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Miesha Tate: UFC may be ‘putting too many eggs’ in Ronda Rousey's basket, armbar 'stubbornness' helped her explode

Miesha Tate reiterated the fact that she was never offered the UFC 157 title fight against Ronda Rousey, saying she would never pass on the opportunity to make history by competing in the UFC's first-ever women's title fight. "Takedown" also warns that the UFC may be making a mistake by putting all of its hopes and faith on "Rowdy."

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Ronda Rousey made history when she became the first-ever woman to be signed by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) earlier this month. With that, "Rowdy" will go down in history books with plenty of firsts.

She is now the promotion's first-ever woman bantamweight champion and will also be the first female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to headline a UFC pay-per-view (PPV) event at UFC 157 on Feb. 23, 2013. But, as talented and skilled as she is, Rousey can't do it all herself, she does have to fight against someone else, and in turn, share the spotlight.

When looking for Rousey's first opponent for such a historic bout, UFC president Dana White recently revealed Liz Carmouche was the only fighter to step up and accept the title fight against Rousey, after both Miesha Tate and "Cyborg" Santos declined.

Tate, for one, recently called "bullshit" at such a claim, saying she would never turn down the opportunity to make history and get revenge on Ronda in the process, who mangled her arm with a nasty armbar earlier this year.

"Takedown" reiterated the false claims of turning down the fight during her recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"Absolutely not. I was never presented with that. I had made it clear that I wanted to take some time off after my last win over Julie Kedzie, but that doesn't mean you don't make an exception to the rule when something like that is presented. Clearly when I made those statements, that was before women were coming to the UFC for sure. That was before it be would an opportunity to headline. That was before it would an opportunity to make history. If they would have said, ‘Hey, you want to fight Ronda in the UFC? You want to headline a UFC card for the first fight in history for women?' I would have been like, hell yeah. But it wasn't offered to me."

Tate doesn't appreciate the claims she turned down a rematch against "Rowdy," saying she isn't opposed to fighting her way to the top for title shot, she just doesn't want popular belief to be she declined a fight.

Nevertheless, Carmouche -- who is riding a two-fight win streak under the Invicta FC banner -- received the nod and will go down in history as one half of the first-ever UFC women's title fight. In addition, she has the opportunity to put the brakes on the Rousey freight train before it picks up anymore steam should she upset the former Judoka in Anaheim.

According to Tate, the UFC isn't doing the smartest thing by "putting too many eggs in one basket," just in case Carmouche pulls off the upset. On top of that, Tate also feels she deserves some credit for putting Rousey on the map:

"I think they're putting a little too many eggs in one basket. I mean, What happens if (Rousey) goes out there and she does lose to Liz for some reason? Then it's kind of like, all of this that they've put into it is all nothing. I feel like it's not maybe the smartest thing to just base everything solely off of Ronda, when clearly there's more talent and I'm also right here, too. I really feel like I was a big part of making history. If I'd just tapped out when Ronda got me in the armbar, it wouldn't have been such an explosive thing. I feel like the reason she's up for submission of the year is because of my stubbornness."

Do you agree with Tate that the UFC may be making a mistake by "putting too many eggs" in Rousey's basket? Can Carmouche shock the world and put a blemish on "Rowdy's" mint record and stop the promotion's new golden girl?

Real talk or sour grapes ... you make the call.

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