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Bellator 82 results and LIVE video stream for 'Good vs Koreshkov' TONIGHT (Nov. 30) on MTV 2

MMAmania will be providing a complete Bellator 82 quick results, a full video stream and a main card blow-by-blow update of all the action tonight live on location from Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Check out all the details below.

Poster via Bellator

Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (Nov. 30, 2012) to the Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with the season seven welterweight tournament finals and several future tournament hopefuls. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 82 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 6:00 p.m.) as well as a live stream of all the action.

Headlining the main event of Bellator 82 will be a welterweight fight pitting former Bellator 170 pound champion Lyman Good against unbeaten Russian prospect Andrey Koreshkov in the Bellator season seven welterweight tournament finals.

Another Russian prospect, Alexander Sarnavsky, will be featured in the co-main event as he looks to bounce back from his first career loss in the lightweight tournament quarterfinals as he takes on Detroit native Tony Hervey.

Also on tap will be former WEC champion Doug Marshall taking on Kala Hose in a middleweight affair while former welterweight semifinalist David Rickels battles Jason Fischer in a catchweight fight as he works his way down to lightweight.

Complete Bellator 82 quick results, a main card play-by-play and a live video stream are posted below:

Main Card

170 lbs.: Andrey Koreshkov def. Lyman Good via unanimous decision
160 lbs.: David Rickels def. Jason Fischer via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Doug Marshall def. Kala Hose via knockout at 0:22 of round one
155 lbs.: Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Tony Hervey via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card

162 lbs.: John Schultz def. Hector Garcia via TKO at 2:45 of round three
170 lbs.: Mario Navarro def. Anthony Bain via submission (triangle) at 3:18 of round two

135 lbs.: Shawn Bunch def. Chad Coon via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Giva Santana def. Brendan Sequin via verbal submisison (kneebar) at 2:33 of round two
205 lbs.: Terry Davinney def. Matt Van Buren via knockout at 0:15 of round one
155 lbs.: Jeremy Czarnecki def. Justin Houghton via unanimous decision

Bellator Live Stream
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Hemmi here!

170 lbs.: Lyman Good vs Andrey Koreshkov

Round one: Good rushes forward and takes teh cage center quickly. Koreshkov grabs a body lock thinking about a takedown but gives up on it quickly. Big uppercut from Koreshkov and then another. He's finding a home for it early. Heavy leg kick from Good and Koreshkov steps forward with a knee and a lightning quick right hand. Solid 1-2 combination from Koreshkov and a right leg kick and Good is getting beaten to the punch early. Jump knee from Koreshkov and they clinch as Koreshkov throws an elbow over the top. They separate and reset as Koreshkov comes up short with a combination. Big uppercut from Koreshkov drops Good very briefly but he pops right back to his feet. Outside leg kick from Koreshkov and Good responds with one of his own. Koreshkov's hands are just faster. Big uppercut and left hand from Koreshkov and he grazes Good with a spinning back kick to the head. Good is getting flustered here. Heavy body kick from Koreshkov and he scores with another combination of punches. Good has no answer for Koreshkov's speed and use of range on the feet. 10-9 Koreshkov

Round two: Good steps forward and throws an outside leg kick. Good is stalking forward now but he's not throwing enough to concern the Russian. Combination from Koreshkov backs Good off. Good steps forward with a combination but he's a step slow and Koreshkov fires back with four straight punches which are blocked. Big right hand from Good lunging forward and he scores a quick takedown, immediately taking Koreshkov's back with both hooks in and hunting for a rear naked choke. Koreshkov slips free and escapes the position, forcing a separation and a reset on the feet. Koreshkov needs to turn it up if he wants to win back the round. Inside leg kick from Koreshkov and he steps forward with a left hook. Heavy body kick from Good and Koreshkov catches it, throwing Good to the ground but he doesn't follow him there. Both men trade big punches that come up short at the end of the round. 10-9 Good

Round three: Good closes the distance and thinks about a takedown but gives up on it, instead throwing a knee before backing off. Koreshkov throws a nice left hand. Big left hand to the body from Koreshkov and he steps forward with a huge uppercut but eats a counter knee. Again Koreshkov is the intitiator with a solid hook. Spinning back kick from Koreshkov and Good takes him down, scrambling towards his back but he can't get it as Koreshkov escapes to his feet. Now Koreshkov steps forward with a takedown attempt and he puts Good on his back. Koreshkov is stuck inside of Good's guard and not able to do much with it but Good is not doing anything either.Right hand from Koreshkov and he throws several left hands to the body. Good is stuck on his back all the way to the final bell eating a few right hands right before the final bell. 10-9 Koreshkov

Final Result: Andrey Koreshkov defeats Lyman Good via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


