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Glory World Series: GLORY 2 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Brussels' event on Oct. 6

Join MMAmania for LIVE event coverage and updates for GLORY 2 this morning (Oct. 6, 2012) as three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky returns to kickboxing on a card loaded with talent.

He's baaaaaaack ...

After almost three years out of the game, three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky will make his triumphant return to kickboxing this morning (Sat., Oct. 6, 2012), headlining GLORY 2: "Brussels," which marks Glory World Series' last event before its year-end tournaments.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the event, starting with the pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast at 10 a.m. ET. To watch the GLORY 2: "Brussels" online video stream this afternoon CLICK HERE.

Bonjasky, who has not fought since falling to Semmy Schilt in the 2009 WGP semifinals, had presumably retired because of an eye injury. Luckily for fight fans, however, "The Flying Gentleman" isn't done yet. Looking to spoil his Glory debut is Anderson "Braddock" Silva, best known for giving Badr Hari the fight of his life earlier this year.

In addition, 2010 WGP semifinalist Gokhan Saki will face Mourad Bouzidi in a heavyweight affair, while a bevy of hard-hitting veterans and up-and-comers round out a stacked card.

Glory 2: "Brussels" quick results and play-by-play below:

Main Card:

Heavyweight: Remy Bonjasky def. Anderson Silva by extra-round decision (4-1)

Heavyweight: Gokhan Saki def. Mourad Bouzidi by unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Jahfarr Wilnis def. Jamal Ben Saddik by unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Jhonata Diniz def. Sebastien van Thielen by unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Koichi Pettas def. Mark Miller by 2R TKO (right straight)

Heavyweight: Igor Jurkovic def. Gregory Tony by 2R TKO (three knockdowns)

Heavyweight: Filip Verlinden def. Fabiano Cyclone by unanimous decision

97 KG: Danyo Ilunga def. Ali Cenik by unanimous decision

79 KG: Murthel Groenhart def. Marc de Bonte by 2R KO (knee)

78 KG: Nieky Holzken def. Murat Direkci by 2R TKO (cut)

71 KG: Marat Grigorian def. Alex Vogel by 2R TKO (leg kicks)

70 KG: Andy Ristie def. Nordin Ben-moh by 1R KO (left hook)

73 KG: Lefterio Perego vs. Kenneth van Eesvelde

65 KG: Dries Geerts vs. Nafi Bilalovski

76 KG (MMA): Yuya Shirai vs. Tommy Depret

93 KG (MMA): Tatsuya Mizuno vs. Jason Jones

Heavyweight: Daniel Jodko vs. Thomas Vanneste

Patrick here ... I will be your master of ceremonies this fine morning!

Heavyweight: Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson Silva

Round one: Ten year age difference. Didn't even realize that. Remy looks in great shape despite the layoff.

And yes, this is "Braddock," not "The Spider."

Remy with body kicks, Silva with punches. Leg kick exchange. Jumping kick from Bonjasky just misses, as does a flying knee. Leg kick for Remy, head kick blocked. Body kick lands as he avoids a "Braddock" flurry. Body kick by Silva, who then blocks a head kick. Silva moves in with punches and eats a leg kick. Nice left by Silva as they separate. Leg kick Bonjasky, head kick falls short. Silva has him against the ropes and connects with a left to the body. Thudding right in close by Silva. Right to the body for "Braddock," then one upstairs. Very close round; 10-10 or 10-9 Silva. I'll go with the latter.

Round two: Head kick by Bonjasky blocked. Nice kick exchange. Right body blow by Silva, who gets backed up in the corner. They trade about half a dozen leg kicks and then start flurrying. Leg kick starting to land regularly for Bonjasky. Braddock lands one without much steam on it. Head kick from Silva is blocked. High-low combination for Anderson connects. Bonjasky moving in as Silva hurls heavy counters. Missed flying knee by Remy. Nice knee by Bonjasky, but he gets wobbled with a leg kick. Silva connects well upstairs. I've gotta call this 10-10 again; it was Bonjasky for most of the round, but Silva came on hard at the end.

