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Batista MMA debut: Results and LIVE CES 12 'Real Pain' updates and coverage

Ex-WWE wrestler Batista will make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut tonight (Oct. 6, 2012) at CES 12: "Real Pain" at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Other former UFC veterans will also compete on the New England card, which will cover LIVE this evening.

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CES via MMA Madman

Tonight (Sat., Oct. 6, 2012), former pro-wrestler Batista (real name Dave Bautista) will make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut at Classic Entertainment and Sports (CES) 12: "Real Pain" at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. will deliver LIVE CES 12 results below, beginning with the pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast, which is available on DirecTV, at 9 p.m. ET.

CES 12 is not devoid of a big "name" outside of the main event -- former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters David Loiseau, Chad Reiner and John Howard will also be in action in their quests to get back to the big show.

Bautista has been a fairly polarizing figure in the MMA community since he first let it be known that he wanted to pursue a career in the sport. Decrying fans saw it everywhere from a publicity stunt, to making a cheap buck, to attributing it to him trying to be a tough guy for real.

On the other side of the ledger, credit should be given to a 43-year old whose apparently put in more than just cursory training in order to do something that's very difficult. The former high-school wrestler opened his own gym in Florida last year in conjunction with Cesar Gracie (pictures of Bautista, Jake Shields and Nick Diaz set off a mini tizzy back in 2010 when they were first published), and his long-rumored debut has literally been years in the making.

Here's the full card for tonight's event, which, again, is available live on PPV for Direct TV subscribers or through Bautista's own website (


Dave Bautista (0-0) vs. Vince Lucero (22-22)
David Loiseau (20-10) vs. Chris McNally (5-4)
Luis Felix (7-6) vs. Marc Stevens (14-7)
Brett Chism (16-11) vs. John Howard (17-7)
Keith Jeffrey (8-2) vs. Chad Reiner (29-13)
Saul Almeida (12-2) vs. Calvin Kattar (12-2)
Gemiyale Adkins (7-3) vs. Mike Campbell (11-4)
Todd Chattelle (10-7) vs. Chandler Holderness (9-3)
Chris Guillen (13-12) vs. Greg Rebello (13-4)
Josh Diekmann (12-4) vs. Tyler King (4-1)
Shedrick Goodridge (2-2) vs. Brennan Ward (2-0)
Nate Andrews (1-0) vs. Leon Davis (2-0)
Rob Costa (2-1) vs. Andre Soukhamthat (2-1)


Be sure to come back to around 9 p.m. tonight for the latest quick updates and detailed main card results.

Dave Bautista vs Vince Lucero (265 lbs)
Finally, we get the star of the evening, VINCE LUCERO! Maybe. Lucero is all that you'd imagine a low-tier regional heavyweight looks like. Bautista with a long, drawn out ring walk while a pair of silicone prances around. Vinny weighed in at 300 pounds, while Bautista hit 265.5

Some ladies acapella group called Music One did a fine job with the national anthem, which was wholly unexpected. And we're finally underway with the circus. Almost. They're shouting out the local radio station first.

Round one: Vince with a pair of solid rights to open up and backs Bautista into the cage. Vince coming forward as Vince throws wild, trying to end this early before his cardio gives way. Bautista with his chin high, and I don't think he's feeling the power. Batista reverses a clinch against the cage, hits an elbow, and Vince reverses him, leaning into the fencing. Vince leaning Bautista into the cage and waving to the crowd, leaving Tan Dan no choice but to split them up. Bautista shoots for a takedown and lands it. Side control into mount. Lucero flat on his stomach with Bautista landing shot after shot from on top.

The ref stops the fight and Batista has a few choice words for Lucero. Lucero with trash talking right back. No clue what this is all about.

Final Result: Dave Bautista wins via TKO, rd 1

Todd Chattelle vs Chandler Holderness (185 lbs)

Round one: Holderness comes SOARING out of the gate and hits a flying knee almost directly to the solar plexus. Holderness follows with a dozen elbows to the dome before the ref finally steps in, and that was over after about 20 seconds.

