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UFC 154: Carlos Condit out to finish against Georges St. Pierre in Canada

"The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit is looking to send the Canadian crowd home disappointed on Nov. 17, aiming to finish their mixed martial arts (MMA) saint, Georges St. Pierre, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at UFC 154.

Carlos Condit knocks out Dan Hardy at UFC 120
Carlos Condit knocks out Dan Hardy at UFC 120
Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Matt Hughes wishes Georges St. Pierre would finish more fights, and for his part, "Rush" doesn't disagree that he needs to look for the kill more often inside the Octagon.

Despite recent popular sentiment, thanks in large part to his last performance against Nick Diaz back at UFC 143, Carlos Condit is one fighter who historically doesn't have a problem finishing his fights. In fact, "The Natural Born Killer" has finished close to 93 percent of his opponents throughout his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, according to statistics provided on "Inside MMA."

That's better than current UFC champions, Jon Jones, Junior dos Santos, Jose Aldo, St. Pierre and even Anderson Silva.

How 'bout them apples?

Looking to stay true to form, Condit says when he steps inside the Octagon to face St. Pierre at UFC 154 on Nov. 17, 2012, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a decision victory is the furthest thing from his mind when he looks to stop "GSP" in his hometown.

From his appearance on Inside MMA:

"You know what, I am just going to go in there and fight the best of my ability and try to display all aspects of my game and really try to take the fight to Georges and look for the finish. As far as a decision, that's not really in my head. I'm looking to stop Georges St. Pierre in his hometown and if it goes to the decision, well, that's not something that is really in my thought process right now."

Though "Rush" hasn't had a stoppage victory in more than three years, Condit knows just how dangerous the French-Canadian can be:

"I'm not ruling anything out. I know Georges is a phenomenal grappler and I know he has been bringing in lots and lots of jiu-jitsu guys out to help him train for this fight, so, I am going to be on my A-game in all aspects, so I'm not going to look past his striking or his grappling. As far as ring-rust, Georges is a mentally strong competitor and I really don't see that as a factor and it's definitely something I'm banking on because I am expecting Georges at his best. So that's who I am training for and who I am hoping to fight."

Even though three of his five victories under the UFC banner have come via stoppage, Condit says the increasing level of competition in MMA is making it harder to finish a fight:

"As the competition steps-up, it's getting harder and harder to finish these guys. I haven't had as successfull a finish rate since I've been in the UFC and that's probably a big part of the competition being so stiff. But yeah, that is definitely something I pride myself on. I look for the finish, I try to make exciting fights and try to get out of there and put the guy down before he gets me."

What's your take Maniacs?

Can "The Natural Born Killer" finish St. Pierre -- who hasn't competed in nearly 18 months because of knee surgery -- and be the first to do so in five years? Or will a victory, regardless of how it's obtained, over the long-time welterweight champion be enough of an achievement on its own?

Let's hear it.

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