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MMAmania Book Review: Betting on MMA by Jason Rothman

MMAmania's Brian Hemminger reviews the new book "Betting on MMA" by Jason Rothman, which aims to help turn casual MMA betters into consistent winners. Is it worth your hard-earned cash? Find out inside

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Betting on MMA cover

Have you ever wanted to make the transition from being a casual mixed martial arts (MMA) better into turning a solid profit?

Well you're in luck.

MMA aficionado Jason Rothman has recently released his first book Betting on MMA, which details plenty of interesting strategies to improve your game and start to bring in the big bucks.

Rothman takes a very "matter of fact" approach to gambling, beginning with identifying your real opponent, breaking down fights and creating your own odds. From there, a "ways to win" approach can help you try to pin down a more honest assessment of the bout than the betting public.

When your odds are significantly different than the public's? Those are opportunities to strike.

It's not a big surprise that Rothman repeatedly quotes Warren Buffet (who's also featured on the cover) and references Buffet's wealth-building strategy throughout the book as finding value and placing bets for pennies on the dollar even if opportunities come few and far between. According to Rothman, that's a very important element to being consistently successful.

Rothman also details multiple ways in which the casual better can be negatively influenced by factors which have nothing to do with the outcome of the fight, like hype, reputation and emotional investment.

He points out several things which I've actually used myself to help make better picks during my pre-fight predictions as well, so now they're no longer big secrets.

Lastly, Rothman provides in depth explanations for some of the most successful bets he's made in his betting career, breaking down everything that went into his decision to make the bet, why he came to the conclusion he did and what factors by the betting public pushed the odds to such an easily exploitable line.

There is a lot of quality information packed into these 100 pages and this is definitely the type of book you can pick up and absorb in one sitting. Although there is enough detail that you should not be afraid to go back and touch up on some key pointers every once in a while.

In conclusion, Betting on MMA would be a solid addition to any aspiring MMA gambler's collection. There are some major tips and tricks to help you turn casual fun into some consistent cash. I recommend it not only to any aspiring gamblers, but also to MMA fans who play fantasy MMA or are involved in "pick-em" contests as the strategies involved apply to finding logical conclusions to the possible outcomes of any bout.

You can find Betting on MMA on Amazon here and the e-book for Kindle can also be found here.

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