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Dana White 'absolutely' committed to introducing UFC women's division thanks to Ronda Rousey

Don't look now, but UFC President Dana White is suddenly "committed" to creating a women's MMA division, which will no doubt feature his female fighter crush, Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey, if and when "Rowdy" is contractually free to set foot inside the Octagon.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Ronda Rousey really must be "unbelievable."

Earlier this month at the UFC on FX 5 post-fight press conference, Dana White played uncharacteristically coy when asked about whether or not a "super" female fight between Rousey and Cristiane Santos would take place inside his Octagon.

Uncharacteristic because White never plays coy and because he has historically pushed back against the idea of promoting girl fights. However, that was admittedly before the Ronda Rousey era, the Strikeforce 135-pound champion who is breaking arms, as well as breaking ratings records on Showtime.

"Rowdy," it appears, could now possibly break down the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gender barrier. In fact, White revealed to this evening that he is currently working on a women's division.

Not a one-off, fun fight that could serve as an attractive -- albeit sporadic -- pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event, but a full fledged mainstay.

And there appears to be no doubt about it:

"It's absolutely going to happen.... [It] could happen tomorrow, it could happen a year from now.... The point is I'm committed to this."

That's quite the about-face, considering that White has often argued that the dearth of female talent is a major concern. He's probably not that far off, considering Rousey has already mowed down the majority of serious contenders sans "Cyborg."

Let's also remember that Santos is 10 pounds heavier than Rousey and is in the midst of serving a suspension for ingesting banned performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). And Rousey has no intention of packing on weight and making it easy for the Brazilian to challenge for her belt.

Then again, money -- and the opportunity to go down in the UFC history books -- could change all that in a New York minute.

No timetable for a possible debut of a UFC female division is known at this time. Furthermore, Rousey is under contract with Strikeforce with three fights remaining on her current deal.

Unless the promotion folds, which many feel is a real possibility if it continues to struggle mightily in the New Year, it seems that girl fights in the UFC will more or less hinge on if (and when) Rousey becomes available.

It would be hard to imagine White introducing it without Rousey front and center as the crown jewel in his female MMA harem.

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