Final Result: Chandler Holderness wins by TKO, knees and elbows, rd. 1

David "The Crow" Loiseau vs Chris McNally (185 lbs)
Round one: Unless I'm mistaken, these announcers have no idea how to pronounce a French-Canadian name, and this isn't "loweyezo", but "luhwahzo". That said, the fight starts slowly. About 90 seconds in, McNally takes his back and threatens a rear naked, but Loiseau reverses into McNally's guard. Loiseau lands an ENORMOUS elbow that immediately opens McNally's head. The ref brings the action to a halt to inspect the cut, but they wave it off after just a couple seconds of inspection.

Final Result: David "The Crow" Loiseau wins by TKO, doctor stoppage via cut, rd 1.

John "Doomsday" Howard vs Brett Chism (185 lbs)

Round one: Chism with an early knockdown, but Howard reverses in an instant and is on top in Chism's closed guard. Chism gives up on a guillotine and just focuses on closing up, avoiding damage. The ref stands them up with 2:50, but Chism has a nice sized mouse on his left eye. They're throwing willy-nilly with Chism coming forward and landing the takedown into Howard's guard. Chism stands up over Howard after a minute of ineffectual ground work. Winging punches back and forth and finally there's a small break in the action. The ref stops the action for a second to look at Chism's eye, but they restart in short order. Howard lands a good left hook. Chism tries a Thai plum, but hits nothing. Chism tries a headkick as Howard comes forward, pushing Chism into the fence where the round ends.

10-9 Howard

Round two: Chism ducks under a right and presses up against Howard. They clinch center cage as Howard throws rights while being backed up into the cage. Howard reverses up against the cage, but Chism pummels for an underhook and they break to center. Chism's bleeding and Howard is throwing a lot of rights at the cut left eye. The camera zooms in and that eye looks terrible. Chism is trying to fight back from bottom with some solid elbows to the side of Howard's head and neck. Howard without a lot of work for a minute, but then moves him a bit away from the cage and lands some huge hammerfists to that eye. Chism covers up in pain and the ref stops it with a minute and a half left in the round. Celebratory backflip for Howard.

Final Result: John "Doomsday" Howard wins via TKO, round 2.

Saul Almeida vs Calvin Kattar (145 lbs)

Round one: Saul with the pedigree fighting out of Team Noguiera. Two decent prospects fighting here, and they spend a minute and a half throwing back and forth without landing solid. Kattar hits a body shot and Almeida shoots for a single. Almeida has Kattar up against the cage, but Kattar reverses and gets the trip takedown. Almeida in closed guard while stifling Kattar's GNP attempts. He opens up to look for an attack on the left arm. The ref is letting them kinda chill on the ground for a while, with Kattar landing acceptable GNP. Finally Almeida uses a kimura attack to get to half guard and stand up, but the round ends before anything happens standing.

Kattar 10-9

Round two: Not a lot of action, and the commentators are talking about Almeida's lack of power and how he's been working on his boxing. They're standing, throwing punches and kicks in ones and twos. Almeida backs Kattar into the cage with punches and he shoots a single, which Kattar stuffs and lands elbows in retribution. Almeida switches to the other leg, lands it, but Kattar is up immediately. Great scramble, but Kattar wins as they're back standing in center cage. 70 seconds left in the round as Almeida finally seems to win a standup exchange. Kattar shoots with about 50 seconds left and after a scramble, lands in top control. Kattar has a small cut and is bleeding a little. The round ends with Kattar on top landing some GNP as the bell rings.

Close round, but I'll say Kattar again, 10-9. 20-18 overall.

Round three: Almeida appears to realize that he might be losing this fight and comes out wanging before landing a takedown up against the cage. Almeida now has a bloody nose, too. Three minutes left and Almeida isn't able to get past Kattar's guard. Kattar throws up an armbar and... he doesn't have it yet. Almeida steps over the head, while Kattar goes belly down. They're stuck here in the armbar position for a very, very long time. I think Kattar would be fine staying here the rest of the round and taking the decision, but Almeida is not tapping and seems to not be in any serious danger. 50 seconds left and Alemeida escapes. Saul ends up on top in guard and Kattar hangs on in closed guard as the fight ends.

Personal guess, 10-9 Almeida, 29-28 Kattar.

