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UFC on FUEL TV 6 results recap: Biggest winners and losers from 'Franklin vs Le' in Macau

A mixed martial arts (MMA) event always leaves us with a laundry list of winners and losers. But, sometimes, one winner and loser stand out as exceptional from the rest of the pack. nominates the biggest winner and lowliest loser from the UFC on FUEL TV 6 card in Macao, China on Nov. 10, 2012.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took its product to the "Far East," as UFC on FUEL TV 6: "Franklin vs. Le" invaded Macao on Sat., Nov. 10 2012.

For MMA fans on the western Hemisphere, it was a morning matinee of sorts, but that didn't stop the "hardcores" from taking in the sport they know and love.

It was a card that was riddled by decisions, all the way up until the co-main event.

Which brings me to my lowliest loser from UFC on FUEL TV 6.

It took seven full fights before we got to our first finish of the card, and it almost didn't happen in the fight between Thiago Silva and Stanislav Nedkov.

"Stucky" was doing a good job of making it an ugly fight. When Silva would start to get the better of him, Nedkov used his grappling to even things out, and it's possible that he even won the first two rounds while being clearly outstruck.

Then it happened.

In the third round, Nedkov got a little cocky. He had gotten away with turning his back on Silva several times, but it finally caught up to him when Silva chased him down, waited for him to turn, clipped him with a big right hand and then followed him to the mat to finish the fight with a triangle choke.

I don't want to go too hard on Nedkov. Personally, I think he's a good fighter, and he just happened to cross paths with one of the toughest in the UFC.

However, I think that this loss revealed two major issues that have to be addressed.

First off, Nedkov needs to work on his jiu-jitsu and his well-roundedness on the whole. Before you correct me, I do know that Nedkov is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt, but that doesn't always interpret to MMA jiu-jitsu. From what I've seen of his game, he just doesn't look comfortable off his back, and that's a hole that needs to be dealt with.

Second, and more importantly, I just don't think Nedkov can seriously compete in the UFC as a Light Heavyweight. He's tough as nails. I respect that. But tough just can't overcome that serious of a size and strength deficit. In my opinion, he could and should make the cut to 185 pounds.

Of course, that's his decision, and I respect that, but I fear that we're only going to see more results of this nature if he doesn't make the drop down.

The biggest winner from UFC on FUEL TV 6 was as obvious as the crooked nose on Rich Franklin's face.

It was, of course, Cung Le, who battled a serious foot injury and an inhibited training camp, en route to what may end up being one of the best and most violent knockouts in UFC history.

Coming into the cage, Le looked out of shape. I know that he's never been the picture of physical fitness, but even for his standards, he was carrying too much baggage. That's to be expected for a guy who pretty much had to forego cardio for his entire camp due to a foot that he originally thought was broken.

For most of the early part of round one, Franklin was doing pretty much whatever he wanted. He was sticking and moving, and he appeared to be in charge of the action.

All that came to a screeching halt when Le demolished "Ace" with a perfectly timed overhand right that landed square on the button, sending the former Middleweight champion into a spiraling nosedive, headfirst into the canvas.

It took Franklin several minutes to even realize what happened and where he was. Truthfully, I'm not even totally sure that he he had figured either of those out by the time he wobbled out of the cage.

If you're a fan of Franklin (and it's hard not to be), it was sad to see. Conversely, it was pretty hard not to be happy for Le, who was clearly overcome by emotions after notching the gigantic KO win on his home continent.

I'm not as sure as Kenny Florian and Jon Anik that the win puts Le "in the mix." That's a long line, and he's going to need to take a number. However, it was a big win, and it adds some legitimacy to his resume, which was previously highlighted with its biggest win being against Frank Shamrock.

It's your turn.

We want to hear from you, specifically who you would want to nominate for the biggest loser and lowliest loser from UFC on FUEL TV 6.


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