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Urijah Faber challenges Michael Bisping to exhibition bout, believes he has ground advantage over 'The Count'

Urijah Faber vs. Michael Bisping? "The California Kid" issues an open challenge to "The Count" and believes he could hold his own against the trash-talking Brit in a friendly exhibition bout.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Michael Bisping may have squashed his feud with Joseph Benavidez, but not everyone in the "munchkin' crew" known as Team Alpha Male is ready to shake hands and let bygones be bygones.

Particularly Urijah Faber.

The bantamweight veteran had some fun at "The Count's" expense following a recent XFC show (transcribed by Bloody Elbow) and even challenged the trash-talking Brit to an exhibition bout, where he believes he holds a distinct advantage on the ground.

From the 4:40 mark:

"It's all in good fun... You know, the bottom line is that I've got respect for Bisping, I think he's a cool enough guy. But i'd get in there and scrap with him. I think it'd go well. I think I'd have an advantage on the ground. I wouldn't wanna take a clean punch from the guy because he's so much bigger, but you know, for those that know martial arts, getting hit on the button is the scary thing and I think he'd have trouble hitting me. Although I have a great big chin here, I think he'd have trouble getting to it. So it'd be an interesting fight. I would do it. Let's do it Bisping, we can do it on the internet. We can do some sparring, or charge people and have an exhibition bout."

Who wants it?

No athletic commission would ever sanction a real fight between the two -- nor do I think the good-hearted rivalry warrants one -- but in the UFC of yesteryear, open weight tournaments were not uncommon. Anyone think "The California Kid" could sneak in a submission?

And who would pay for a friendly exhibition to find out?

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