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Mayhem! Unstable Jason Miller storms off 'The MMA Hour' set after bizarre interview (Video)

MMA and UFC veteran Jason Miller is making the media rounds to promote his appearance in the feature film, "Here Comes The Boom." Miller, however, seemed to want to act in character, giving an unusual interview with "The MMA Hour" earlier today, which raised questions about his current mental state.

Esther Lin/ MMAFighting

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight contender Jason Miller, is a character to say the least.

Known by most as "Mayhem," with a nickname like that, you'd expect a few out of the ordinary moments from a man who has competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) for more than 14 years now.

Look no further than his always entertaining entrances and whacky (some would say irritating) interviews.

He even once "made it rain" on his entrance to cage, throwing dollar bills to the crowd and, most recently, at UFC 146, Miller caused a backstage scene with "babysitter to the UFC stars," Burt Watson, because of his walkout apparel that included a gas mask and paper bags.

After the bout, a loss to C.B. Dollaway, which was his second straight defeat with the promotion, UFC President Dana White said "Mayhem" was done with the promotion, leading to Miller's retirement from the sport.

Three months after that incident, Miller was arrested in California after he allegedly broke into a church and vandalized the property, all while in his birthday suit (naked). Local law enforcement officials revealed Miller was indeed coherent through the whole ordeal.

After a Twitter spat with "Mayhem" prior to his arrest, White admitted he was "bummed out" for the dispute with his former employee, perhaps leading many to believe that the UFC's head honcho felt Miller wasn't mentally in a good place.

However, all of that may pale in comparison to what transpired today (Oct. 8, 2012) when Miller was an in studio as a guest on "The MMA Hour."

Refusing to be acknowledged as Jason Miller, the former UFC fighter was going by the name of "Lucky Patrick" and was apparently in full character mode for his role in Kevin James' upcoming MMA comedy, "Here Comes The Boom," which is scheduled for release this Friday (Oct. 12, 2012).

In what can only be characterized as odd, confusing, strange, quirky, etc., "Mayhem" gave one of the strangest interviews in recent time, which included him staying in full character throughout, with plenty of profanity that would put a sailor to shame, trashing the set and then storming off it.

Check it out for yourself:

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