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Matt Mitrione has 'no problem' being drug tested, ignored Roy Nelson's request to avoid distractions

Roy Nelson and his upcoming TUF 16 Finale opponent Matt Mitrione had some interesting back-and-forth during today's UFC media conference call concerning both men's opinion of VADA drug testing. Find out what they had to say below.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Roy Nelson is all about keeping the sport clean.

He raised quite a stink about fellow coach of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 16, Shane Carwin, taking the very intensive VADA tests before their scheduled bout on the TUF 16 Finale, and actually met some resistance.

While none of the Carwin testing mattered after "The Engineer" was unable to fight due to a knee injury, Nelson made sure to keep his testing focus on his replacement opponent, Matt Mitrione, who was a castmate of Nelson's during season 10 of TUF back in 2009.

During today's TUF 16 Finale media conference call, Nelson talked about asking Mitrione to take the VADA tests and what response he got in return.

"I asked Matt and it's either a 'yes' or 'no' question and that's it. I feel like I'm kicking a dead horse. All I can do is ask once and it's either yes or no. You either take it or you don't. So far I'm 0 for 2."

With Nelson's accusation hanging in the air, Mitrione of course was asked to give his response on the matter. To him, however, the testing was seen as more of an unnecessary distraction for a fighter training for his first five round bout on short notice:

"Yeah, Roy asked me, I don't remember what day it was. He tweeted it the day he sent it. I don't remember what day it was, a week and a half ago or 10 days ago. I had a bunch of other things going on and I felt like it was a distraction so I didn't want to deal with it."

Mitrione wanted to make it clear that he had nothing wrong with the testing, just the distraction:

"I have no problem with being drug tested. I had to cut out a couple weeks of my training camp so I had to make sure I was still pretty active. I was so interested in getting my blinders put on that I even cut my twitter off. I cancelled my twitter. That's how little I wanted any distractions. I made sure that since I was coming on somewhat short notice, cutting a couple weeks out of my camp training for a five round fight, this is something I wanted to make sure I didn't have any stuff going on that would have distracted me."

So what's your take on the situation, Maniacs?

Does Mitrione have a point about Nelson's constant calls for extensive drug testing being too distracting? Or should he just suck it up and take the tests when asked?

Sound off!

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