Round three: Bonjasky may have hurt Silva with a body kick right off the bat. Silva on the ropes and Remy throwing hard. Counter left hook lands for Silva but he can't keep Remy off of him. Bonjasky with a left and a leg kick. Silva scores with a right to the body and escapes. Leg kick Bonjasky, body kick Silva. Left hook Silva, leg kick Bonjasky. Bonjasky misses another flying knee and they trade hard on the ropes. Leg kick exchange. Nice right by Bonjasky and a leg kick. Hard right hand by Bonjasky and Silva is exhausted. Body kick Bonjasky and another. Bonjasky ends the round with kicks to the midsection; might not have been enough, though. 10-9 Bonjasky

Round four: Extra round. Reasonable result.

Silva is exhausted and looks really disheartened. He lands nice punches inside, though. Trading leg kicks and punches from phone booth range. Good uppercut by Silva. Hard knee by Bonjasky but a Silva right gets through. Bonjasky with a right and a knee. Leg kick Bonjasky. Silva with a couple shots inside but there's nothing on them anymore. Bonjasky moving him into the ropes. Uppercut and body kick by Silva, right by Bonjasky. Low kicks from both. Knee from Silva just misses. Both men gassed. Bonjasky smacks him with a right and a low kick. Silva responds. Close final round, but 10-9 Bonjasky in a grueling affair.

Final Result: Bonjasky def. Silva by decision


Heavyweight: Gokhan Saki vs. Mourad Bouzidi

Round one: Saki looks pretty solid; he's always been soft around the middle. but he looks a lot better physically.

Saki aggressive early with hooks. Leg kick Saki. Another. Saki with a machine-gun combo that nearly puts Bouzidi on his rear. Bouzidi tries a leg kick, falls short, and eats one in turn. Saki doubles up the left hook and hurts him with the second one. Bouzidi just can't handle Saki's speed. Nice jab by Bouzidi off a Saki leg kick. Left hook again for Saki. Low kick finally lands for Bouzidi, then a clinch. Saki comes in with a right-left combo. Body kick after catching one for Saki, inside leg kick by Bouzidi. Body shot by Saki and he narrowly misses a spinning backfist. Bouzidi connects with a straight at the bell, but this was Saki's round through-and-through. 10-9 for the Turk.

Round two: Low kick by Bouzidi, Saki lands a left hook. Nice leg kick for Bouzidi, Saki responds in kind. Hard left hook for Saki rocks Bouzidi, but Saki loses his balance trying to finish it. They reset and Saki lands another brutal hook that puts Bouzidi down. Bouzidi is back up but he doesn't look good. Saki in the attack but gets tied up. Body blow from Saki. Saki patient in the last minute. Right to the body by Saki, near-miss with the left upstairs, and a front kick to the face to end the round. 10-8 Saki.

Round three: Good body kick by Saki. Leg kick by Bouzidi, right upstairs for Saki. Saki misses a spinning back kick and Bouzidi connects with a low kick. Another low kick. Saki responds to the body and misses another backfist. Right to the body for Saki. Counter left hook by Saki hurts Bouzidi and Saki pours it on with combos. Bouzidi survives and things slow back down. Teep by Bouzidi. Clinch. Lead right straight from Saki; Bouzidi tags him and Saki waves him on. Dominating performance by Saki. 10-9 same.

Final Result:Saki def. Bouzidi by unanimous decision


Heavyweight: Jahfarr Wilnis vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Round one: Jesus, Ben Saddik is huge. He's almost three hundred pounds and about a sixty pound weight advantage.

Hard leg kick by Ben Saddik to start and a good jab. Ben Saddik's jab is solid and it's landing. Good right to the body and knees by the big man. Another good low kick. Another. Wow, tornado kick attempt by Ben Saddik. Wilsnis steps in and eats some hard shots. Knee to the body for Wilnis, Ben Saddik responds with straight shots. Right in the clinch lands for Wilnis and a body shot. Ben Saddik lands another hard leg kick. Two good right by Wilnis in the clinch, but Ben Saddik whacks him with a right of his own at the bell. Clear 10-9 for Ben Saddik.

