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Brittney Palmer's new photos for FHM will make you melt

We love UFC ring card girl Brittney Palmer here on This new photo spread for FHM UK Magazine just makes it more obvious.


Better work on those British accents, boys., and don't forget to be funny.

We certainly love UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer here on, but is there ever such a thing as too much Brittney Palmer? Of course not. That a rhetorical question anyways. It's actually a known fact throughout the universe that more Brittney is always better.

And today just got a whole lot better.

Our beloved beauty just wrapped up a photoshoot for FHM Magazine in the UK, which should be released shortly. In case you wanted a sneak peak of the photos (of course you did) here's a fant-ass-tic preview of the spread for the magazine (via


Is that not enough for you? (again, rhetorical) How about Brittney on a chair?


Yep, that's right, you're now officially jealous of a chair.


Will you be planning on picking up an issue of this FHM magazine? If not, are you out of your mind, or have you already scoured the internet for the goods?

Update (via MMA Round Up) there's also a behind the scenes video.

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