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Rampage Jackson: Chael Sonnen 'ruining' MMA, fighters like Glover Teixeira can save it

UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson has one fight left on his contract. He'd like to give the fans a show, taking out top prospect Glover Teixeira before he rides off into the sunset; however, before he goes, he's got a few more things to say about the 'disrespectful' Chael Sonnen.

Jon Kopaloff

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Chael Sonnen is one of the most polarizing figures in all of mixed martial arts (MMA).

He's loud. He's brash. And to many people, he's pretty offensive.

Some people absolutely love him. They see his shtick for what it is and nothing more. But, Sonnen is an acquired taste that some people just never adjust to (or have any desire to do so).

Among the many who have boarded the hater's bandwagon in opposition of Sonnen, sits MMA legend Quinton Jackson, who has is one of several fighters that has had an ongoing media back-and-forth with the former middleweight number one contender.

During an interview with "Inside MMA's" Bas Rutten, "Rampage" opened up about what it is about Sonnen that really grinds his gears:

"His mouth gets his him fights. What's his name? How do you say his name? 'Chael?' His mouth gets his ass in trouble. The dude is exciting for like two minutes, but then you just wanna turn down the volume, like, 'What the hell you talkin' about?' He sounds like he practices his stuff in the mirror, and then he goes out and says it. He's a great wrestler. That's all I'm gonna say, 'cuz everything else sucks. He can't punch hard. Look what he did to Anderson Silva. He did a great job holding him down, making a boring fighter out of a decorated champion, for five rounds. After the fight, I see that Anderson Silva didn't have a mark on him. Not a mark."

Jackson went on to critique the way that Sonnen talks trash, stating that his main problem with the way Chael goes about his business is that he picks on people he'll never have to actually fight.

He doesn't like that ... and he doesn't like Sonnen:

"I talk trash, but I talk trash about people I'm actually gonna fight -- people in my weight class. This guy, he talks trash about ring girls. He talks trash about the President. Now, that's a little bit too much. He's very disrespectful. I don't like the guy. For real. The stuff he says about me. I like to joke around as much as anybody, but, for real, if I see Chael Sonnen, and he says anything to my face, I don't know if I'm gonna smack him or not. I don't know. I don't like the guy."

Sadly, a fight between "Rampage" and Sonnen looks like it will probably never happen. Sonnen is all signed up to coach opposite UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the next season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), after which he will take on "Bones" in a 205-pound title bout.

Jackson's next fight will fulfill the last contest on his UFC contract, and he's made it known, publicly, that he has no intention of sticking around afterward.

Though the fight hasn't been officially inked yet, "Rampage" is expected to take on Glover Teixeira. It's the fight he wants, and his goal is to go out in style:

"Losing to a guy like Ryan Bader has lit a fire under my ass. I'm getting back in the gym and working on my new skills. My main focus is to destroy Glover Teixeira. It's the last fight on my contract, and I'm gonna destroy Glover, then I'm gonna put my deuces up. There's no love lost with the UFC. They're a great company. They're doing great things for the sport, but I just don't think they're doing great things for me."

Even though he wants to destroy him, "Rampage" has the utmost respect for Teixeira, saying that as much as he feels fighters like Sonnen are bad for the sport of MMA, fighters like Teixeira are good for the sport, and are even capable of saving the show he's spent much of his career helping to build:

"Glover's a tough guy. I like his fighting style. He's a jiu jitsu guy, but he throws it. I respect fighters like him. I think the UFC and MMA needs more fighters like him. Fighters like Chael Sonnen are just ruining the sport, taking people down and just humping on them. Fighters like Glover can save MMA. I don't understand why these guys are coming up with these elaborate game plans to win by decision. It's like boxing."

What say you, Maniacs? Can "Rampage" realistically achieve his goal of destroying Teixeira on his way out the door? Or will it just be another disappointing loss and a series of more excuses?

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