Round two: Wilnis moving forward and gets Ben Saddik in the corner. Low kicks by Wilnis connect. Ben Saddik gets out and lands one of his own. Knee to the gut lands for Wilnis; he's doing a good job of staying away from Ben Saddik's low kicks. Ben Saddik charges forward with punches. Body blow from Wilnis. Clinch. Big knee in the clinch from Ben Saddik, Wilnis responds with a right to the breadbasket. More good body shots from Wilnis. Ben Saddik buckles him with a hard right straight and Wilnis ties him up. Low kick from Wilnis and a left to the body. Ben Saddik lands a body shot of his own. Clinch, body knee from Wilnis and an overhand right. Much better round for Wilnis; 10-9 for Jahfarr.

Round three: Fix those damn cameras.

Nice right from Wilnis to start. Good body shot combo and low kick from Wilnis. Another leg kick. More good punches by Wilnis and he has Ben Saddik on the retreat. Low kick exchange. Body blows from Wilnis are money right now. Right upstairs. Ben Saddik wings some big shots but can't connect. Nice low kicks from Wilnis look like they're getting to the big man. Again and some nice uppercuts in close by Jahfarr. Hard right hand by Jahfarr; Ben Saddik looking for the knee in the clinch and can't get it. Wilnis thumps him in the gut when he tries and gets another low kick. Great round by Wilnis, 10-9 same.

Final Result: Wilnis def. Ben Saddik by unanimous decision


Heavyweight: Sebastien van Thielen vs. Jonathan Diniz

Round one: van Thielen is looking a little jiggly. I'm willing to forgive that based on the fact that he took this on a day's notice, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant to look at.

Diniz attacking early, but van Thielen lands a good leg kick. Counter right by van Thielen and another low kick. Diniz very aggressive and lands a right to the body. van Thielen lands a hard knee. Diniz moves forward with a flurry and low kick; only the latter lands. I'm liking the aggression by Diniz, but van Thielen is landing the better shots. Right kick to the body by Diniz and a low kick. van Thielen throws a high kick and slips. Good knee by van Thielen. Another right kick to the body by Diniz, van Thielen responds with his left. Nice right by van Thielen may have wobbled Diniz. Diniz again with the rush but can't connect. Flying knee blocked for van Thielen, but he lands a right afterwards. Good fight so far, good work from a last-second replacement. 10-9 van Thielen.

Round two: van Thielen's best shot of the round was an evil-looking knee to the thigh that hurt Diniz. Ouch.

Diniz again moving in but eats a right to the body. Step-in knee and flying knee by Diniz are blocked, as is the follow-up punch flurry. Spinning heel kick misses for van Thielen and one of his knees is blocked. Leg kick by Diniz. van Thielen has a high kick blocked and eats some solid kicks low. Jumping knee misses by Diniz and he eats a low kick before catching van Thielen with a great straight. Nice body blows and a straight to finish for Diniz. van Thielen with a good jab and body shot, Diniz responds with a jab and a clubbing right to the breadbasket. Uppercut by van Thielen with his back against the ropes. Diniz is giving him no room and he lands a glancing head kick. Much better round for Diniz, 10-9 same.

Round three: Both men with heavy punches right off the bat; looks like Diniz got the better of it. Diniz pressing forward and gets van Thielen to the ropes. Body shot for Diniz and they trade low kicks. Body kick and stiff jabs connect for Diniz. van Thielen with a low kick of his own but eats a knee in the clinch. Brutal punches inside by both men, Diniz again lands better. Wheel kick by Diniz is blocked. Leg kick from van Thielen, body shot by Diniz. Sloppy wheel kick misses for Diniz, subsequent right straight doesn't. Leg kicks by both. Jumping knee blocked for Diniz, high kick blocked for van Thielen. Diniz on the attack and lands a couple lefts. Fight ends on a leg kick by van Thielen; good fight, but Diniz should get the nod. 10-9 same.

