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MFC 35 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Explosive Encounter' tonight (Oct. 26) in Edmonton will provide complete results and live blow-by-blow coverage of the MFC 35: "Explosive Encounter" event tonight (Oct. 26, 2012) from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, featuring Elvis Mutapcic vs. Joseph Henle.

King Leonidas or the King of Rock and Roll?

After a pair of TKO finishes at MFC 34 that took a combined 3:36, Bosnian bruiser Elvis Mutapcic and former "Ultimate Fighter" competitor Joseph Henle will go to war tonight in the main event of MFC 35 with the vacant middleweight belt on the line.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the event, starting with the AXS TV broadcast at 10 p.m. ET.

One of the top prospects in the middleweight division, Mutapcic first turned heads in 2011 with a 25-second KO of future "Ultimate Fighter" winner Cezar "Mutante" Ferreira and has won eight of his last nine, seven of them inside the distance. Henle, on the other hand, is 5-0-1 since his stint on the show.

Quick results and play-by-play are below.

Main Card:

Middleweight Championship: Elvis Mutapcic def. Joseph Henle by TKO (leg kick) at 1:45 of Round Three

Featherweight: Graham Spencer def. Shane Nelson by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Heavyweight: Smealinho Rama def. Ryan Fortin by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:20 of Round One

Middleweight: Derek Parker def. Jared McComb by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Welterweight: Sabah Fadai def. Cody Krahn by submission (triangle choke) at 1:24 of Round One

Light-Heavyweight: Paul Grandbois def. Jason Kuchera by TKO (strikes) at 1:43 of Round Two


Lightweight: Daniel Swain def. Matt Jelly by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Lightweight: Garrett Nyabakken def. Jesse Veltri by submission (armbar) at 1:24 of Round One

Middleweight: Chase Degenhardt def. Chase Sherman by TKO (strikes) at 0:41 of Round Two

Patrick here!

Alright, things are up and running. Sorry about that. Play-by-play starts with the Parker-McComb fight.

185 lbs.: Elvis Mutapcic vs. Joseph Henle

Round one: Henle immediately looks for a takedown, but he's shrugged off with ease. Henle with a jab. Leg kick exchange. Good right from Elvis as Henle comes in with punches. Flying knee from Elvis comes up short. Leg kick Mutapcic. High kick barely misses, as does a right for Mutapcic. Good jab from Henle. Another near-miss with the right high kick. Brief clinch. Another good leg kick by Mutapcic. Short right hook lands for Henle. Another solid leg kick from Mutapcic before they trade blows with their power hands. Stiff left from Henle. Leg kick lands with the foot for Elvis, who then avoids a wild elbow. Elvis with a counter right off a leg kick. Big right hand from Mutapcic drops Henle at the ten-second mark, but he gets wrapped up in half guard before he can capitalize. 10-9 Mutapcic.

Round two: Mutapcic body and leg kicks start the round. Lead left and leg kick connect for Henle. High kick from Elvis falls short. Another. Inside leg kick from Mutapcic, Henle responds with a left hand. Another straight for Henle connects, he eats a body kick in response. Clinch, quick disengagement. Leg kick Mutapcic. High kick Mutapcic is blocked, Henle lands his jab. Henle tries a takedown, no dice. Another jab. Solid leg kick from Elvis, body kick for Henle. Big right hand from Mutapcic snaps Henle's head back, but he just smiles. Most of Mutapcic's punches are falling short; Henle's straight punches are landing with regularity. Henle drags him down at the twenty second mark but can't get anything going. 10-9 Henle.

Round three: Good right from Henle. Mutapcic head kick falls short, Henle straight doesn't. Lot of circling at the moment. HUGE leg kick from Mutapcic seriously damages Henle's leg and he drops. This one's over. Wow.: It caught him right on the knee and that thing buckled bad.

Final Result: Mutapcic def. Henle by TKO


145 lbs.: Shane Nelson vs. Graham Spencer

Round one: Leg kick by Nelson. They trade shots in the clinch before Spencer heaves him up and takes him down into guard. Short shots from Spencer; Nelson is doing a good job of tying him up. More small blows from Spencer in between occasional elbows from Nelson. Spencer trying to posture up, but has to settle for minor ground-and-pound. Nelson kicks Spencer off of him as soon as the latter stands and gets to his feet, landing a takedown of his own. Spencer back up in an instant and gets a hold of him against the ropes. Solid knee from Nelson doesn't budge his foe. Spencer slowly drags him down and gets into front headlock position. There's the bell; no real damage from either man, but Spencer controlled the grappling. 10-9 same.

