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Miesha Tate wants all women to get credit for UFC move, not just Ronda Rousey

With news breaking, although it's still unofficial at this time, that women will be making their way over to the UFC from Strikeforce, Ronda Rousey has received the lion's share of the credit. Miesha Tate wants that to change, fast.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

This is the feud that will never end, even if it's long past its expiration date.

It's no secret Miesha Tate isn't a fan of Ronda Rousey. The two had a bitter war of words leading up to their main event Strikeforce bout back in March and once they met inside the cage, "Rowdy" snatched an arm and "Cupcake" nearly had it torn off.

That's why it makes a measure of sense that Tate isn't altogether happy about Rousey getting the lion's share of the credit for the recent news that women are coming to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

TMZ broke the story by saying Rousey had signed with the UFC not long before Tate said something similar on Twitter. It was later revealed that contracts are transferable and managers, as well as Rousey herself, are playing coy about the fact that nothing is official yet.

Even if promotion President Dana White tweeted out his trademark smiley face.

Tate's argument is that while Rousey has done plenty for women's MMA, the path was paved by those putting in work before her and they should be getting their just due. As told to

"It's not just Ronda, it's not just myself, that's for sure. If Ronda's coming over to the UFC obviously there's going to be a division around that, it's not just Ronda. I know Ronda's getting a lot of the credit and what not, but she didn't have a lot to do with from the ground up. We're at the top of the mountain now that's kind of how I feel anyways, with this accomplishment coming into the UFC, we've kind of reached that final goal. But we had to start at the bottom and a lot of the pioneers Tara (LaRosa), Marloes (Coenen), Molly Helsel, the girls that were really fighting back in the day before we were making any kind of money, or there was any kind of publicity, or much acceptance of it. We were fighting for this, right here, right now. She's getting a lot of the credit and the limelight, but people who follow the sport understand there was a lot more getting to this point. I hope people can recognize that and give all the women that have worked really hard some credit."

Fair enough. That's certainly a logical point and one many would do well to take heed of. But the reality is Rousey is more responsible than anyone, if only because she became not just the best female fighter in the world but the best promoter, as well.

That alone made her attractive to White, the man who ultimately controls her fate. He took a liking to the "Arm Collector" and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, that likely has as much to do with it as anything else.

After all, he was the guy bashing the division while Tate was carrying the title Rousey took from her earlier this year.

Either way, women are coming to the Octagon and with a roster full of men all hungry for space on the main card of major pay-per-views, fighters like Tate would be best served to take a page out of Rousey's book if they want to maximize their potential.

Credit be damned.

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