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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 results and live blog for episode 9 tonight (Nov. 9) on FX

Complete results and a running live blog for episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 on FX, featuring the final elimination fight of the first round and all the usual madness in the TUF house.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) returns TONIGHT (Fri., Nov. 9, 2012) for episode nine of the once great reality television show's 16th season on its loving home on the FX channel at 10 p.m. ET.

Last week's episode saw Jon Manley submit James Chaney, despite the fact that the latter was biting the former while attempting to fight out of the guillotine. Both nasty and ineffective.

Now it's time for the next elimination fight and more hijinks inside the TUF house.

As always.

A complete live blog with full results from the show is below.



Geno here.

We start with Chaney talking to Dana White, who says it's despicable that he would try to bite his opponent the way he did but because he was honest about it, it's all good.

Back to the TUF house and Colton Smth and Julian Lane are going at it. Smith calls him Junie Browning and this causes Lane to get up and flip out.


Nothing happens, because none of these guys actually have it in them to do something about it when they get shit on by a roommate.


Time for training.

Dom Waters gets his work in and says people are going to be shaking in their boots when they know they're going to fight Dom Waters. Third person and all.

What a big timer.


Michael Hill and Mike Ricci are buddying it up back at the house, talking about how it's great to have a friend on the other team.

This bleeds into Ricci's training session and I seriously can't handle this stock formula. Do they actually believe anyone would want to watch this show after 88 seasons with the same stupid formula EVERY SINGLE EPISODE?

Ricci is talking about having been around top level guys his whole career and how that's prepared him for now. He brings up Georges St. Pierre and Kenny Florian.

I guess those guys have him ready to get through the VAUNTED TUF HOUSE.

The aspect of the game Ricci is going to try to use is his speed. He doesn't think Waters can hang with him there, and he'll be ready to bring it with fire.


Time to get naked and get on scales.

Mike Ricci: 170-pounds
Dom Waters: 170-pounds

Now it's official.

White brings up the fact that both guys won by knockout to get into the house and he imagines they'll stand and bang and someone will get knocked out.

He hopes.



We're seemingly getting final comments and with it being just 20 minutes into the episode, this makes me wonder if we're not getting a three round controversial finish.

Out they walk and let's do this thing, daddy.


Mike Ricci vs. Dom Waters (170-pound limit)

Round one: Ricci jabs for distance early and fires off a kick that does nothing. A feint confuses Waters and he falls forward. They keep in tight with Ricci pushing until he catches a foot in the grill. The going gets slow with neither fighter really committing to his strikes. Ricci hits with a leg kick on the outside but backs out when Waters comes in on him. They clinch against the cage with about a minute left in the round. Not much going there and the round ends.

Round two: Both guys are told in between rounds that it was far too close for comfort and they need to separate from each other here. Waters has a bit more urgency but not much. Ricci with a straight right down the pipe that lands clean enough for Dom to shoot on him. He follows through on it and gets the takedown, too, but Ricci stands back up using the cage for leverage. Waters stays on him and fires off knees while holding his back. It's ugly but effective, I guess. Ricci had a wrist but let it go and Waters dumped him on his ass again. This time, Dom ends up in Ricci's open guard. Ricci scoots his hips to try to get up but Dom stays all over him. Finally, Ricci manages to get up and turn the tide with a minute remaining, pushing Waters down enough to drop him to his butt but after another shot, Waters reversed, got Ricci down, and took his back with 20 seconds left. That's how the round ended.

Round three: Body kick misses from Ricci. Low kick is checked. Waters first shot fails and Ricci turns it into a guillotine. Dom stays with it, though, and ends up landing his takedown. Waters turns over and looks for a triangle but misses and now it's Ricci who is on top in Waters' open guard. He lands a few elbows while Roy Nelson tells Dom he's "got to get up." Team Carwin is content with Ricci sitting on top and landing elbows. He gets pushed off but comes right back in. Another triangle attempt fails and Ricci is too stifling to let Waters get up. Waters tries to roll for a leg but Ricci keeps his base strong and ends up back in half guard. Nelson tells him to go back to the triangle and that he's got to go because he's rapidly running out of time, which is true. Ricci isn't doing much from top but he's busy enough to avoid a stand up. With 15 seconds left, Waters is simply too gassed to make something happen. Ricci ends throwing blows from top.

This should be Ricci's fight.

Final result: Mike Ricci def. Dom Waters via unanimous decision

That was expected.

Now the recap before match-ups come for the next round.

The quarterfinals start with the match-ups tied at 4-4.

They get input from the fighters and coaches. The storyline they pushed is that Ricci is willing to fight Hill even though they agreed beforehand they didn't want to do so.

Hill was told about it and feels betrayed. Naturally, White immediately matched them up.

Here are the quarterfinal fights:

1. Bristol Marunde vs. Neil Magny
2. Igor Araujo vs. Colton Smith
3. Joey Rivera vs. Jon Manley
4. Michael Hill vs. Mike Ricci

See you in seven, Maniacs.

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