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'Wild and crazy' Donald Cerrone defies UFC contract to pursue pro wakeboarding career

Pro wakeboarding hopeful Donald Cerrone is an extreme athlete who won't be painted into a corner by the restrictions of his ZUFFA contract. Will the powers-that-be at the UFC give "Cowboy" special consideration?

"I gotta keep fighting because that's how I fund these boats and stuff. I definitely have to be a fighter first, but being a pro wakeboarder would be awesome, I think. They say you can't snowboard, wakeboard, bungee jump ...all kinds of ridiculous things. Horseback riding. I own horses and I will not NOT ride them, so I dunno, I guess I'll have to sit down with Dana and figure this out. That's who I am, I'm just wild and crazy. And I need to have these things to keep me ... I can't get painted into a corner, is basically what I'm trying to say, so I gotta figure it out."

Nobody puts "Cowboy" in a corner! Sounds like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight striker Donald Cerrone has some decisions to make as he ponders a future outside the cage. The good news is, he's already made up his mind about one thing: fighting Anthony Pettis now that "Showtime" is all patched up from shoulder surgery. Fighters are often bound by their ZUFFA contracts to avoid high-risk activities because, let's face it, it's hard enough staying healthy just doing your regular training, so why compound the problem? The injury bug doesn't seem to have bitten the former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) standout just yet, but if it does, he may have a hard time getting his employers to pay for it with readily-available footage of him doing the Dew.

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