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Dana White drops Email bombshell refuting Mayhem Miller's accusation UFC refused to pay for knee surgery

Mayhem Miller claims UFC refused to pay for surgery to correct a knee injury suffered inside the Octagon. UFC President Dana White, in response, released an Email from his medical claims manager that punches holes in that accusation. Read it here.


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Jason Miller, who "blew out his knee" in his final fight for the promotion, a unanimous decision loss to C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146 last May, claims ZUFFA wouldn't pay for his surgery to correct the damage he suffered inside the Octagon.

From yesterday's Central Park interview (transcribed by Bloody Elbow):

"He opened my medical records or something like that? Obviously not, because they gave me a giant runaround when I blew my knee out on high definition, live on...FX. They wouldn't pay my surgery. You know, I went and got an MRI, it was kind of a hassle, they kept rescheduling for some reason, then I finally got the MRI. I make an appointment, I go all the way to L.A., an hour and a half in traffic, I go to a doctor and he said 'I don't have your MRI's. Did they give you a disc?' No, why would they give me a disc? There's this new thing out, doc, I don't know if you've heard of it, it's called the Internet. You can just send things. I'll let you sign into my Dropbox account. And I knew what the deal was immediately. And I said it and he gave an 'affirmative' with his silence. So...when they don't need you anymore they just toss you out...they just give you a runaround until you give up on that knee surgery."

It would seem like a spiteful, vindictive move from an organization that offers medical insurance to its contracted employees. But then again, UFC President Dana White, who drew the ire of "Mayhem" on more than one occasion, has his side of the story, too.

And it comes in the form of an Email received from his medical claims manager (via The Underground):


Here are all of the medial records I have for Jason.

We paid for his MRI and Doctors visits. At his last appointment Dr. Limpisvasti told him he needed to bring in his films to review before any surgical decisions were made, which he never did. At this point without Dr. Limpisvasti seeing the films I am not sure how he is saying we denied a surgery that has not been requested yet.

Thank you,


I'm not taking sides, because the only people who can really be certain of what happened are Miller and White; however, from "Mayhem's" account, it sounds like every doctor's visit I've ever had. Giant runaround? Inconvenient rescheduling? Missing documents?

Welcome to health care in America.

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