Final Result: Diniz def. van Thielen by unanimous decision


Heavyweight: Mark Miller vs. Koichi Pettas

Round one: First good shot is a body kick from Pettas. Miller moving in with punches but eats a counter left hook. Pettas comes on but catches a handful of rights and ties up. Cracking leg kick by Pettas. Another. Body kick by Pettas. Another leg kick and another. Counter left hurts Miller and he gets pressed into the corner. Leg kick by Miller. Clinch. More low kicks by Pettas; he cracks Miller with punches and Miller, as he has been doing all fight, turns his back. Another leg kick and punching assault from Pettas. Miller keeps turning away and gets an eight-count. Domination by Pettas, 10-8 same.

Round two: Ghita sighting in the audience.

Pettas all over Miller right from the start with punches and kicks. Another eight-count for "The Fight Shark." Huge right straight after a leg kick sends Miller down hard; he wobbles to his feet, but the ref stops it. Utter annihilation by Pettas.

Final Result: Pettas def. Miller by TKO


Heavyweight: Gregory Tony vs. Igor Jurkovic

Round one: Leg kick by Tony, left body kick by Jurkovic in response. Left to the body from Jurkovic and will you guys stop comparing Jurkovic to Cro Cop. We get it, they're both Croatian southpaws.

Anyway, low kicks early. Straight connects for Gregory and a solid leg kick. High kick blocked for Tony, leg kick connects. Jurkovic with a right body kick and a good right hook inside. Right to the body prompts Tony to tie him up. High kick by Tony blocked, left punch lands. Straight for Tony punches through Igor's guard. Jurkovic coming on strong at the and and clubs him with a left. Close round, but Tony seemed to be in control for the most part. 10-9 Tony.

Round two: Jurkovic swinging hard right off the bat, but eats a hard low kick. High kick from Jurkovic is blocked and he's forced into the ropes. Back to center ring, Body kick from Jurkovic, knee to the body by Tony. Jurkovic slams a big left hand home and gets Tony to a knee. Tony is back up after taking the count; he may have hurt his hand earlier in the round. Big punch flurry from Igor gets Tony down again. He's up but Igor has no intention of letting him off the hook. Tony slips. Jurkovic tries a knee, eats one from Tony. Left to the body from Jurkovic sends Tony to the canvas and this one is over. Nice work from the Croat after a tough opening round.

Final Result: Jurkovic def. Tony by TKO


Heavyweight: Fabiano Cyclone vs. Filip Verlinden

Round one: No, his last name isn't "Cyclone." It's "Aoki," but I think "Cyclone" is a little more badass.

Oh, lord, that was the worst remix of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" I've ever heard. Sorry, Verlinden, but here's hoping Cyclone kicks you in the head until you learn what good music is.

Stiff jab by Verlinden connects to start and a cracking leg kick. Cyclone comes in with a left-right but can't connect. Verlinden tries the same with no success. Solid teep from Cyclone, leg kick by Verlinden. Cyclone with a leg kick of his own. Verlinden looking for the right straight, tries a knee and gets swatted by a left hook. Nice leg kick by Verlinden. Exchange of lefts and another big leg kick. Cyclone on the attack but eats another low kick. Body kick exchange. Verlinden moving forward and lands a knee to the body. Body kick and spinning back kick both land for Verlinden. Great work by Verlinden; Cyclone looks dispirited. 10-9 Verlinden.

Round two: Leg kicks from both men. Push kick and low kick for Cyclone. Good leg kick by Verlinden, Cyclone tries and fails to counter with punches. Jumping knee for Verlinden just misses, but he slams a roundhouse right into Cyclone's liver and puts him down. Cyclone back up and immediately on the attack. Left hook by Cyclone, who eats another left kick to the body. Nice right from Cyclone. Body kick from Verlinden denied. Next one lands, as does a hook to the same spot. Jumping knee again by Verlinden, but no dice. Leg kick for Verlinden at the bell. Cyclone did good work in the latter half of the round, but with the knockdown, it's 10-8 Verlinden.

Round three: Man, that kick hurts to watch. Good on Cyclone for gutting through it.