Final Result: 30-27 x 2, 29-28 for Calvin Kattar, Unanimous decision.

Gemiyale Adkins vs Mike Campbell (155 lbs)

Round one: "Baby Hercules" Adkins and WEC vet Campbell are throwing with power right from the start. Campbell so far is going for leg kicks and takedowns so far. Switches it up to a head kick and a body kick. The shorter Adkins working to get inside, but neither fighter has landed anything damaging. A minute to go and they're still trading ineffectually on the feet.

I'll say Campbell 10-9 on the leg kicks.

Round two: Campbell landing solid leg kicks again to open the 2nd. Adkins slips on a headkick attempt but Campbell lets him up. Campbell pumping a double jab and while Adkins' head movement is keeping him out of damage, he's not landing anything to counter. Slow action as they're "picking their shots" as one of the commentators puts it. His accented partner chimed in agreement with a "he's definitely pickin his spawts, you're ahbsolutely riiight." Round ends without anything spectacular happening.

Honestly, I'd say 10-10, but judges will probably go 10-9 Campbell. 20-18 overall.

Round three: They come out firing. Campbell drops Adkins for a split second with a left, but Adkins pops right back up and shoots for a takedown. Campbell reverses and briefly takes Adkins' back, but he gets up and presses Campbell into the cage. They stall there and Tan Dan resets them with 3:15 left in the round. Adkins gets a nice takedown in the middle of the cage, but Campbell shows some great little jits off his back and uses double butterfly guard to sweep and get up to his feet. They clinch with Campbell getting the better of it backing Adkins into the fence. They break and Campbell lands a HUGE slam and takes Adkins' back. Adkins is on his feet, but Campbell is still draped on Adkins' back firing for a rear naked choke. Adkins spends the rest of the fight with Campbell on his back, fishing for the RNC.

Pretty easy Campbell win, either 30-28 or 30-27.

Final Result: 30-27 across the board for Mike Campbell by UD.

Marc Stevens vs Luis Felix (170 lbs)
Round one: Tan Dan in the cage with Felix and TUF vet Stevens (he lost to Cody McKenzie). Pawing and feeling out to start, with Stevens landing some leg kicks. I didn't catch who the commentators are, but one gent sounds like an extra from any random Ben Affleck movie. Straight outta Southie. Finally some action midway through the round - Stevens gets a strong power-double takedown into side control. Felix gets him to guard. Stevens passes to the other side; Felix turns and gives up his back with 1:20 left. Scramble at :56 and they're up standing, but Stevens still has his back. Stevens backs Felix into the cage, Felix stuffs the takedown and wings some punches as the round ends.

I'll score it 10-9 Stevens, but I wouldn't be upset with a 10-10.

Round two: Neither of these two are really doing much on the feet - they've just spent two minutes circling of Felix slowly coming forward while Stevens threw leg kicks and teep kicks. Felix lands a solid kick and follows it with a right that has Stevens shoot for a single leg. Felix stuffs it and goes for a guillotine, which he uses to sweep and land on top when he realized he wasn't going to get the submission. Felix on top while Stevens fights for a single. Felix landing elbows, then screws up and lands a knee to the head from a north/south position while Stevens was grounded. No point deduction, but a standup while Stevens gets a couple minutes to recover. Last 30 seconds end with Felix swinging, but not landing solid.

10-9 Felix, 19-19 overall.

Round three: They're throwing a little more and a little wilder knowing that it's a close fight. Stevens teeping the knee of Felix and he shoots a wild outside double that he manages to get, but Felix reverses in the scramble and lands on top. Felix landing punches and knees as they both stand up. Clinch against the cage and this round has seen more action through two minutes than the first two rounds combined. Felix with an outside trip up against the cage and lands in side control. Felix with more GNP, and they roll towards the middle of the black cage. Felix in half guard landing punches and elbows on top. Stevens is leaking from one of the elbows off the side of his head. They stand and Stevens may or may not have landed something solid, but Felix goes to his back. Felix with an upkick, Stevens throwing punches, but Felix reverses and stands up over Stevens and lands some GNP at the end.

I'll score it 10-9 Felix and 29-28 for Felix overall.

Final Result: 29-28 x3 Unanimous decision for Luis Felix.

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