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Report: Jon Jones elbow injury requires second look

Get the latest on the nature and severity of the elbow injury UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones suffered at UFC 152 after being tangled up in a dangerous Vitor Belfort armbar attempt.

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski / US PRESSWIRE

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones defended his belt for the fourth consecutive time when he submitted Vitor Belfort in the fourth round of their 205-pound bout at UFC 152, which took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada just last month (Sept. 22, 2012).

Unfortunately, the victory didn't come without cost.

In the first round, "The Phenom" came close to shocking the world when he locked in a deep armbar that seemingly came inches from forcing "Bones" to tap to the pressure.

It was a test of the champ's fortitude, and he passed, pushing through the pain, slamming Belfort onto the canvas, and continuing through (even using his injured arm to punch and elbow his opponent) to work toward a gritty victory by way of an Americana submission later in the fight.

Love him or hate him, it was impressive.

Afterward, Jones told reporters that he thought he heard something pop when Belfort had his arm torqued in the wrong direction. Even Belfort stated that he was surprised that Jones didn't tap.

Based on those particulars, you'd expect to hear that Jones sustained a serious injury. You might be right, but the results are currently inconclusive.

A report featured on FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight" brought word regarding the status of Jones' injury. Anchor Todd Harris delivered the following during the broadcast:

"According to Jones' wrestling coach, Izzy Martinez, the injury Jon Jones suffered at UFC 152 was just a strain with no ligament damage. However ... Jones requires a follow up examination in Los Angeles, because, for whatever reason, the camp was told the first procedure may have been incomplete. As of this taping, no word on how that procedure went."

For now, the official word is that it's a strain, but the jury is certainly still out until the follow up procedure is done and the test results are returned.

The Greg Jackson-trained fighter will probably get some well-deserved down time, either way, because of the fact that the next challenger for his belt will most likely be decided in a match up between Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida.

Given that the Henderson vs. Machida bout hasn't even been officially confirmed yet, there would likely be plenty of time for Jones to sit back, pop some popcorn, watch the would-be number one contenders battle it out for the right to fight him next, while he rehabs his injury and gets ready to defend the title once more. will stay on the Jones injury story as it develops, and we'll bring you updates as they occur.

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