Leg kick trade early. Cyclone trying to come on, but can't connect. Left hook to the body by Verlinden. Leg kick. Cyclone gets him to the ropes and just avoids another knee. Verlinden gets out and they both trade near-misses. Body kicks from both. Nice short right by Verlinden. Nice shots from both as Verlinden moves in. Verlinden with solid straight punches, Cyclone unfazed. Body kick and step-in knee by Verlinden. Knee to the body, right straight. Body kick by Verlinden to end the round. 10-9 Verlinden in a solid scrap.

Final Result: Verlinden def. Cyclone by unanimous decision


97 KG: Ali Cenik vs. Danyo Ilunga

Round one: Cenik's walkout shirt reads "Tornado Ali." Gotta love a properly-executed pun.

Also, they still haven't fixed the cameras.

High kick by Cenik is blocked. Ilunga lands a good right and gets Cenik to the ropes, where they exchange with no real connection. Clinch as Ilunga moves in. Nice right-left by Cenik and he lands another left as Ilunga walks in. Counter left hook off a leg kick by Cenik. Nice leg kick by Ilunga and they trade lefts. Good counter right by Cenik and they exchange big shots. Ilunga gets the better of it. Good leg kick by Ilunga but he eats more counters. Ilunga still chopping the legs and avoids the counter this time. Left by Cenik. Knee to the body from Ilunga and a nice right. Cenik is letting himself get bullied around the ring. Spinning heel kick by Cenik at the bell misses. Very close round, but 10-9 Ilunga.

Round two: Damn, Ilunga could be Bonjasky's little brother.

Ilunga pressing forward as usual and they clinch. Good rights low and high by Cenik and he wobbles Ilunga. Danyo backpedals and gets his feet under him. Leg kicks by Ilunga. Clinch. Another big right hand for Cenik as Ilunga comes in. Both men land left hooks and Cenik sneaks in a teep to the face. Straight and knee by Ilunga. Power punches by both men connect. Good leg kick by Ilunga and another. Cenik is gassing out but still lands a hook. Ilunga responds in kind, then gets caught by more punches from Cenik. Cenik with sloppy bombs but he's connecting. Great fight; 10-9 Cenik.

Round three: They need to blow-dry that ring.

Cenik lands first, but Ilunga presses forward regardless. Wild hooks from Cenik land. Nice straight by Ilunga now. Left hook from Ilunga, Cenik slips on a leg kick. Cenik lands a counter left hook, but Ilunga just keeps pressing forward. Knee by Ilunga. Another good counter by Cenik. Nice combination by Ilunga and he's starting to land clean. Nice leg kicks from Danyo. Another leg kick stumbles Cenik. Ilunga on the attack and has Cenik hurt late. Cenik lands a counter right hand but has to end the fight on his back foot. Excellent scrap; 10-9 Ilunga.

Final Result: Ilunga def. Cenik by unanimous decision


79 KG: Murthel Groenhart vs. Marc de Bonte

Round one: de Bonte looks way bigger.

Leg kicks from both. de Bonte rips to the body with punches. Groenhart high kick narrowly blocked. Heavy punching exchanges. Groenhart gets his man to the ropes and lands a jab before getting backed off. Nice body blow by de Bonte, then a leg kick. Groenhart with a leg kick of his own, de Bonte with a one-two in response. Leg kick de Bonte, slapping right hand by Groenhart. Flying knee by de Bonte and he slams some more good body blows in. Groenhart ties up and tosses him to the ground. Head kick from Groenhart blocked. Nice shots in the clinch by de Bonte. Counter left hook lands for Groenhart. Combination inside for de Bonte, Groenhart with a leg kick. De Bonte sneaks a couple straight shots through Groenhart's guard at the bell. 10-9 de Bonte.

Round two: Leg kick by Groenhart to start before they tie up. Teep to the body for de Bonte lands. Counter left and leg kicks land for Groenhart and he backs de Bonte up with a hard left hook. HUGE knee up close from Groenhart crumples de Bonte! de Bonte is done! Amazing comeback knockout for "The Model."

