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Stephan Bonnar to retire from MMA according to Dana White

UFC President Dana White dropped a bombshell in passing last night during his chat with the fans concerning the future career prospects of Stephan Bonnar. Find out what was said inside.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

"The American Psycho" is calling it quits.

That is, according to UFC President Dana White, who dropped the bombshell in passing during yesterday's Metro PCS chat with the fans.

Seemingly out of the blue, a fan asked White if Bonnar was retiring from mixed martial arts (MMA) and his response was short and to the point:

"Yes, Bonnar will be retiring now."

Following White's revelation, Bonnar released a somewhat cryptic comment on his Facebook fan page which seemed to confirm the UFC head honcho's sentiment.

"Huge thanks to every UFC fan out there! All I ever wanted was to bring ya'll some fun...hope u were entertained. Peace, love, & violence! #ufc"

If everything holds true, Bonnar will exit the sport having gone out against the best of all time, losing via first round TKO stoppage to Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 153. The prospect of the bout against "The Spider" was enough to pull Bonnar out of a state of semi-retirement in the first place.

Now it seems, that state has taken a drastic turn.

Bonnar rose to fame during The Ultimate Fighter season one and of course, will always be remembered for his epic three round war against Forrest Griffin to decide the winner of the show. Many still call it the most important fight in UFC history.

"The American Psycho" finishes his career with a 15-8 overall record, having won three straight prior to the defeat at the hands of Silva.

So what's your take on this news, Maniacs?

Do you have a favorite career moment through the years of watching Stephan Bonnar do his thing? Will this retirement be permanent?

Speak up!

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