Round two: Good leg kicks from Spencer to start. Spencer comes forward with punches and forces Nelson down with a bodylock. Half guard. Nelson regains guard, but Spencer gets half guard on the other side. Nelson looks for a leg, but nothing doing. More short, grinding blows from Spencer. Nelson gets butterfly guard as Spencer tries to pass, then switches to closed guard. Armbar attempt from Nelson, but not even close. He does get to his feet from it, but Spencer tags him and dumps him down into side control. Mount for Spencer, Nelson gives up his back Both hooks in and ninety seconds to work for Spencer. Nelson doesn't look like he's in much danger and rolls into Spencer's guard with about thirty seconds to go. He can't get any offense going before the bell. Dominant 10-9 for Spencer.

Round three: Nelson swings a wild overhand right and gets tied up for his trouble. Spencer drives him into the ropes. Nelson fishing for an arm-in guillotine and jumps guard. Spencer slips out before long and goes back to landing those short punches. Solid right by Spencer. Nelson half-commits to a triangle and gets smacked for his trouble. Half guard for Spencer now. Side control with two minutes left. Nelson turns into him and gets to his feet, but Spencer is having none of it and slams him back down back into side control. Spencer teases a far-side armbar, Nelson ties him up in half guard. Back to side. Nelson again turns in and tries to stand with no luck. Solid shots from Spencer in half guard. Fight ends with Spencer on top in guard; impressive display of grappling. 10-9 Spencer.

Final Result: Spencer def. Nelson by unanimous decision


265 lbs.: Smealinho Rama vs. Ryan Fortin

Round one: Interesting that these guys weighed in within a pound of each other; there's eight inches of height difference.

Rama drops for a takedown as soon as Ryan comes in. He lifts him up, but can't get it. Rama drives him into the ropes and gets the takedown right into mount. Rama with some big ground-and-pound before dropping for a tight-looking armbar. Fortin gets out, stands, avoids a kneebar attempt, and gets mount himself. They scramble; Rama winds up on top with Fortin in turtle position. Rama working to get the back and gets the arm under the chin. Hooks in, there's the tap. Nicely done.

Final Result: Rama def. Fortin by submission (rear-naked choke)


185 lbs.: Derek Parker vs. Jared McComb

Round one: Parker rockin' the "I am either a biker or a sex offender; either way, steer clear" mustache. McComb clean-shaven.

Simultaneous low kicks to start things. Outside leg kick by McComb and another. Parker responds likewise and adds a front kick. Parker misses a Superman punch, connects with a knee to the body. McComb goes back to the the leg kick. Solid body kick by Parker. Parker rushes in with punches and kicks but doesn't land anything of worth. Left hook to leg kick by McComb. Parker bulls his way in and gets a bodylock against the ropes. After a brief struggle, he trips McComb down and hops right into mount. McComb bucking but can't budge him. McComb just holding Parker close to him and manages to regain half guard. McComb trying to turn in, but Parker spins around and takes his back. Parker gets out, gets to his feet, and gets a bodylock of his own. They end the round tied up in the corner. Pretty poor technique, but entertaining enough. 10-9 Parker.

Round two: Parker marches forward and lands a right. Low kick exchange, sloppy spinning backfist whiff by Parker. McComb glances a head kick off of Parker's dome and moves into the bodylock. Back to the corner, McComb reverses. He's digging deep for the takedown and eventually gets it, right into side control. McComb trying to counter with a single-leg, but Parker has the seatbelt locked up and is looking to get the hooks in. No dice and he settles for half guard. Weird semi-crucifix position, short punches by Parker. McComb again trying to turn into him and gets sprawled on. Parker struggling to get the hooks in but more or less has the back. Side control now. Parker manages to get to half-guard when Parker goes for the back again, but just gets some body shots for his trouble. Pretty awful grappling by both men, but clearly in Parker's favor. 10-9 Parker.

Round three: Nice leg kick by McComb to start. Big overhand right from McComb stuns Parker, but he can't capitalize and they tie up. They disengage back to center ring, but McComb slams a good left home. Overhand right. Parker looks half-dead on his feet, but he's waving McComb on and lands a right of his own. McComb is too sloppy with his hands to land anything and Parker is moving like he's drunk. Leg kick McComb. Another; those are getting to Parker. Both land rights. Parker lands a leg kick, front kick to the body, and right hand in quick succession before securing the bodylock against the ropes. McComb uses a whizzer to get into top position and he's in Parker's guard. McComb not dropping punches despite obviously being behind; he lets Parker up. Leg kick, they clinch. Fight ends with Parker holding McComb against the ropes. Too little, too late for McComb. 10-9 McComb.

Final Result: Parker def. McComb by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Sabah Fadai vs. Cody Krahn

Final Result: Fadai def. Krahn by submission (triangle choke)


205 lbs.: Paul Grandbois vs. Jason Kuchera

Final Result: Grandbois def. Kuchera by TKO


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