Final Result: Groenhart def. de Bonte by knockout


78 KG: Nieky Holzken vs. Murat Direkci

Round one: Holzken with hard kicks to start. Vicious leg kicks, but Direkci gets a right straight in. Direkci backing Holzken up but eats a stiff jab. Direkci gets Holzken to the corner and unloads some brutal shots inside. Holzken gets out and connects with a left to the body and a leg kick. Direkci scores with some winging shots. Hard uppercut by Direkci. Holzken targetting the body with his left hook. Chopping right connects for Holzken. Counter left hook lands, spinning back kick doesn't for Holzken. Another left hook to the guts and a low kick by Holzken. Short punches exchanged in the corner at the bell. Very close round; 10-10.

Round two: Holzken now moving forward, lands to the body. Uppercuts inside for both. Flubbed knee by Holzken. Righs to the body and a solid jab for Holzken. Left hook connects. Body kick, right upstairs. Jumping knee for Direkci just misses. Good shots to the body by Holzken. Direkci gets Holzken to the corner and lands a couple decent shots. Counter left hook by Holzken, who lands multiple jabs and some solid leg kicks. Direkci with short blows against the ropes. Another good leg kick for Holzken. Stiff jabs, leg kick. Hard exchange against the ropes, Direkci leaves his guard down just a moment too long and eats a big knee to the jaw. He's down briefly, but makes it up before the count. Knee opened a big cut. It's big enough for them to call it. TKO win for Holzken; brilliant timing on the knee.

Final Result: Holzken def. Direkci by TKO


71 KG: Alex Vogel vs. Marat Grigorian

Round one: Did they seriously just call Mike Zambidis an Australian? Dammit, man.

Grigorian pressing forward; Vogel fending him off with kicks and lands a good right to the body. Vogel narrowly avoids a heavy knee and eats a leg kick. Furious pace as Grigorian moves in. Vogel putting his punches together and lands another right to the body. Leg kick exchange, body shots by Vogel. Teep from Vogel strays low, they restart. More good body blows and a jab from Vogel. Grigorian pressing forward and lands a good combination in the corner. Savage punches and low kicks by Grigorian. Big right head kick lands for Grigorian, Vogel eats it but is stuck in the ropes. Grigorian unloading everything and Vogel goes out for a second on his feet. Standing eight-count. Vogel makes the count and they clean him up before restarting. Both men firing as soon as they restart. Grigorian is mauling him against the ropes but Vogel is firing back. What a friggin' round. 10-8 Grigorian.

Round two: They call Vogel "Iron Skull." I can see why.

Low kicks by both early before they get right back to heavy punches. Grigorian gets him to the ropes again. Vogel escapes and lands high and low. Vogel now pressing forward with punches but eats a heavy knee to the body and right upstairs. Vogel escapes the corner. Uppercut by rigorian. Vogel is going a better job this round of keeping Marat off of him, but the Armenian is relentless. Hard low kick by Grigorian buckles Vogel and forces another eight count. Another big leg kick when they restart. Vogel swinging like mad, but Grigorian is unfazed and keeps at it with punches and kicks. That leg is history; Grigorian is blasting it in between big shots to the dome. One more monstrous leg kick puts Vogel down for good. Crazy fight.

Final Result: Grigorian def. Vogel by TKO


70 KG: Andy Ristie vs. Nordin Ben-moh

Round one: Ristie is a savage; this should be interesting.

Whenever they switch cameras, the screen goes black for a second and there's an audible "click;" here's hoping they fix that.

Leg kick by Nordin to start and another. Ristie moving forward and lands a left hand. Ristie very aggressive to start and lands a leg kick. Another. Nice counters by Nordin, but he keeps letting himself get pushed into the ropes. Leg kick by Ristie. Big left hand by Ristie, but he loses his balance and Nordin sidesteps and whacks him before he gets his bearings. Jumping knee by Nordin and a solid right hand. Thudding left to the gut by Ristie. Nice left hand upstairs from Ristie, Nordin responds with a body shot. Nordin comes in with a flying knee and runs headlong into a Ristie left hook. Nordin is down and he's not getting up; knockout win for "The Machine."

Final Result: Ristie def. Ben-moh by knockout


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