it's not quite at the level of Silva's just yet.

Or is it?

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