160 lbs.: David Rickels vs Jason Fischer

Round one: Fischer presses forward early throwing several kicks but Rickels responds with a solid leg kick. They clinch and Fischer responds with knees before the separation. Inside leg kick from Rickels and Fischer is on his bicycle working the outside. Big left jab from Fischer and he presses Rickels into the fence working for a single leg takedown. Fischer is doing a good job of utilizing his speed to counter Rickels' power. Rickels mouthpiece pops out and they reset. Rickels throws a standing elbow and Fischer clinches and scores a takedown. Rickels works his guard from bottom but he eats an elbow. Rickels works his way back to his feet but Fischer steps in with a solid uppercut. They trade hooks and Rickels lands a solid left hand. Both men scramble and Rickels winds up on top but Fischer throws his legs up looking for an armbar. Rickels escapes the position and drops a few elbows until the end of the round. 10-9 Fischer

Round two: Rickels opens aggressively with a pair of kicks and they trade punches. Fischer is being pretty accurate but Rickels has the higher workrate early. Big spinning back kick from Fischer but he can't follow up. They clinch and Rickels takes inside position. Rickels takes Fischer's back standing and dives onto his back, dragging Fischer to the ground. Big elbow from Rickels and he transitions to full mount on Fischer, dropping ground and pound. Fischer drops back for a leg lock and Rickels survives but Fischer dives on top of him and he's now in Rickels' guard. Rickels shuts him down defensively and initiates a scramble to get back to his feet. Fischer pulls guard and he's got a big cut now over his left eye. Double hammer fists from Rickels and he pounds away at Fischer with punches until the end of the round. 10-9 Rickels

Round three: Rickels is really turning it on here in the opening round, throwing combinations, knees and a big right hook. Push kick from Rickels and he presses Fischer into the fence, blasting him with a short elbow. Fischer tries to grab a Kimura during the clinch but Rickels guts through it and winds up on top. Again Fischer attacks with a leg lock and rolls into top position inside Rickels' guard. Rickels throws his legs up and he's got Fischer in an armbar position. Fischer stands on Rickels' face to escape the position and he does! Does ear slaps from Rickels and the ref warns Fischer to work or get stood up. Rickels using rubber guard and he blasts Fischer with elbows from bottom. Rickels is being the aggressor here despite not being on top. Heavy elbows from Rickels and he attempts a sweep but can't get back to hsi feet. Fischer stays on top all the way until the final bell. 10-9 Rickels

Final Result: David Rickels defeats Jason Fischer via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


185 lbs.: Kala Hose vs Doug Marshall

Round one: Both men come out swinging heavy leather. Marshall lands a heavy shot and both men are just throwing wildly. Hose wades in with a big flying knee and Marshall crushes him with a counter left hook that lands square on the button. Hose goes down and the referee dives in to put a stop to it. That was crazy!

Final Result: Doug Marshall defeats Kala Hose via knockout at 0:22 of round one


155 lbs.: Alexander Sarnavskiy vs Tony Hervey

Round one: Hervey opens with a combination but Sarnavskiy presses him into the fence. Sarnavskiy with a body lock and he scores a trip takedown, putting Hervey on his back. Hervey attempts to sweep but Sarnavskiy stays with it and now he's in full mount. Sarnavskiy is very high up in his mount and he's looking for a traingle armbar combination. Sarnavskiy locks in an armbar and Hervey somehow stays alive and avoids tapping. They scramble back to their feet and Sarnavskiy again presses him into the fence and scores another takedown. Big elbow from above by Sarnavskiy and he gets to his feet twisting out of a leg lock attempt from Hervey. Big left hand from Sarnavskiy and Hervey tries to throw a few upkicks at him to no avail. Sarnavskiy drops punches until the bell. 10-9 Sarnavskiy

Round two: Kick from Hervey to open things up and Sarnavskiy shoots in, taking him down with easy yet again. Big left hand from above by Sarnavskiy and he passes to a high mount again. Hervey is getting dominated here by the biggest, longer fighter as Sarnavskiy continues to drop punishment. Hervey explodes and scrambles back to his feet but Sarnaskiy again has him pressed against the cage. Hervey creates separation and lunges forward with a knee but it leaves him wide open for another easy takedown. Sarnavskiy stays on top with ground and pound until the end of the round. 10-9 Sarnavskiy

Round three: Hervey opens aggressively but gets taken down with ease yet again. Sarnavskiy is stuck inside Hervey's guard and he backs off. Herbey tries to do something crazy like running up the side of the cage but Sarnavskiy just uses it to slam him to the canvas. Sarnavskiy attempts an armbar and losses it but wins the scramble and takes Hervey's back with a body triangle. Sarnavskiy briefly passes to full mount but Hervey hip escapes. Instead, Sarnavskiy presses forward and forces another scramble, taking Hervey's back in the process. Sarnavskiy remains in dominant position all the way to the end of the fight. 10-9 Sarnavskiy

Final Result: Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Tony Hervey via unanimous decision (30-27x3)


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