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Video: Melvin Manhoef's vicious knockout of Ryo Kawamura at ONE FC 6

Melvin Manhoef lived up to his "No Mercy" nickname earlier today (Oct. 6, 2012) at "Rise of Kings," catching Ryo Kawamura with a devastating right hand and then nearly decapitating him with an even more devastating hammer fist.

Melvin Manhoef is perhaps the most powerful striker in mixed martial arts (MMA), packing lethal force in his punches, knees and kicks despite his relatively diminutive (5'9," 185-pounds) stature. The former K-1 standout is a straight up killer if he connects, boasting a ridiculous finish percentage of more than 90 percent in 26 professional MMA fights. "No Mercy" added another hide to his collection earlier this morning (Oct. 6, 2012) when he had seemingly seen enough of Ryo Kawamura and his cute cat-and-mouse strategy at ONE FC 6: "Rise of Kings" from Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore. Deep into a first round during which "Rambo" bobbed, weaved, juked, jived and did just about everything to irritate the diabolical Dutchman, Manhoef finally found his mark with a crushing right hand that floored the Japanese veteran. Manhoef didn't hesitate -- he never does -- and registered a hellish hammer fist that "Rambo" probably had no idea was coming. And, when he woke up from the fist of fury, it's likely that he still has no idea what hit him. Straight up savage. For more details on the fight between Melvin Manhoef vs. Ryo Kawamura, as well as to check out complete ONE FC 6 results and coverage, click here and here.

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