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Randy Couture predicts Strikeforce will go the way of WEC, unsure of his son's future as a fighter

Strikeforce lightweight Ryan Couture would love to follow in the footsteps of his father, former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Randy Couture. But the current state of Strikeforce may stand in the way of that dream becoming a reality.

Christian Petersen

Randy Couture is a mixed martial arts (MMA) legend. When you think about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), you think "The Natural."

Whether it's his trio of wars with Chuck Liddell, his drubbing of Tim Sylvia that made him UFC heavyweight champion, or his quick submission victory that shut up James Toney and a plethora of boxing fans who had long discredited the sport of MMA, Couture has a highlight reel that any fighter could be proud of.

These days, Couture won't be found in the Octagon. He's busy making movies and training fighters, one of which is none other than his very own son, Ryan Couture, who fights at 155 pounds for Strikeforce.

So, you could say the entire Couture family has a vested interest in whatever it is that's going to happen with Strikeforce and the promotion's future.

As of late, the rumor mill has abounded with reports of the company folding, due largely to the multitude of injuries suffered by key stars, entire cards being cancelled, and an overall poor relationship between Zuffa and Showtime, the cable television broadcast partner for Strikeforce.

Randy sat down with Spike TV's "MMA Uncensored Live," where he voiced his concerns about the current set of circumstances surrounding the company that employs his son. He also made a bit of a prediction.

Check it out:

"Yeah, there are some questions there. I know the Showtime relationship with Zuffa has been rocky. I know they hoped to renew that relationship and build that relationship, but they weren't able to pull that off. I think you're gonna see the Strikeforce guys absorbed and plucked like they did the WEC. So, then the question is, is Ryan gonna be one of those guys they want to keep, or is he gonna be one of those guys that gets cut loose? Where are we gonna go with him? The Showtime contract's up this year, so early next year, I think you'll see something happen."

Ultimately, Couture knows that his son has a tough road to hoe, being that the lightweight division may very well be the toughest division in the UFC, as a whole.

He believes Ryan is capable of competing in the big show, but it's something that he isn't taking for granted:

"At the end of the day, it's really Ryan's decision. They're not gonna do you any favors in the UFC. It's the deepest division in their promotion, at 155. And, you only get one chance at it, really. I think Ryan's right there. He's knocking on the door, with the level of competition. He can do whatever he wants. I think he's capable, but we'll see where he ends up."

Ryan has won his last three consecutive fights for Strikeforce and is 5-1 in his career with the promotion, the only place where he's fought since beginning his professional career in 2010.

Strikeforce is scheduled to hold at least one more event, in January of 2013, which is rumored to be a "stacked" card, full of big name fights to make up for the cancelled events from this year.

As of now, the card has not been finalized, and it's unknown whether Couture would be one of the fighters who graces the fight lineup or not.

What say you, Maniacs? Any speculation about where "Captain America's" son will end up? Could you see him take on the top contenders in the UFC? Or is it more likely he'll get scooped up by one of the many regional shows?

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